KOTC: Chosen Few Recap & Results

Live at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, as King of the Cage presents “Chosen Few”. A 12 bout, MMA card, featuring 6 amateur & 6 professional contests. The main event is a professional 145 lbs. collision between former amateur champions Jess Martinez & Esias Gordo.

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Getting the Night going and starting off the amateur card is a 215 lbs Bout between Eduardo Silva of Perez Fighting Systems and Aaron Montano of Que Loco. Silva went to the leg kicks early, than added his hands. Going with hooks and uppercuts going down Montano who covered up and crumbled under the onslaught. Silva picks up his first MMa victory by TKO.

Fight number 2 is at 145 lbs. with Ray Vaiza of Damage inc. vs Chase Emener of Westside Power Gym. They fought right into the clinch Emener scored a takedown with a trip. Emener took the back work his ground and pound slipping in the rear naked choke to get the tap in the first.

Fight 3 is at 135 lbs. as Alex Jones of Zia Fight Club faces Fit NHB’s Ronald Smith. Smith started off working straight combations. Jones not liking the striking went for the takedown but was met with knees from the Smith Thia Clinch. Jones was still eating straight combinations before causing the fight to hit the ground. Jones would scramble take the back and while putting his hooks in would trap a Smith arm and easily sink in the rear naked choke.

Fight 4 is at 145: Sam Martin of Judegment MMA vs Tyrel Widom of Que Loco. Wisdom immediately scored a takedown. Martin locked up a triangle choke but couldn’t find the tap. They continued to scramble and Martin got caught in a armbar.

Fight 5 at 125 lbs Chris Cortez of Force of One MMa vs Francisco Dominguez of Fit NHB. Cortez took the fight to the ground early in round one then spent his time defending armbar and triangle chokes. Rd 2 saw Cortez score with heavy shots while moving forward. Cortez big right sends Dominguez to the floor, ref stoppage.

Fight 6 is the featured amateur fight as Nikko Nathan of Force of One MMA takes on Stering Peak of Perez Fighting systems. Nathan went to work early with leg kick, Peak answered right back and found a home for his hooks. In the 2nd Peak was the aggressor stalking Nathan winging vicious hooks. Rd 3 more war still a brawl both men tired swing for the fences. I got Peak 29-29 taking Rds 1 & 2. Judges didn’t see it as I, Nathan takes a 29-28 on 2 cards split decision

Fight 7, 1st pro contest a woman’s Atomweights bout with Jayme Hinshaw of Fit NHB against Kelly Vilarino. A very active Hinshw jabbing, leg kicking, and showing off a fast right hook, stayed technical in route to taking a unanimous decision win.

Fight 8 at 145 lbs. has Derek Perez of Perez Fighting Systems against Jon Sparks of JacksonWink MMA. Perez struck his way into the clinch hunting for a takedown. Sparks defended separated used his jab to set up the big right that would bloody, Perez’s nose to the point where he went to his back willingly. Spark would ground and pound from  half guard and get the finish.

Fight 9, 155 lbs. as Isaac Barnes an independent fighter squared off with Fit NHB’s Sherwin Price. The two traditional martial artists bounced around swithed stances, Barnes went for a spinning back kick. Price closed the distance scored a takedown, Barnes worked back to his feet got taken down again. Price had mount Barnes gave his back and Price found the choke to finish.

Fight 10, 125 lbs. Joey Trevino of Impulse MMA meeting Ricky Esquible of JacksonWink MMA. Esquible shot into and scored a takedown as Trevino tried to stand, Esquible locked in a guillotine, forcing Tervino to his back and getting the tap.

Fight 11 is the co-main event at 135 lbs. as Paco Castillo of Force of One faces Tim Sosa of Fit NHB. Sosa right straight connects to the Castillo chin, follow up right head kick, Castillo on his back, Sosa follows punches to finish.

Main Event is Fight 12, 145 lbs. Esias Gordo from Aztec, NM, vs. Jess Martinez from Santa Fe Martial Arts & Fitness. Early Martinez pressured Gordo against the cage opened with a flurry of strikes. Gordo escaped and at distance showcased a very effective leg kick attack to the Martinez right front leg. Martinez capped the round off with a late takedown and several scoring blows. In round 2 Martinez took Gordo’s back while standing, drug the fight to the ground and dominated the round while hunting the choke. Round 3 saw Martinez get another pair of take downs, worked to the back and controlled  the action en route to a decision victory.

Pro Card
145: Jess Martinez def. Esias Gordo by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
135: Tim Sosa def. Paco Castillo by TKO (strikes) 0:11 R1
125: Ricky Esquible def. Joey Trevino by submission (guillotine choke) 2:10 R1
155: Sherwin Price def. Isaac Barnes by submission (rear naked choke) 2:1 R1
145: Jon Sparks def. Derek Perez by TKO (strikes) 4:04 R1
105: Jayme Hinshaw def. Kelly Vilarino by (29-28, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision
Amateur Card
165: Nikko Nathan def. Sterling Peak by (29-29, 28-29, 29-28) split decision
125: Chris Cortez def. Francisco Dominguez by TKO (strikes) 0:23 R3
145: Tyrel Wisdom def. Sam Martin by submission (armbar) 2:45 R1
135: Alex Jones def. Sam Martin by submission (rear naked choke) 1:27 R2
145: Chase Emener def. Ray Vaiza by submission (rear naked choke) 2:04 R1
215: Eduardo Silva def. Aaron Montano by TKO (strikes) 1:53 R1

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