KOTC: Duke City 2 Results


The Embassy Suites & Spa in Albuquerque, NM is playing host to the 13 fight pro/am card that being presented by King of the Cage tonight, Duke City 2; headlined by Johnny Guillen & Tim Sosa battling for the KOTC Jr. Flyweight World Title.
160: Jose Bustos vs. Thomas Horton
Recap- Bustos quick double leg take down.  They exchange  punches, Bustos  advances to side control. Horton Survies the 1st rd. Horton cut inside his mouth. Bustos with a quick double leg take down in the 2nd mounts, armbar, tap.
Result- Jose Bustos by submission (armbar) 1:13 R2


HW: Doug Stephens vs. Dakota Witkopf
Recap- Stephens lands with a pair of body kicks, then eats 2 jabs. Witkopf working the jab Stephen misse all three take drown attempts. Witkop 2 punch combo ends the rd. Witkopf in Stephens face brawling, Wikipedia lands a left hook, Stephens goes down, Witkopf with follow up hammer fists; ref jumps in.
Result: Dakota Witkopf by KO (punches) 0:34 R2


155: Dakota Munro vs. Patrick Ortiz
Recap- Ortiz pressed forward with big hooks, get taken down, Ortiz stands escapes a Kimura, Munro on his back throws up, locks in, an forces the tap with a armbar
Result- Dakota Munro by submission (armbar) 1:31 R1


160: Austin Wourms vs Bobby Oakley
Recap- Oakley right body kick, Wourms left hook, Oakley goes down on his back an Wourms follows they play the leg lock game, Wourms mounts, Oakley gives back Wourms sinks in choke for the tap.
Result- Austin Wourms by submission (rear naked choke) 2:07 R1


125: Alex Jones vs. Andre Mitchell
Recap- Mitchell with 2 take downs didn’t get much done. Jones take down stuck in guillotine escapes and punches. Rd 2 Jones get the thia clinch knees and elbow Mitchell till the ref jumps in.
Result- Alex Kones by TKO (knees & elbows) 1:04 R2


205: Shawn Hudler vs. Eduardo Silva
Recap- Hudler bulls on into the colic clinch with double underhooks. Hudler big throw moves to mount ground and pound to finish.
Result- Shawn Hudler by TKO (punches) 1:12 R1


125: Joey Trevino vs. Nathaniel Gomez
Recap- Trevino a body lock take down, scramble Trevino retains top position in full guard. Trevino hard an arm choke, Gomez sweeps, Trevino arm around for the tap.
Result- Joey Trevino by submission (armbar) 1:36 R1


170: Mario Pacheco Jr. vs. Stering Peak
Recap- Pacheco Jr. With a quick take down move to mount had the back, Peak escapes one RNC attempt, Pacheco ends rd 1 in mount. Peak hard right low kick followed by right hand. Pacheco Jr.  take down to half guard. Peak stands fires a hard jab cross, Pacheco Jr. take down. Peak throws up a triangle. Pacheco escapes, mounts  and is there when R2 ends. Pacheco Jr. Shoots right into a arm on guillotine escapes into half guard.  Scramble an Then end up with Pacheco Jr. back in half guard.
Result- Mario Pacheco Jr. by (30-27 x2, 30-26) unanimous decision


160: Chris Brown vs. JJ Holloway
Recap- Brown clinches to a body lock after a minor position battle Brown gets the take down in to full guard, but in transition to mount it swept. Holloway backs away. Brown with one more take down before the bell. Winging push kicks and trap kicks Brown get Holloway to the clinch against the cage.  Right hook, Right knee to the chin, right uppercuts Brown with the take down to mount. Holloway in on a take down and stuffed. Brown scores with the step in left hook, followed by the this clinch and several knees. Holloway reversed on a take down. Brown  on top in half guard.
Result- Chris Brown by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision


140: Brenda Gonzales vs. Yumi Mastsumoto
Recap- Gonzales circling popping her jab. Gonzales left body kick right leg kick. Gonzalez stiffs the take down attempt circles away and then comes back with fire. Gonzales right uppercut, right over hand and the knees an rights till the ref jumps in.
Result- Brenda Gonzales by TKO (strikes) 3:52 R1


185: Randy McCarty vs. Anthony Rozema
Recap- Hard leg kick from Rozema an he stuffs the take down, right hand down goes McCaryty. 1st Rd Knock out.
Result- Anthony Rozema by KO (punch) 1:29 R1


125 Title: Tim Sosa vs Johnny Guillien
Recap- Guillien popping his jab, Sosa working the leg kicks.  Sosa ducks a jab gets the double leg takedown even with the Guillien cage grab. Guillien up and back down. Guillien throws his legs up, an armbar and Sosa escapes. Few elbows from Sosa Guillien back to his feet  a take down of his own and take Sosa’s back. Sosa stands turns around and take Guillien back down where Sosa is at the end of rd 1. Sosa with a leg kick, grabs this clinch and knees while Guillien punches to the body. Both men going out side with the leg kicks. Sosa take down to half guard. Guillien with a overhand right, body punches, and a leg kick had found his range in the 3rd.  With a level change Sosa shoots in get the take downan advances to mount. Guillien works back to his feet. Guillien end the rd with a Fred jabs, Guillien could have won his first rd on the scorecards. Guillien throwing in volume finding air. Sosa staying on his leg kicks. Action gets stopped breathy to check Guillien’s eye. They clinch Guillien looking for his right Sosa with elbows and knees. Guillien coming up shirt on his punches. Guillien coming forward Sosa with the reactive take down. Guillien back to his feet and can’t complete his take down. 5 Rds we go to the judges.
Result- Tim Sosa by (47-48, 48-47 x2) split decision


125 Title: Tim Sosa def. Johnny Guillen by (47-48, 48-47 x2) split decision
185: Anthony Rozema def. Randy McCarty by KO (punch) 1:29 R1
140: Brenda Gonzales def. Yumi Matsumoto by TKO (strikes) 3:52 R1
135: Francisco Dominguez  vs. Guadalupe Monroy Jr.- Cancelled
160: Chris Brown def. JJ Holloway by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
170: Mario Pacheco def. Sterling Peak by (30-27 x2, 30-26) unanimous decision
125: Joey Trevino def. Nathaniel Gomez by submission (armbar) 1:37 R1
205: Shawn Hudler def. Eduardo Silva by TKO (punches) 1:12 R1
125: Alex Jones def. Andre Mitchell by TKO (knees & punches) 1:04 R2
160: Austin Wourms def. Bobby Oakley by submission (rear naked choke) 2:07 R1
155: Dakota Munro def. Patrick Ortiz by submission (armbar) 1:31 R1
HW: Doug Stephens vs. Dakota Witkopf def. you Doug Stephens by KO (punches) 0:34 R2
160: Jose Bustos def. Thomas Horton by submission (armbar) 1:13 R2

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