“El Futruro” Results


Live at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino for  Holmes Boxing’s “El Futruro” event. An 8 bout card headlined by Fidel Maldonado Jr. who’s fighting back home in New Mexico forthe 1st time in 3 years, against Lowell Brownfield.

Ed Brown 149.5 vs. Wilfredo Acuna

Summary- Brown out the gate worked off his jab, then added hooks to the body. Acuna would try to come forward and fire back but most punches missed or where blocked. Brown in the 2nd found a home for his uppercuts. In the 3rd Brown landed several hard ststraight rights before andending the fight with a slew of uppercuts an overhands.

Winner- Ed Brown by TKO 1:14 R3

Alexis Zuzueta 117.2 vs. Brandon Munoz 117.3

Summary- Zuzueta first to score firing off rapid left hooks. Munoz didn’t back down working his oWn left jab and hook. Zuzueta in the 2nd landed with power and continually had Munoz missing. In the 3rd Zuzueta landed a hard left hook, Munoz backed off Zuzueta with a flurry. Munoz is cut over the right eye and bleeding from his nose. Zuzueta complianing of headbutts.4th round saw Zuzueta with a higher volume an the landing of a big right cross.

Winner- Alexis Zuzueta by (40-36, 40-36, 40-36) unanimous decision

Brian Mendoza 151.9 vs. John Rozema 155.7

Summary- Rozema pumping the jab comung fforward. Mendoza found his distancescored his 1st knock down via short left hoo. The 2nd came via left hook to the body. The 3rd and final was a flurry straight right, left hook, right hook to the body.

Winner- Brian Mendoza by TKO 2:16 R1

Ivan Lucero 140 vs. Edwardo Dominguez 140

Summary- An aggressive Dominguez never waivered on pressure staying in Lucero’s face and blasting away with powerful hooks to the body and head. The pressure of the continuous onslaught had Lucero take a knee in the 2nd. Moments later ref Rockey Burke would step in and waive off the bout as Lucero was cornered and under heavy fire.

Winner- Edwardo Dominguez via TKO 1:18 R2

Antonio Martinez 143.7 vs. Justin Flores 143.8

Summary- Flores comes out firing a 1-2 combo pressure Martinez to a corner. Martinez got out by a glancing right hook backing Flores. Martinez fr8m there took control of the center of the ring blasting hooks to the body and closing the show, turning out Flores’ s lights with an missile of a right hand.

Winner- Antonio Martinez by KO 2:12 R1

Patrick Holmes Jr. 133.8 vs. Gene Perez 132.9

Summary- The shorter Perez is determined to have this fight on the inside with lefts to the body and coming over the top with the right. After the 1st minute Holnes has found range with his jab and follow up straight right. Perez trying to brawl, Holmes land hard straight right. Perez bleeding from the nose. The Holmes jab has done big damage to Perez’s nose. Side to side movment jab, follow up right, Holmes controlling the fight.

Winner- Patrick Holmes Jr. by (40-34, 40-36, 40-36) unanimous decision

Brandon Holmes 128.5 vs. Otto Sandoval 139

Summary- Holmes 1st punch landed a left hook knocks down Sandoval. Holmes then landed right hook to the body a left hook to the head. Sandoval took a knee 2 seconds after. A right uppercut led to Sandoval taking a knee for the 2nd time and ending the fight with the 3rd knock down.

Winner- Brandon Holmes by TKO 2:59 R1

Fidel Maldonado 139.8 vs. Lowell Brownfield 138.3

Summary- Early on it’s a brawl on the inside. Maldonado doing big damage with left hooks to the body. Maldonado scores a pair of knockndowns in the 1st, the 2nd which came from a body that shot saw Brownfield stay down for the 10 count.

Winner- Fidel Maldonado Jr. by KO 2:59 R1


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