Combat Xtreme Rumble at the Ranch Results


We are on the scene at the South West Convention Center, in Los Lunas, New Mexico, for Combat Xtreme Rumble at the Ranch; a joint Bull riding and MMA Event. Taking top billing on the 8 bout MMA card is a Welterweight bout between Mexico’s Raul Frias and Luttrell MMA & Fitness’s Maurice “The Hulk” Jackson.

Combat Extreme ran by Joey Garcia again put on a one of a kind had to see it to believe it show. First off lets tell you how the nights fights played out.


Before the action event gets going we had some news Derek Perez (4-4) vs. Curtis Johnson (0-0) was cancelled due to Curtis Johnson not having all the proper blood work in.

Amateur Card

Bout number 1: Jorge Cruz (0-0) vs. Edward Lamb (0-1) – Featherweight

A more varied attack led by kicks to get on the inside and followed by the take-down saw Cruz  dictate the fight. Lamb was able to sweep on and get top position but didn’t use significant time or cause damage. In the 3rd round  Cruz started to open up with his striking backing up Lamb and unleashing big hooks. Cruz walks away from the fight with a cut between his eyes.


Result- Jorge Cruz by unanimous decision (score card weren’t announced)


Bout number 2: Mike Huazano (0-0) vs. Jesus Escobedo (0-1) – 150 lbs. Catchweight

From the moment go Escobedo was pushing forward swinging big hooks looking for a highlight reel finish and that’s what came has Huazano was hit several times clean and went down .


Result- Jesus Escobedo by KO (punches) 0:13, R1


Bout number 3: Josh Tosh (1-2) vs. Daniel Nieto (1-1) – Bantamweight

Tosh early in the 1st lands a spinning heel kick backing Nieto up. Tosh pressures in and with a straight right scores a knock down. Nieto regroups cracking Tosh with a superman punch. Nieto at the end of round 1 has Tosh in the clinch, with Tosh back against the cage. Nieto from their is working knees and right hands. With less then 1 second left on the clock action is stop as Nieto has landed a knee to Tosh south of the border, a low blow. About 6 minutes later the fight is waived off, as Tosh couldn’t get back to his feet during his 5 minute allowed recovery time. The bout was then ruled a no contest.


Result- No Contest (accidental illegal knee low blow) 4:59, R 1


Bout number 4: Caleb Perlingos (1-2) vs. Brandon Trujillo (2-1) – Featherweight

Trujillo after a feeling out process cornered Perlingos and then landed 3 times to the chin. Perlingos fell down forward looking to grab a leg, but Trujillo sprawled out and took the back. Perlingos scrambled Trujillo takes the back and finishes the bout with a RNC


Result- Brandon Trujillo by submission (rear naked choke)1:29, R 1


Pro Main Card

Bout number 5: Levi Lucero (0-1) vs. Rudy Kennedy (0-1) – Flyweight

Lucero comes out fainting with the kicks, shot in for a single leg and finds himself in a guillotine choke. Lucero try to hand fight an escape the submission but Kennedy squeezed till the tap came.


Result- Rudy Kennedy by submission (guillotine choke) 0:41, R 1



Co-main event

Bout number 6: Angelica Chavez (4-2) vs. Stephanie Skinner (2-5) – Women’s Strawweight

After a couple kicks Chavez clinches Skinner against the fence, where they exchanged knees, elbow and changed position. Chavez from the clinched changes levels and complete a take-down into Skinner’s Z guard. Skinner locks up a triangle Chavez escapes, and then Skinner is able to slap the triangle choke on again from the opposite side. Skinner is rapidly firing off elbows from her back with the submission locked in. Chavez is trying to defend, punch, escape. They stay like this fro a good portion of the round. As the 10 bang happens Skinner starts to adjust and lets go of the triangle switching to a belly down armbar getting the tap just before the bell.


Result- Stephanie Skinner by submission (armbar) 4:59, R 1


Main Event

Bout number 7: Maurice Jackson (3-0) vs. Raul Frias (8-1) – Welterweight

Frias in the first threw a big high kick, slipped and spent the rest of the round with Jackson on top in guard landing viscous punched to the rips and head. Jackson in the 2nd again got the fight to the ground this time with a huge over his head slam. Different from the 1st the ref would call for a stand up and then Frias would land a trio of high kicks to Jackson’s head but with the toes mostly. Jumping in with big power a Jackson hook would stagger Frias back to the cage. After a few more punches Jackson would sprawl on Frias who was shooting in. Jacson would use that to try a choke then moved to 1/2 guard where after 20-30 seconds worth on elbows and punches the ref would stop the bout right before the bell.


Result- Maurice Jackson by TKO (punches &elbow) 4:48, R 2


The bugs have still not been worked out of the process of presenting a show yet for Combat Extreme, which promises a next event in January with Cody East, Tyler East, and Angelica Chavez on that card. The nights miscues ranged from no stoles for the fighters for between rounds, to no round cards for the ring girl, and heavy amounts of dirt being tracked into the cage, which had it’s own problems being set up. All in all the fighters fought hard, the bull and their riders put on a show, and the night was full of entertainment.

Photos from the nights action card be seen at

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