Albuquerque’s Elite Warriors Results

Albuquerque Elite Warrios

We are live outside the MCM Elegante for an action packed night of Boxing as Legacy Promotions presents Albuquerque’s Elite Warriors, a 7 fight card; headlined by a rematch 2 years in the making between former WBC title holder Josh “Pitbull” Torres & Phoenix, AZ, Jose Marrufo.

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Fight 1: Jesus Xavier Pacheco (5-5) vs. Sergio Najera (11-26-2)
Recap- Pushing forward with the jab ,following with hooks to the body; and the occasional heavy hook to the head; Pacheco control all 6 rounds of action.
Winner- Xavier Jesus Pacheco via (60-54, 59-54, 60-54) unanimous decision


Fight 2: Katie Ramirez (0-1) vs Briana Gonzalez (1-0)
Recap-  Rd 1 Ramirez was sticking Gonzalez with hard hooks. Rd 2  more of the same with Gonzalez pushing forward  . Rd 3 & 4 had both winging big hooks, Ramirez looked to be harder, but Gonzalez kept coming forward and was the more active.
Result- fights is scored (39-37, 37-39, 38-38) a draw


Fight 3: Jason Sanchez (7-0) vs Johnny Guillien (7-4-1)
Recap: Two liver shot, left hook to the body knock downs in the 1st. Guillien wouldn’t back down and for the next 4 rounds was able to force a brawl. Sanchez kept on his jab and in the 6th found a left to the body that Guillien couldn’t get up from.
Winner: Jason Sanchez via KO (body shot) 1:17 R 6


Fight 4: Manuel Otero (2-6) vs. Ronald Baca (7-3-1)
Recap: otero fought to get on the inside and from my point of view did it well making it dirty. Baca battled back staying long landing the clear punch on route to the win.
Winner: Ronnie Baca via (40-36, 39-37, 39-37) unanimous decision


Fight 5:  Jose Osorio (5-3-1) vs. Gabriel Braxton (2-16)
Recap: Osorio put on the pressure, threw in combination and landed a left hook that put Braxton’s lights out.
Winner: Jose Osori via KO (punch) 1:08 R 1


Fight 6: Jose Luis Sanchez (5-1) vs. Arturo Crespin (13-7-1)
Recap- Sanchez pressed the action landed big hard single shots. For punches to the back Crespin was deducted a point in the 2nd. Crespin tried to put sanchez on the ropes and did several time landing  punches but nothing damage causing. The straight right and left hooks from Sanchez opened Crespin over both eyes.
Winner: Jose Luis Sanchez (60-51 x3) unanimous decision


Fight 7: Josh Torres (15-5-2) vs. Jose Marrufo (9-5-2)
recap: A close fist round saw both men have their moments but it was a Torres round picking his spots. The next 3 rounds saw Marrufo applying the pressure and landing solidly with his left hook. Torres never backed down, but also never looked to be completely comfortable. Every time Torres landed big Marrufo would fire right back in combination. For almost every second of the fight Marrufo was in it to win and get the win he felt robbed of two years ago.
Winner: Jose Marrufo via (78-75, 78-74, 76-76) majority decision


Main Event 147: Jose Marrufo (10-5-2) def Josh Torres (15-6-2) via ( 78-75, 76-76, 78-74) majority decision
155: Jose Luis Sanchez (6-1) def. Arturo Crespin (13-8-1) via (60-51 x3) unanimous decision
130: Jose Osorio (6-3-1) def. Gabriel Braxton (2-17) via KO (punch) 1:08 R 1
HW: Ronald Baca (8-4-1) def. Manuel Otero (2-7) via (40-36, 39-37, 39-37) unanimous decision
123: Jason Sanchez (8-0) def. Juan Carlos Guillen (7-5-1) via KO (body shot) 1:17 R 6
125: Katie Ramirez (0-1-1) vs. Briana Gonzalez (1-0-1) is scored (39-37, 37-39, 38-38) a draw
126: Jesus Xavier Pacheco (6-5) def. Sergio Najera (11-27-2) via (60-54, 59-54, 60-54) unanimous Decision

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