King of the Cage “Grind” Weigh-in Results & Video


This afternoon Sadies on 4th street, played host to the King of the Cage Weigh-in where 18 fighters, fought the fight before the fight and got on the scale.

Anthony Rozema (183) vs. John Barron (182)
Shawn Montoya (133.4) vs. Hector Lopez (134.9)
Oliver Parker (155.2) vs. Derek Perez (153)
Josh Morales (143) vs. Fernando Sanchez (145.2)
Jayme Hinshaw (104.2) vs. Wendy Simmons (104.2)
Frank Amezcua (135) vs. Daniel Nieto (137.8)
Ian Velasquez (154.8) vs. Sherwin Price (154)
Austin Lewis (125) vs. Jeff Kent (125.8)
Austin Wourms (168.4) vs. Chriss Preece (165)

Gomez Photoworks Grind Weigh-in Album


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