FO1FC: Will 2 win Recap &Results

Live in Clovis, New Mexico for Force of One Fighting Championships “Will 2 Win”. A 11 fight MMA card featuring 8 amateur and 3 professional contests. The main event at Middleweight Bout, has Force of One’s Omar Acosta against JacksonWink MMA’s Nate Flanders.


Angel Yannis , Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 1- Bantamweights Angel Yannis vs. Brian Perez. Yannis took rd 1 with pressure and his low kicks. Perez made a comeback in the 2nd but got caught with a right hand and was stuck on defense the rest of the rd. In the third Perez land a solid right hook, but went for the walk off knockout. The ref didn’t stop the fight. Yannis got back to his feet attack the low kicks and survived the rest of the rd for a unanimous decision win.

Fight 2- Welterweights Luis Erives vs. Joshua Ohienmhen. Erives came out aggressively connecting with with power hooks. Ohienmhen went for the take down, got stuffed on two they hit the ground scrambled, Erives got the back flattened Ohienmhen and sunk in the rear naked choke.

Michael Hernandez, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 3- Middleweights Michael Hernandez vs. Johnathen Daniel Sapien. Sapien came in looking to land his leg kicks. Hernandez answered with a takedown. Hernandez attempted to ground and pound but it allowed Sapien to get back to his feet.  In a exchange it’s Hernandez landing a right hook following to the ground mounting and punching to the first round finish.

Nick Hernandez, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 4- Welterweights Nick Hernandez against Alberto Vargas Sanchez. Sanchez starts off with leg kick pressuring Hernandez to the cage and opening up with hooks and low kicks. Hernandez regrouped leaned on his wrestling and grinned out a decision win.

Ruby Santos, Chris Cook Photographer

Foght 5- 120 lbs catchweight Sara Wennersten vs. Ruby Marlena Santos. Santos had a very good opening round working leg kicks and scoring a pair of take downs from the clinch. Webbersten in the 2nd goes with a kick up the middle, Santos are it and caught the leg push forward to complete a take. Wennersten throw up her legs for an armbar, Santos escaped and ground and pounded to finish.

Chris Cortez, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 6- Austin Perkins & Chris Cortez in a catchweight Bout at 130lbs. Cortez went right to working his low kicks, Perkins catches one scores the takedown. Cortez sweeps to full guard slides up the guard to mount, ground and pounding to the finish in the first round.

Chris Rojas, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 7- This is the feature amateur fight a title Bout in the Featherweight division with Chris Rojas clashing with Isaac Sifuentez. Sifuentez caught Rojas in the arm with a spinning heel kick. Rojas composed himself landed a left overhand. They scrambled Rojas got to mount and punches to finish.

Jeremy Gauna, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 8 – Our first professional Bout is at a Lightweight with Bounmy Somechay squaring off with Jeremy Gauna. Somechay connects early knocking down Gauna with a right hand. Gauna worked back to his feet landed some good knees in the clinch got taken down  and than slapped on a triangle choke for the win.

Fight 9- The co-main event a 140lbs. Catchweight bout with Hector Perez taking on Jeremiah Paco Castillo. Perez pressured for an completes his take downs. The first saw Perez almost getting a triangle armbar combo but Castillo is wiggled out of danger. The second take down found Perez getting to mount landing elbows before Castillo exploded to get up, giving up his back. A couple punches, a few adjustments, and the rear naked choke finishes the fight.

Nate Flanders, Chris Cook Photographer

Fight 10 is our final one for the night. The main event is in the Middleweight division and is a grudge match between Nate Flanders & Omar Acosta. Acosta cam out landing a nice jab hook combination. Flanders scored a desperation take down  and finished the round with back mount controlling the majority of the round. In round two Flanders got a quick single leg take down against the cage, took the back, and went to work with his strikes forcing the ref to jump in an stop the action.

Main Event 185: Nate Flanders def. Omar Acosta by ref stoppage 1:52 R2
140: Hector Perez def. Jeremiah Paco Castillo by submission (rear naked choke) 4:20 R1
155: Jeremy Gauna def. Bounmy Somhay by submission (triangle choke) 1:59 R1
145 Title: Chris Rojas def. Isaac Sifuentez by TKO (punches) 2:26 R1
130: Chris Cortez def. Austin Perkins by TKO (punches) 1:35 R1
120: Ruby Marlena Santos def. Sara Wennersten by TKO (punches) 0:34 R1
170: Nick Hernandez def. Alberto Vargas Sanchez by (30-27, 29-28 x2) unanimous decision
185: Michael Hernandez def. Johnathen Daniel Sapien by TKO (punches) 2:14 R1
170: Luis Erives def. Joshua Ohienmhen by submission (rear naked choke) 1:58 R1
135: Angel Yannis def. Brian Perez by (30-27 x2, 29-28) unanimous decision

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