TUF Brazil Finale Results

TUF brazil 3 finale

The 2nd part of the UFC’s Mat 31 double header takes place in Sao, Paulo, Brazil, at the Geraldo Jose De Almeida Gymnasium; and is headlined by Stipe Miocic vs. Fabio Maldonado.

Fight Pass Prelims

Bout number 1: Matt Hobar (8-1) vs. Pedro Munhoz (10-1) – Bantamweight

My view- Munhoz stuffed take-downs, and was on the mark with his right hand. Munhoz chased done Hobar, slammed him to the ground tired the guillotine choke, got back up took Hobar back down and finished the bout with ground & pound.

Result- Pedro Munhoz by TKO (strike) 2:47, RD 1


Bout number 2: Marcos Rogerio de Lima (11-2-1) vs. Richardson Moreira (7-1) – Heavyweight

My view-  Lima throw a head kick, off which Moreira clinched, the broke apart and started swinging; a straight right from Lima sent Moreira to the ground where a few follow up punches totally turned out the lights

Result- Marcos Rogerio de Lima by KO (punches), 0:20, RD 1


Bout number 3: Ricardo Abreu (4-0) vs. Wagner Silva (3-0) – Middleweight

My View- Abreu swinging heavy right over hands knocks down Silva and continues applying pressure with heavy leather. Abreu in the 2nd knocks Silva down with a straight left over  hand right combination, Abreu moves to mount is raining down punches, forcing Silva to give up his back; Abreu quick lock up a RNC for the win.

Result- Ricardo Abreu by Submission (rear naked choke),1:06 , RD 2


Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Bout number 4: Mark Eddia (6-0) vs. Edimilson Souza (14-3) – Featherweight

My view- Eddia beat up the front leg of Souza with low kicks. Both men wobbled each other with punches Eddia after a slip by Souza had top position in the 1st. In the 2nd Souza had it a brawl overwhelmed Eddia all the cage going up and down stairs with punches; and after 30 seconds of not offering much offense the ref stepped in.

Result- Edimilson Souza by TKO (punches) 4:52, RD 1


Bout number 5: Paulo Thiago (15-6) vs. Gasan Umalatov (14-3-1) – Welterweight

My view- A back and forth clinch battle a with scrambles. Umalatov did rock Thiago in the 2nd but couldn’t get the finish. Thiago end the 2nd having Umalatov’s back while on all four’s and was landing rights. Thoiago picked up the pace and in the clinch landed some nice knees in the 3rd.

Result- Gasan Umalatov by 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Unanimous Decision


Bout number 6:Ernest Chavez (7-0) vs. Elias Silverio (10-0) – Lightweight

My view- Chavez bouncing being light on his toes. Silverio in the 1st lands well with some long straight pushes and a crushing leg kick. Chavez stay in the fight not backing down stuffing a Silverio’s early take-down attempts, being hard to hit with movement and landing a nice right at the end of the round in the clinch. A tired Chavez in the 2nd ate Silverio’s long left jab. Chavez did land clean to the face of Silverio about 4 times in the 2nd but Silverio came back with a pair of hard left hooks and tripling on on knees in the clinch before the bell.Chavez gets hit with a 2nd low blow of the match in the 3rd.  Chavez engages the clinch Silverio changes position against the cage, trip Chavez who pops up but that gives Silverio the chance to take the back, pull Chvez down and sink in the RNC for a tap late in the 3rd.

Result- Elias Silverio by Submission (rear naked choke), 4:21 ,RD 3


Bout number 7: Rodrigo Damm (12-6) vs. Rashis Magomedov (16-1) – Lightweight

My view- Magomedov with his kicking game and a quick front leg attacked the left leg an rib cage of Damm. Damm spent the last minute of the 1st on his back after eating a over hand right. Left hooks, straight right left kick to the body and arm of Damm is how RD 2 was controlled by Magomedov. Damm was stopped on both his take down attempts in the bout. In the 3rd it did become more of a fire fight with neither man getting badly hurt, but both where firing.

Result-Rashis Magomedov 30-27,30-27,30-27, Unanimous Decision


Fox Sports 1 Main card

Bout number 8: Rony Jason (14-4) vs. Robert Peralta (17-4) – Featherweight

My view-  Both man are aggressive. Jason lands hard over hands rights and a spinning back elbow, Peralta ends the 1st with a hard body kick that was fallowed by both landing hard over hand rights. Peralta clinch Jason against the cage, Jason from the body lock tripped to mount and was then swept. Peralta tags Jason with a right hand  that ends a 3 punch combination. The 2nd ends with Jason getting the better of wild exchanges in the pocket. In the 3rd Jason pokes Peralta in the eye. Peralta comes back throwing a lot of punches keeping Jason off. Jason scores 2 takes-downs in the 3rd both times Peralta pops back to his feet, and Peralta ends the fight with a take-down

Result- Robert Peralta by 28-29, 30-27, 30-27 Split Decision


Bout number 9: Demian Maia (18-6) vs. Alexander Yakovlev (21-4-1) – Welterweight

My view- Yakovlev circled a lot the his left Maia cut off the cage landed a big over hand left dropping Yakovlev, Maia followed to the ground and right away slid to mount. Maia would remain there dropping elbows the rest of the 1st. Maia comes in with strikes, Yakovlev drops under for a take-down, that is stuffed; Maia clinches dumps an mounts Yakovlev again. Yakovlev sweeps and from their rides out the round on top. In the 3rd Yakovlev started to tee off with leg kick and landing a few jabs before Mai score another take down right to mount. Yakovlev got back to his feet landing a body kick jus before time ends

Result- Demian Maia by 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, Unanimous Decision


Bout number 10: Warlley Alves (6-0) vs. Narico Alexandre Jr. (12-0) – TUF Middleweight Final

My view- Alves hit Alexandre with a big right in the 1st that gave Laves got control the rest of the round. In the 2nd Alves grinned Alexandre against the cage in the 2nd and part of the 3rd before landing another big right with this one stunning Alexandre, who shoots for a take-down; Alves jumps on a guillotine choking Alexandre to sleep .

Result- Warley Alves by Submission (guillotine choke) 0:25, RD 3


Bout number 11: Antonio Carlos Jr. (3-0) vs. Vitor Miranda (9-3) – TUF Heavyweight Final

My view- Carlos Jr grinned Miranda against the cage and even scored a take-down in the 1st. Carlos Jr. also blitzed it giving pressure striking. Miranda landed 4 consecutive legs kicks in the 2nd but on the 4th was taken-down and mounted. Miranda escaped a leg lock got back to his feet. Miranda after kicking the leg of Carlos Jr dove in guard and did little besides defending submission. Carlos Jr. score three take-downs of Miranda in the 3rd

Result- Antonio Carlos Jr. by 30-27, 30-27, 39-38 Unanimous Decision


Bout number 12: Stipe Miocic (11-1) vs. Fabio Maldonado (21-6) – Heavyweight

My view-  Miocic in the first minute with one right stuns then the 2nd puts Maldonado on his back. The bout is finished with hammer fists.

Result- Stipe Miocic by TKO (punches),0:35, RD 1

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