KOTC “Ascension” Results


Live at Embassy Suites & Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as King of the Cage presents “Ascension”, a 9 fight pro/am MMA event. The main event will be a Middleweight contest between Force of One’s Omar Acosta & Judgement MMA’s Anthony Rozema.

Both Omar Acosta and  Anthony Rozema have 3 wins and 3 finishes.

In the co-main event Fit NHB submission artist Evan “The Matrix” DeLong takes on hard hitting, Texan Mario Ramos, who’s dropping down to Lightweight.

The feature amateur fight will see Khari Snowden and Esias Gordo fighting for the KOTC amateur 135 lbs. World title.

Also on the amateur side of the card KOTC woman’s amateur Strawweight champion Cynthia “Sin” Arceo will battle Ireland Morgan, with the winner earning entrance to Septembers KOTC Amateur World Championship Tournament.


140: Chris Rojas vs. Malcolm Mitchell
Recap: Mitchelll lands a right body kick, they clinch separate, Mitchell hits the floor, they scrabble, Rojas takes the back flattens and sinks in the RNC for the tap.
Result- Chris Rojas via submission (rear naked choke) 1:49 R 1


*155: Chase Emener vs. Javier Rodriguez
Recap: R1 Emener punches to enter double leg scoop slam, scrabble. Emener thia clinch a few knees they break. Right hand from Emener. Rodriguez with a right Emener sucks under gets the take down takes the back goes for the RNC, Rodriguez escapes, sweeps and lands elbows and punches from the top. R2 Emener hunting the take down. Rodriguez chases Emener down with straight punches, corner a 4- punch combo ending with the hook for the red stoppage
Result- Javier Rodriguez via TKO (punches) 0:41 R 2


170: Chris Brown vs. Nikko Nathan
Recap: R 1-Brown with a big right hand into the clinch, from a body lock Brown get the takedown to side control. Brown advances to mount, Nathan sweeps, Brown works back to his feet eats a few punches in doing so. R 2- Exchange of low kicks, both men landing laboring punches, Browns hands down Nathan blitzs in lands 1 hard. Brown take down into guilotine, Brown escapes. Brown with a knee to the chin prior to the bell. Brown with a clean right, Nathan knocks down Brown, Nathan eats an up kick, Brown rolls back eats  a Nathan combo as he stand. Brown take down mount punches to the TKO.
Result- Chris Brown via TKO (punches) 1:07 R 3


155: Ernesto Salvidrez vs. Kyle Sparks
Recap: Both land strong jabs Sal with the clinch throw and has Sparks back and sinks in the RNC
Result- Ernesto Salvidrez via submission (rear naked choke) 0:50 R 1


+115: Ireland Morgan vs. Cynthia Arceo
Recap:  Arceo with a 2 punch high kick combo. Morgan clinches, hits a throw for the take down Arceo scrabbles to her feet taken back down and back up. Straight right right leg kick from Arceo. Striaght eft left high kick from Arceo. Morgan charges forward they clinch, Arceo with 3 to the body an inside elbow from Morgan. R 2- Arceo right leg kick. Attempt at the clinch from Morgan. straight right lands rom Arceo. Areceo stalking Morgan along the cage with body punches. Morgan thia clinch, trip to mount. Arceo reaching to a guillotine. Illegal elbow from Morgan. After stand up Arceo lands a body kick. R 3- right leg kick and jab – costs lands for Arceo, followed by a jab – hook Arceo jab-cross to the body, Morgan clinches, Arceo with the take down. Morgan fighting for the armbar.  Arceo escapes stands and is back to working behind her jab.
Result- Cynthia Arceo via (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) unanimous decision


*155: Jess Martinez vs. Fernando Sanchez
Recap:  Sanchez with a low kick Martinez body kick folllwed by jab. Left hook from Martinez scores the knock down. Martinez follows and is dropping fists and elbows to the ref stoppage.
Result- Jess Martinez via TKO (punches) 0:33 R 1


135 Am World Title: Khari Snowden vs. Esias Gordo
Recap: R 1- Snowden with 3 leg kicks and working his straigh left. Gordo Wigging on over hands gets dropped from a left hook. Snowden lets Gordo up. Gordo take down escapes a triangle choke. Gordo passes to mount as the bell. R 2- Gordo now countering the leg kicks with his right hook. 2 lefts from Snowdeb back Gordo who shoots back in scores a take down. Gordo stands then dives into half guard. Gordo looking for his ground and pound lands a hard elbow. Gordo stands dives back in and ends the Rd on top. R 3- Snowden  left hook lands a head kick, Gordo clinches drags this back to the ground in Snowden’s full guard. Snowden hunting but can’t find the triangle. Rey stand up. Gorso straight right lands, Gordo level change body lock, take down. Gordo half guard ground and pound to the bell. R 4- Snowden landing straight left right leg kick. Gordo clinch, Snowden looking for a guilotine he has it, Gordo rolls though get to side control. Gordo to half guard and ground and pound. Leg kick straight left left upper cut from Snowden. Clinch for Gordo. Elbow an punch thrower from Gordo, blocked, end the round. R 5- Knowing he needs the finish Snowden vis throwing straight lefts right upper cuts and looking head kick. Right inside leg kick from Gordo. Gordo throws a 5 punch combo, Snowden knee to the head. Gordo clinches with Snowden on the fence and get another take down.Snowden trying for the triangle Gordo state on top as the fight ends.
Result- Eisas Gordo via (50-45 x3) unanimous decision


Co-main 155: Mario Ramos vs. Evan DeLong
Recap: Ramos right into the clinch, looking for a take down. DeLong defending with a standing Guillotine choke and the tap comes quick.
Result- Evan DeLong via submission (rear naked choke) 0:42 R 1


Main Event 185: Omar Acosta vs. Anthony Rozema
Recap: Inside leg kick from Rozema, counter right from Acosta, Acosta clinches body lock take down into guard. In his attempt to get up Rozema gives his back and taps to a RNC.
Result- Onar Acosta via submission (rear naked choke)  2:04 R 1


*Southwest amateur Lightweight title Tournament semifinal
+Winner will be entered into September’s King fo the Cage amateur world championships

Fight Night KOTC “Ascension” photo Album from Mika Frankl

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