Cold War II Results


Gomez Photoworks (photos to come) and myself last night took the drive north to the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino, for Holmes Boxing’s Cold War II; headlined by knockout artist Fidel “The Atrisco Kid” Maldonado Jr. against former WBC title challenger Michael “Cold Blood” Clark.

These first couple of paragraphs are my commentary of the event and the fights. For the results jump to the bottom of the page.

First off, as promised by Holmes Boxing, Cold War II was definitely entertaining. The night started off in a refreshing manner as most events say, 1st fight at given a time and everyone runs late, but last night the sold out crowd was treated to a prompt starting time.

As far as the action in the ring, the first 2 fights brought the, to steal a war from MMA coach Chris Luttrell “ruckus”. Alex Holguin knew that Gene Perez would be tough and as advertised no matter what Holguin landed Perez was game to keep fighting. When the final bell rang 1 judge saw a draw, while the other two gave it to Alex Holguin; for a majority decision win. Holguin it now on a 6 fight win streak and expecting to battle for a WBC youth title.

The 2nd fight saw a battle of pro debut-ers Bryant McClain& Daniel Garcia Flores. Coming out to the ring with bag pipe and rocking the kilt Bryant McClain kept moving forward, landing heavy shots against a game opponent; who went no where and thru right back. In the end McClain had the numbers kept the pressure on and won all 4 rounds on evey score card.

Also making his pro debut with a tone of hype behind, Matthe Griego took on Ramon Lopez. Griego came out firing and never let off the gas, Griego’s left hook was money, several time knocking Lopez’s head back. The end would come with 6 seconds left in the round as Griego corner Lopez and unleashed a viscous combination forcing the ref to jump in stopping the beating.

Derek Perez is named the “Rage” and if you’ve ever seen Derek in action you know, you can’t blink. Antonio Martinez came in on a 3 fight win streak. As the bell rang Perez flew on the corner winging big shot and trying to put Martinez on the ropes. The war was on and both men were throwing hard and finding the target. As the round went on the defense of Perez started to fade, at one point Perez resorted to mental warfare, dropping his hands and sticking out his tongue in effort to draw Martinez back into the brawl. Perez dropping his hands, gave Martinez the opportunity to land several  clean punches. One knock down came in the first. Two more flowed in the 2nd before the ref stopped the bout. Giving Martinez, now a 4 fight win streak.

Patrick Holmes Jr. vs. Miguel Gloria, saw Holmes a former high school basketball player use his footwork, agility, and over all athletic advantages to jab the heck out of Gloria. Early on Holmes would back himself to the ropes before allowing Gloria to close in, to bounce forward with a stinging right uppercut. As the rounds went on off the jab Holmes would his right cross. Gloria tho on several big punches all he found was air, didn’t give up and didn’t stop chasing. Only landing few shot, Gloria’s punches had impact on Holmes’s face. When we went to the judges I thought it could have been 3-1 Holmes or possibly 2-1-1 for Holmes and it turned out 3-1 was the judges scores.

The co-main event saw a rematch from Latin Collision with Brandon Holmes vs. Eric Gonzalez. Holmes started off working to the body slowing his opponent. Gonzalez lacks in volume but swings hard. When Gonzalez lands Holmes clinched or back away in attempting to compose himself. Volume of punches, including what I counted as 5 low blows where all in favor of Holmes. The later half of the 3rd and into the 4th both competitors slowed, mouth opens, and trying to find air. A tough Eric Gonzalez when never hit the mat even after taking some nasty shots. In the forth up close brawling with Gonzalez who’s on wobbly legs, Holmes would corner Gonzalez and fire away with hooks until the ref jumped in.

The main event  saw Fidel “The Atrisco Kid” Maldonado vs. Michael “Cold Blood” Clark. Maldonado was com, cool, and collective; in picking his shots in the 1st round. Clark seed to seemed to not have his range. Maldonado with a flurry ending with a straight left would send Clark to the canvas. Crawling on all fours and then finding the ropes, Clark would try to stand, but the ref thankfully saved Clark from more damage. Maldonado has won his last 2 at Buffalo Thunder both via KO.

With the KO, as they did all night the crowd thunderous cheer and rejoiced in the red corner’s sweep.

The biggest news of the night and what could be the best made match-up in some time for Holmes Boxing. Patrick Sr. let everyone know, that in March Patrick Holmes Jr. vs. Alex Holguin will take place for a WBC youth title. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this match-up actually happens, but the last time we had a stare-down in the Holmes right the fight didn’t happen (Monica Lovato vs. Nohime Dennisson).

Fidel “The Atrisco Kid” Maldonado (21-3) def. Michael Clark (44-15-1) via TKO 1:13 R 2
Brandon Holmes (7-0) def. Eric Gonzalez (1-4-1) via TKO 2:38 R 4
Patrick Holmes Jr. (5-1) def. Miguel Gloria via (39-37 X3) unanimous decision
Antonio Martinez (5-2-3) def. Derek Perez (0-4) via TKO 1:03 R2
Matthew Griego (1-0) def. Ramon Lopez (0-1) via TKO 2:54 R 1
Bryant McClain (1-0) def. Daniel Garcia Flores (0-1) via (40-36 X3) unanimous decision
Alex Holguin (7-1) def. Gene Perez (1-3-1) via (38-38, 40-36, 39-37) majority decision

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