Expo Explosion Recap & Results


A possible 54 rds of Boxing are on the books for tonight at the Manuel Lujan Complex on the Expo New Mexico fair grounds, as Legacy Promotions presents a 9-bout boxing card, Expo Explosion.
This fight card has it all, knock out artist “The Atrisco Kid” Fidel Maldonado Jr. in the main event. One time WBC title holder Josh “Pitbull” Torres, who’s back is against the wall after consecutive losses, in the co-main event. Undefeated fighters Isidro Castillo III and Jason Sanchez look to remain that way when both rematch a Perez brother. Grizzled vets Hector “EL Hurracan” Munoz and Joaquin Zamora will look to give the local crowd another thrilling performance. With troubles in the past, Cristian Cabral returns to the ring as dose Ronnie Baca.


‪Bout number 1 a rematch with Hobbs undefeated fighter Isidro King Castillo vs Derek the Rage Perez of Belen NM. Fight started off with Perez applying pressure. At the minutes wore on Castillo found his heavy counters. The left hook landed a few time there was much more success found with the right to the body and the over hand right. I saw it 39-37 Castillo.

Bout number 2 has Ronnie Baca of Albuquerque NM vs Marcos Dominguez from Mexico.  Dominguez came forward applied pressure getting Baca on the ropes putting together hook, jab, uppercut combinations. Baca found counter power hooks but was getting out worked in volume. The judges score the fight a majority draw with one card to Baca and the other two draws.

Bout number 3 Cristian Cabral of Albuquerque NM, vs Christopher Russell of Amarillo TX. Cabral went on offense immediately applying pressure and throwing in combination. Cabral scored two knock downs in route to the fight being stopped, both with short hooks and uppercuts.

Bout number 4 Santa Fe, NM, Joaquin Zamora vs Anthony Hill of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Zamora took the 1st rd to analyze what Hill wanted to do then spent his time avoiding or defending Hills looping punches. Zamora worked behind his jab landing right short shots. Midway through the Bout Hill began moving forward but but had troubles connecting cleanly, being warned for illegal shot several times. Zamora kept with his straight and tighter punches. Your winner by unanimous decision Joaquin Zamora.

Bout number 5 Jose Osorio from Albuquerque, NM vs. Ricky Vasquez of Los Luna’s, NM. Osorio first established his jab. Vasquez came hard firing back getting on the inside. Osorio started to find a home for his overhand right. Vasquez started to force a brawl Osorio found a home for his left uppercut and turned out the lights with a left hook.

Bout number 6 is Hector Munoz of Albuquerque, NM, vs Tavorus Teague of California. Munoz out the gate with relentless forward pressure. Coming forward behind his jab and then blasting away to the body taking the fight from Teague who would stay on his stool and not answer the bell to the 4th rd.

Bout number 7 is a rematch with Jason Sanchez of Albuquerque, NM, taking on Gene Perez of Belen, NM. A close rd one saw Sanchez win the rd with a overhand right knock down just before the bell. After the Sanchez overhand landed several times and Perez was still standing, Sanchez started to incorporate his his left hook to the body. Perez was more then willing to brawl, but Sanchez choose wisely not to An instead land and exit back out. Early in the 5th Perez got caught along the ropes with a thunderous left hook to the liver dropping Perez, who couldn’t beat the 10 count.

Bout number 8 is our co-main event with Albuquerque’s Josh Torres against Corpus Christie, TX. Jon Charles. Torres pushed forward from the first bell, working through a pair of low blows and continually scores with a tight right hook and power overhand right. Torres took advantage of Charles loading up for hooks not thinking of his defense and finishing the fight with a pair of knock downs about 45 seconds apart both times getting Charles against the ropes flurrying with hooks and the ropes holding Charles up.

Bout number 9 is the main event as Fidel Maldonado Jr. Of Albuquerque, NM,  takes on Mohamed Rodriguez of San Luis Potosí, Mexico.  Maldonado Jr. as promised boxed more, brawled less, showed an allusiveness and defensive premise we hadn’t seen. Rd 2 Maldonado Jr. Would score a knock down off a left hook to body. The latter half of the fight was a slow paced, kinda sloppy, with a lot of taunting between both men. We went all 6-rounds and the unanimous decision goes to Maldonado Jr.

8 Rds. 140: Fidel Maldonado Jr. (22-3-1, 19 KOs) def. Mohamed Rodriguez (9-3, 3 KOs) by 79-72, 77-74, 77-74 unanimous decision
6 Rds. 147: Josh Torres (16-6-2, 7 KOs) def. David Charles (9-10, 1 KOs) by TKO 2:15 R3
6 Rds. 124: Jason Sanchez (10-0, 5 KOs) def. Gene Perez (1-91) by TKO 0:43 R5
8 Rds. 147: Hector Munoz (25-18-1, 16 KOs) def.  Tavorus Teague (3-17-2, 2 KOs) by TKO 3:00 R4
6 Rds. 126: Jose Osorio (8-3-1, 3 KOs) def. Ricky Vasquez (6-4-1, 2 KOs) by KO 2:54 R3
6 Rds. 147: Joaquin Zamora (22-4-1, 12 KOs) vs. Anthony Hill (1-22) by 58-55, 59-55, 58-56 unanimous decision
6 Rds. 147: Cristian Cabral (7-1-1, 3 KOs) def. Christopher Russell (3-20-1, 2 KOs) by TKO 1:22 R2
4 Rds. 140: Ronine Baca (1-0-1) vs. Marcos Dominguez (0-0-1) is scored a (39-37, 38-38, 38-38) majority draw
4 Rds. 154: Isidro Castillo III (6-0, 3 KOs) def. Derek Perez (0-6) by 40-36 unanimous decision

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