“All or Nothing” Press Conference Coverage & Main Event Interviews


This afternoon at the Albuquerque Convention Center Chavez Promotions & Ganyo Productions held a joint press conference to announce the April 11th will be “All or Nothing” headlined by a WBC US NBC Super Lightweight Title bout between Josh “Pitbull” Torres & Ranee “KO Kid” Ganoy.

The events co-main event will see the return to the ring of Brandi “Babi Doll” Montoya against Colorado’s Alma Garcia.


Promoter Quote-

Jacob Maes, Ganoy’s Manager “These men are similar they are both god fearing men, family men, champions. This is a business and this is going to be one heck of a night. Please get the word out.

Martin with Chavez Promotions “This is going to be probably best the best fight New Mexico has had in many, many, many years. And we as Chavez Promotions are proud to have this fight and to Present to all the fights fans of the world. Bye tickets, come out, see this fight; and you will get what you paid for.”

Joe Chavez of I’m very proud to be able to bring this fight to Albuquerque. We’re very proud to be having a WBC Title bout. I think we’re in store for one of the best fights Albuquerque has had in a long time; and we’ve had some good ones. I think is a new generation coming out of Albuquerque and they’re going to be representing New Mexico world wide here pretty quick. And lot of these undercard fighters are going to be tremendous fighters too. They’re young, they’re hungry, and we’re giving them the platform to be able to show their skills.

Fighter Quotes

Ricky Villafuenta “I had a rough start to my professional career. I apologize for that to the people who believed in me and do something good. I’m sorry you haven’t got to see the real me yet. I feel good that now I get to take on some competition from outside the state.”

Alex Holguin “I’m excited to get back in the ring. I’m here to do my job. I don’t know to much about the guy, but he better be ready cause I’ll be ready.”

Jose Osorio “We don’t know who our opponent is right now, but whoever it is, all we know how to do is fight; and that’s what we’re going to do April 11th. “

Brandi Montoya via Skype and summed by her Father Mike Montoya She’s excited, she’s proud to be a New Meixco fighter, and she loves the idea of being able to work and do what she’s doing serving our country.

Ranee Ganoy “ I respect a lot Josh Torres. I am happy to fight him and hopefully you guys going to enjoy this fight.”

Josh Torres “I want to thank Chavez Promotions and the WBC for giving me an crack at this green belt. You know this is my third try. They say third time is the charm. I’m determined, I’m focused , and I’m ready to make that belt mine to keep here in the state. To bring up the fighting scene in general. I think there’s a lot of talent here in Albuquerque. We just need to make that known. And it starts with shows like this one at a time. No running no excuses.”

Fight Card

Josh Torres vs Ranee Ganoy

Brandi Montoya vs Alma Garcia

Jose Osorio vs TBA

Alex Holguin vs Mike Turrleta

Ricky Villafuenta vs Shane Moore

Manny Otero vs Ron Baca

Tickets are on sale this Friday by way of ticketmaster.

All or Nothing Press Conference Photos

Interview with Josh Torres

Interview with Ranee Ganoy

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