New Mexico/Colorado Border Wars

Joe and Isabel of Chavez Promotions invite everyone to this Border War September 21 in Albuquerque, New Mexico site to be determined. Colorado wants these fights in New Mexico and promoter Chavez is willing to give New Mexico better and bigger shows. This one is to be one of the top shows in a long time and for sure one of Border battles which we all been wanting and voting on in New Mexico Boxing.

John Ryan Grimaldo (9-2, 6 KO) of Colorado vs TBA,in a 10 round bout

Joe Gomez (19-7-1, 9KO) of Aztec, N.M. vs Raul “El Chino” Carrillo (12-1, 7 KO)of Colorado, in a 8 round bout

Victoria “La Reyna De Guerra” Cisneros (10-14-2, 3 KO) of ABQ, NM vs TBA,

Robert Josh Chavez (2-0) of ABQ,NM vs TBA,

Matthew Esquibel (8-0, 4 KO) of ABQ, NM vs TBA

John Ryan Grimaldo saw a 2 fight winning streak ended by a KO loss to Mikael Zexski, Grimalo has since bounced back to defeat Juan Santiago by 5th round TKO. Joe Gomez is coming off defeating Cristian Cabral in the main event of Chavez Promotions Aztec Warriors event, ending a two fight skid. At that same event Robert Josh Chavez and Victoria Cisneros each earned decision wins over Mike Quezada and Kita Watkins. Matthew Esquibel is a undefeated fighter who will be returning to the ring for the first time in 5 years. Great local talent plus very good Colorado talent coming to town to show who are the top dawgs of the Southwest.

One thought on “New Mexico/Colorado Border Wars

  1. Bringing back an exciting new style of boxing entertainment which means battles for pride of New Mexico boxing fans and local professional boxers. This will bring out the many boxing fans that always say when are our fighters going to really meet some compitition well the compition is coming to Albuquerque.and top Southwest Rating rates them top fighters in the Southwest. RECORD RANK JR MIDDLE WEIGHT 154 MAX CLASS
    27-8 #1 Elco Garcia Co. C-
    20-4-1 #2 Joaquin Zamora N.M. C-
    18-7 #3 Abel Perry Co. D+
    19-7-1 #4 Joseph Gomez N.M. D+
    10-0 #5 Uriel Gonzales Mx. D+
    6-0 #6 Stepan Zeytunnyan Co. D+
    6-0 #7 Juan Gonzlaes Ari. D+
    9-2 #8 John Ryan Grimaldo Co. D+
    15-7-1 #9 Juan Astorga Tx. D+
    14-11 #10 Martin Avila Mx. D+
    17-18-1 #11 Bernardo Guereca Tx. D+
    14-25 #12 Arthur Medina Ari. D+
    9-4 #13 Adam Leal Ari. D+
    7-13-1 #14 Gerardo Cesar Prieto Utah D+
    34-1 #1 Mike Alvarado Co. B
    16-1-1 #2 Jesus Selig Ari. D+
    46-17-1 #3 Mauro Lucero Mx. C
    14-2 #4 James Villastrigo Utah D+
    12-1 #5 Raul Carrillo Co. D+
    21-11-1 #6 Hector Munoz N.M. C-
    12-2-1 #7 Josh Torres N.M. D
    9-4 #8 Eddie Brooks Ari. D+
    9-4-1 #9 Cesar Holgiun Co. D+
    15-8-1 #10 Brad Jackson Co. D+
    21-15-1 #11 Christopher Fernandez Utah D+
    7-4 #12 Filemon Pineda Mx. D
    3-0 #13 Brian Romero N.M. D+
    The above is only part of Southwest Ratings but shows were these fighters on Border Wars stand in the ratings.makes for a great show New Mexico.

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