Jackson’s MMA Series XXII Results

The Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino plays host to Jackson’s MMA Series XXII, headlined by a Lightweight contest between Roberto “Corvo” Amorim & Harvey Park.

Cuiaba, Brazil’s Roberto “Corvo” Amorim, is fighting out of JacksonWink MMA. A 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt, “Corvo” has all 6 of his stoppage wins by form of knock out, but will be fighting for the first time since losing a split decision in December of 2015. Harvey Park is a Sheriff Deputy and member of Force of One Martial Arts in Clovis, NM. The number 1 ranked Lightweight in the state, Park has won 5 straight all by stoppage, 2 TKO’s , 2 knock outs, and a submission.


Getting the action going was at Lightweight Bout between Josh Redford of The BMF Ranch & James Pleasant of RHO Martial Arts in El Paso, TX. Pleasant twice got the body lock and took the fight to the ground. In the 2nd Pleasant secured back mount and eventually forced Radford to tap from a Neck Crank.

The 2nd fight is a catchweight at 150 lbs with Seth Abeita from JacksonWink MMA against Jesse Sanders from ANK Muay Thia in Santa Fe. Early in the first Sanders lands a left hook dropping Abeita. Abeita would make it back to his feet ending the round holding a arm-in guillotine. Sanders would continue to find his range, Abeita was unable to finish his takedowns. They would clinch up a Sanders knee would land low and before the ref could stop the action Sanders had landed a combination. No points taken.  Abeita didn’t answer the bell for round 3.

Fight 3 at Bantamweight as Cole Griego of JacksonWink MMA faced Mark Matthew McDill of Get Cut MMA in Artesia, NM. McDill ran right out at Griego and ate a pair of knees, but continues to chain wrestle for the take downs and busts open Griego over his right eye with ground and pound. Over the final two rounds McDill would survive the stand up to get his takedowns and remain in top position taking a unanimous decision.

Fight 4 at Lightweight Jesse Moorhouse of Winks Gym battled Tre Alvarado from Force of One in Clovis, NM. The fight started out with Moorhouse sniping from the outside with his jab and left hook. As time wore on the grappling based attack of Alvarado wear down Moorhouse allowing Alvarado to control the 2nd and early portion of the 3rd round. In the closing moments of the fight, both men exhausted, it was Alvarado digging deep finding a way to conect on a final combination to leave in the judges minds. The Judges would unanimously see the fight in Alvarado’s favor.

Fight 5 at Middleweight Jace Redoblado of JacksonWink MMA clashed with Kemoy Anderson of Briggs MMA in El Paso, TX. Redoblado got started landing staight punches and kicks. Anderson wanted the fight on the ground. Anderson got it there momentarily in rd 1 and twice in round 2, even securing mount, but would get swept and Redoblado would land 40 unanswered strikes ending the 2nd. Anderson would again score the takedown in the 3rd but it was Redoblado with the ground and pound. Redoblado would get the back and loss position hunting for the choke allowing Anderson to end the fight on top. The activity of Redoblado is rewarded with the decision win.

Fight 6 is at Bantamweight with Dominic Yara of JacksonWink MMA tangling with Cesar Castaneda of Sparta Academy in El Paso, TX. Yara shots in scores a takedown, Castaneda stands, Yara back in on a takedown and get trapped in and taps from a guillotine choke.

Fight 7 the featured amateur contest at Featherweight with Aaren McConnell squaring off with Andrew Herrera from Las Cruces, NM. McConnell and Herrera came out exchanging on the feet. Behind his jab McConnell would start to stick Herrera, who then wanted but was unable to take the fight to the ground. McConnell nicely mixed his attack going to the body. The most damage was done by the McConnell right hook. McConnell had Herrera hurt at the end of the first and on the ground. Herrera would lay on the ground for 15-20 seconds after round 1 but would be allowed to continue fighting. Herrera would make a last gasp effort in the 2nd to again get the fight to the ground but would again get overwhelmed on the feet and got finished on the ground by punches.

Fight 8 gets the pro card started with Hunter Tower of JacksonWink MMA against Juan Gonzalez of the BMF Ranch. Gonzalez felt it out in the feet landing a right leg kick and right body kick. Tower slipped, Gonzalez hopped on the opportunity to take the fight to the ground. Tower stuffed the first takedown attempt and on the re-entery took the back and quickly got a arm under the chin forcing the tap.

Fight 9 is the co-main event as Cody Hoffstatter of JacksonWink MMA faced off with Steven Ojeda of RHO Martial Arts. Hoffstatter ran out the gate at Ojeda, who side set the attack. Standing in the pocket trading Ojeda stung Hoffstatter with a pair of rights. Hoffstatter than found his composure picked his shots. Hoffstatter lands a hard body shot, that sends Ojeda  back peddling. Hoffstatter stayed in pursuit conects on a body punch knockdown, followed by a kick to the body, punches and knees till the ref jumps in.

The main event is Fight 10, a Lightweight contest pitting Roberto “Corvo” Amorim from JacksonWink MMA against Harvey Park from Force of One Martial Arts. Park like his last fight went right after the leg kicks. Eventually Park started to land his hands. A hugely effective cleft hook and right over hand. Corvo came to life in the 2nd behind his jab. A Park right hand busts Corvo open on the bridge of the nose. In the later stages of the 2nd Park found a home for his straights punches and turned Corvo the a bloody mess. The third round had Park  doubling up on his shot and picking apart Corvo from the outside as the JacksonWink cheering section tried to inspire Corvo, but the versatility of Park had Corvo confused. Park would land a solid right cross, Corvo backed to the cage and smelling blood Park went for the finish and found it with the left hooks. A TKO finish with 30 seconds left in the fight.

Main event: Harvey Park (8-1) def. Roberto Amorim (7-3) by TKO (strikes) 4:30
Cody Hoffstatter (2-3) def. Steven Ojeda (0-1) by TKO (strikes) 3:04 R1
Juan Gonzalez (1-0) def. Hunter Tower by submission (rear naked choke) 1:44 R1
Amateur Card
Aaren McConnell (1-0) def. Andrew Herrera (4-3) by TKO (punches) 1:06 R1
Cesar Casteneda (3-1) def. Dominic Yara (3-1) by submission (guillotine choke) 1:25 R1
Jace Redoblado (2-2) def. Kemoy Anderson (0-1) by (30-27, 29-28 x2) unanimous decision
Tre Alvarado (0-1) def. Jesse Moorhouse (1-1) by (29-28 x3) unanimous decision
Mark Matthew McDill (3-2) def. Coke Griego (1-2) by unanimous decision (no score read)
Jesse Sanders (1-0) def. Seth Abeita by TKO 3:00 R2
James Pleasant (1-1) def. Josh Radford (0-1) by submission (neck crank) 1:48 R2

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