King of the Cage- Future Legends 23, Results

kotc futiure legnds 23

We are live at the sold out Crowne Plaza in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for King of the Cage- Future Legends 23; featuring tpo amateur talkents from across New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. The night headlining bout  headlining bout pits Fit NHB’s Charlie Williams vs. late replacement  Juan Gandara .Bout number 1: Isai Bartolone (0-0) J5 MMA vs. Adrian Lopez (0-2) Get Fit Fight Gym -118

My View- Both men exchange kicks, Lopez shoots for a take down, Bartolone sinks in a guillotine going with the take down. Lopez defends, pops his head out of the choke, Bartolone switches to an armbar and after a adjustment gets the tap.

Result- Isai Bartolone by Submission (armbar),0:33 , RD 1


Bout number 2: Sherwin Price (0-0) Fit NHB vs. Abrahm Loya (0-0) Transcendence MMA – 170

My View: RD 1-Price starts off asserting himself with the right inside thigh kick. Loya engages the clinch, Prices break away and back out. Price catches a Loya front kick and while holding the legs eats a pair on right hand. Price drops for a throw and in the scramble Loya take top position for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Loya

RD 2- Loya comes out throwing kicks and switching stances. Loya cut off the cage pressuring Price against his own corner. A couple flurries later with each man chin being tested Loya clinches. Price breaks away from the clinch with a thia clich and is unloading knees. Price trips while still holding the thia clinch and while falling to his back roles through putting Loya on the bottom. Price end s the round on to[p dropping bombs. 10-9 Price

RD 3- Loya comes out with a high side kick, Loya pressures Price to the cage who duck under a punch scoring a take down landing in half guard. After a lack of action they are restarted on the feet. Both men land big right hooks, Price clinches and scores a take-down ending the fight on top. 10-9 Loya

Result- Sherwin Price by (28-29) (29-28) (29-28) Split Decision


Bout number 3: Shannon Curlee (0-3) Judgement MMA vs. Robert Taylor (0-0) Extreme Assassins MMA – 155

My View: RD 1- Curlee and Taylor collide in the middle of the cage, Curlee bounces off Taylor and in a scramble against the cage Curlee takes the back locks in a body triangle and is searching for a finish with a neck crank. Taylor with his back taken is doing what he can to throw elbow and punches while defending the submission. 10-9 Curlee

RD 2- Taylor comes out with a stiff straight right hand. Curlee clinches with double underhooks. Taylor forces Curlee to the cage drops levels and scored the take down. Curlee throws up hois legs and is close to having a triangle choke. Curlee loses the triangle and Taylor postures up throwing punches, elbows, and knee before the ref saves Curlee.

Result- Robert Taylor by TKO (strikes), 2:15, RD 2


Bout number 4: Shawn Montoya (0-0) Fit NHB vs. Johnny Dobs (0-0) No Litmit Fight Crew – 135

My View: Rd 1- Montoya opens up with a right outside leg kick and then follow a push kick with a left hand. Montoya then really opens with with a 6 punch flurry dropping Dobs. A little ground and pound follows, with the bout quickly being stopped

Result- Shawn Montoya by TKO (punches), 0:38 , RD 1


Bout number 5: Steve Ojeda (0-0)  Transcendence MMA vs. Ryan Wirth (1-0) Durango Ma-155

My View: RD 1- Wirth is first to attack with the push kicks. Ojeda uses punches to get on the inside picks up slams Wirth who scrambles right back to his feet. Wirth clinches with Ojeda, transitions to the single leg scoring the take down. Ojeda gives up his back Wirth sinks in the RNC for the tap.

Result- Ryan Wirth by Submission (rear naked choke), 1:23 , RD 1


Bout number 6: Mike Silva (0-2) Get Fit Fight Gym vs. Calo Rodriguez (0-1) Judgement MMA – 148

My View: RD 1- Silva goes inside outside with low leg kicks. Rodriguez baccks Silva up with 4 sets of 1-2 combs. Silva looks for the clinch can’t complete the take-down. Rodrigez scores with an upper cut to Silva’s jaw. Silva changes level and completes his 2nd take-down attempt. Rodrgiez fights his way back to his feet. Rodriguez lights up Silva with short straight persise punches to the jaw. Rodrigez is back Silva up as the round ends.

RD 2- Silva again starts off with the led kicks. Rodriguez back Silva up again with straight punches. Lightning quick Rodriguez lands a head kick knocking Silva out cold.

Result- Carl Rodriguez by KO (head kick), 0:13 ,RD 2


Bout number 7: Luis Castillo (0-0) 10th Planet BJJ vs. Jesse Sandoval (0-1)– 135

My View: RD 1- Castillo rushes in on Sabdoval, changes levels drops down and scores a take-down. Castillo on top is holding half guard and dropping heavy leather. Sandoval regain guard , works his way back to standing but eats a pair of knees for his trouble. Castillo reengages in the clinch scoring a 2nd take-down. Sandoval works back to his feet and the round ends in the clinch, Castillo 10-9

RD 2- Castillo rushes to the inside and clinches again. Sandoval is defending and is landing with digging hooks to the body. Castillo claspes his hands and sends Sandoval for a big ride, with a slam.  Sandoval see space and starts a srcamble  but Castillo is able to maintain top position. Castillo has control but Sandoval is working hard to strike off his back. Castillo in mount tries for a kimure, Sandoval defends, Castillo ends round landing punches from a lahf mount half sde control position, 10-9 Castillo

RD 3-  Both men come out unloading with right hands. Sandovals check Castiloos chin. It holds and Castillo scores a double leg take-down. Sandoval from his back is throwing ton of punches. Castillo is scrambling and doing what he can to hold on to top position. Sandoval flips Castillo and stands back up. Sandovals first punch misses and Castiool scores another double leg. Sandoval is trying hard for a triangle choke but can’t find the submission as the bell ring ending the fight, 10-9 Sandoval

Result-Luis Castillo by (28-29) (30-27) (29-28) Unanimous Decision


Bout number 8: George Clynes (5-2) Fit NHB vs. Hosay Batts (3-2) Get Fit Fight Gym – 170

My View: RD 1- Clynes lands first with a left body kick Batts is movin in an out quickly. A short left from Clynes lands on Batts temple. Batts fires back. Clynes drops under scores a double leg take-down and advance to mount raining down leather till the ref steps in.

Result- George Clynes by TKO (punches), 2:04 ,RD 1


Bout number 9: Louis Papas (2-0) Judgement MMA vs. Joey Trevino (3-0) Lifer MMA – 125

My View: RD 1- Papas misses on a high kick, Trevino shoots for  a take-down, Papas sprawls. Trevino Rushes Papas scoring a take down. Trevino moves to mount and Papas pops out the back. Papas stands Trevino clinches and take Papas down with a head-lock. Papas pops out the back . Papas throws a punch Trevino shoots, Papas sprawls and is land elbows to the side of Trevino;s headDue to illegal elbows the ref stand them. Papas is sprawled landing punches as the rd ends. 10-9 Papas

RD 2- Papas conect with the 2nd  of two jabs throwen. They seperte and reset. Papas conects with a 1-2 and then a outside leg kick.Papas with a easy to see spining back fist is off target. Trevino ducks under and from the body-lock scores a take-down. Trevino on top is holding position. With no action the ref lets the rest of the round go with Trevino hanging in guard not doing anything. 10-10 draw

RD 3- Papas is first to land with a jumping in left hook. In a quick trip to the clinch Papas lands a sharp knee to the midsection. Papas sidesteps Trevino and take him down from the back. Trevino retains guard and is looking for an armbar. Papas defends and is in gurad. Trevino is holding a body triangle from his backPapas end the fight on top dropping leather

Result-Luis Papas by (29-28) (30-27) (29-28) Unanimous Decision


Bout number 10: Gerald Aldaco (3-3) J5 MMA vs. Lamar Lee (2-0) Child’s Play MMA- 160

My View: RD 1- A Leepush kick puts Aldaco on his back, Aldaco is quickly back to his feet and applying pressure. Lee from the clich is landing left hooks. They reset. Lee misses a looping over hand right. Lee lands with a low kick and Aldaco answers with a left jab. Lee looks a bit winded after a pair of kicks to the body land. Aldaco ends the round with lee against the fence.

RD 2- Lee catches Aldaco with a jab after a missed elbow. Aldaco drops under a spining back fist attempt. Aldaco is not able to find the take -down.  Aldaco pressure to the fence Lee tries to run and Aldraco with a school yard football tackle takes with down and transitions to the head and arm choke for the submission.

Result- Gerald Aldaco by Submission (head-n-arm choke), 1:49, RD 2


Bout number 11: Nicco Montano (2-0) Durango MA vs. Leann Acosta (0-0) Transcendence MMA – 140

My View: RD 1-Montano pressures Acosta to the fence clinches and they battle along the cage. Montano from in close is working the knee strikes. Montano tries athrow from the clnch Acosta defends.Montano forces Acosta’s head down ulls guard looking for the guillotine choke, but keeps rolling through to mount and after dropping some bombs transitions to the armbar for the tap.

Result- Nicco Montano by Submission (armbar), 2:03 , RD 1


Bout number 12: Ronald Smith (3-2) Fit NHB vs. Brandon Trujillo (1-1) Takai Mine Karate – 145

My View: RD 1- Turjillo comes out with a low left kick nd eats a short right . Turjillo trips and they scrambleSmith landing  a nice knee on the indside. Smith is trying for take-downs but Turjillo is showing off powerful hips in avioding. Turjillo is on top of Smith in side control. While trying to Pin Smith’ arm between his own legsTurjillo lightened up chest presssure enough for smith to pop out the back door.  Turjillo takes smith down from behind, smith sweeps and end the round in ount raining down punches.

RD 2-  Both men exchange kicks. Smith Blitz’ forwar dwith straight punches. Turjillo stings with a crisp straight punch,Smith drops to his knees and eats a few punches to the head before tapping out.

Result- Brandon Turjillo by Submission (strikes) 0:49, RD 2


Bout number 13: Brent James (5-2) Judgement MMAÀ vs.Victor Orquiz (5-2) Dona Ana Boxing – 145

My View: RD 1- James dobles up on the right outside low kick.Orquiz pressures with punches, James drops under and scores a ouble leg takedown and from side control puts Orquiz to sleep with aVon Flue choke

Result- Brent James by Submission (Von Flue Choke), 0:25, RD 1


Bout number 14: Charlie Williams (7-2) Fit NHB vs. Juan Gandara (2-1) Independent – 145

My View: RD 1- Williams is first to land with the right outside leg kick. Gandara answers with a left outside thig kick. A Gandrar flurry back up Brown who explodes with a huge punch to Gandra’s nose and one more for good meesure on the ground ends the fight

Result- Charlie Williams by KO (punches), 1:24 , RD 1

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