Frank Lester- Opponent Doesn’t Matter, What I Bring to the Table Does


The Tank” Lester and his daughter Jordan join me to talk about April 2nd’s Rumble on Route 66, spring break, and breaking news on a late change of opponents for Frank.

145: Conrad Padilla (5-2) vs Chevy Brdiges (4-1)
155: Donald Sanchez (31-15) vs Omar Avelar (8-10)
185: Frank Lester (8-5) vs. Muhammad Abdullah (7-3)
125: Rafael de Freitas (6-1) vs Gene Perez (4-7)
135: Adrian Cruz (6-2-1) vs Cory Ortiz (2-1)
145: Cody Hoffstatter (0-3) vs Russell Wilson (3-3)
170: Craig Carter (0-0) vs Joseph Chavez (0-0)
145: Nate Armstrong (2-2) vs Julio Zapata (0-0)
*Card Subject to Change

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