Countries Collide Recap & Results

The Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino is host to Countries Collide a 8 match Boxing card co-presented by Holmes Boxing & Sampson Boxing, headlined by a WBC Latino Title bout.

Battling for the vacant 140 lbs. WBC Latino title is Mexico’s Juan Garcia Mendez & undefeated, Argentine Juan Jose Velasco .

Mendez has 12 of his 19 wins by kncok out, coming off a May draw against Cesar Villarraga. Velasco has 9 of 16 win by knock out and last fought in April, scoring a TKO of Gustavo Armando Pereyra.

Slotted for the co-main event is Argentina’s Ramon Raynoso, who has 9 of 20 wins by knock out, against Albuquerque’s Jose Osorio, who’s on a 4 fight win streak.

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Fight 1) 4 Rd 147: Kevin Johnson (3-0) vs. Shem Prieto (0-2)
Recap: Johnson quickly scored a knockdown off a right body shot. Johnsons offense continued with a heavy left hook. Prieto took a knee after a jab and at the count of 8 the ref waived off the contest
Result: Kevin Johnson by TKO (ref stoppage) 1:59 R1

Fight 2) 4 Rd 137: Derek Perez (0-6) vs. George Roybal (0-3)
Recap: Perez came out strong combinations of hooks connecting body and head. Roybal bleeding from the nose after 1 rd. Perez breathing heavy as rd 2 began, but still moved forward. The pressure Fighting of Perez continued, even with Roybal finding the space to land hard single shots. Roybal cornered getting hit with left hooks and right uppercuts the ref stops the action calls for the ringside physician, who’s waives off the fight.
Result: Derek Perez by TKO (Dr. stoppage) 2:20 R3

Fight 3) 4 Rd 124: Aaron Martinez (3-1) vs. Richard Reyes (0-1)
Recap: Reyes started off aggressive but back off after feeling the power of the Martinez right hand. Martinez landed big hard single shots the left hook and right cross while still being venerable to the left hook. With a swollen right eye Reyes made a last gasp effort to land a haymaker but found himself taking hooks stuck on the ropes as the ref jumped in to stop the bout.
Result: Aaron Martinez by TKO (ref stoppage) 2:07 R4

Fight 4) 4 Rd 113: Leanna Martinez (0-0) vs. Brittney Horton (0-0)
Recap: Horton the rangier fighter started off working her straight punches. Martinez back Horton to the corner with right hooks. a to the body flurry sees Horton take a knee and not be able to beat the 10 count.
Result: Leanna Martinez by TKO (ref stoppage) 1:28 R1

Fight 5) 6 Rd 124: Ramon Raynoso (20-1) vs. Jose Osorio (8-3-1)
Recap: with 1 second left on the first rd Raynoso scored a knockdown leaping in with a straight left. Raynoso charges with big overhands. Osorio landed best with his right uppercut. The 3rd round saw the Raynoso pace slow after a charge in the first minute. Osorio capitalized with the right uppercut and left hook. Osorio with damage above his right eyebrow from a headbutt. In big spent the bout saw Osorio being the aggressor and staying tight defensively while Raynoso loaded up telegraphing power shots. After being out worked in volume by Osorio for 4 straight rounds Raynoso found a left hook and a few combinations to round 7 very competitive. Raynoso is deducted a point in the 8th holding. Raynoso almost had double digits in tackles on the night.
Result: Jose Osorio by (74-76, 79-78, 77-73) split decision

Fight 6) 10 Rd WBC Latino Title 140: Juan Garcia Mendez (19-2) vs. Juna Jose Velasco (16-0)
Recap: Velasco immediately took the lead in their dance behind his left jab and left hook. The Velasco left hook would scored a knockdown of JGM and cause blood to run from nose in rd 3. Confident, Velasco would start to put together long combinations in the 4. JGM would weather the storm and start to answer back with his own combinations attacking the body. The left jab left hook assault of Velasco would continue, also slipping in the occasional right cross or uppercut. Late in round 8 the left hook to liver would score Velasco his 2nd knockdown. Smelling blood in the water Velasco would quickly score another knockdown in the 9th. The ref would let the action continue but 20 seconds later jumped in waiving off the contest.
Result: Juan Jose Velasco by TKO (ref stoppage) 0:54 R9

Fight 7) 4 Rd 160: Bryant McClain (4-0) vs. Jordan Gregory (1-2)
Recap: Taking the fight on a day notice Gregory tired to be the early aggressor. McClain took his time, stalked, and use his size advantage to corner and push Gregory back. The right cross and right uppercut would be McClain’s most effective punches. Gregor stayed in the fight pushed to the inside threw a lot of hooks and never backed down making the contest into a brawl.
Result: scored a draw (39-37, 37-39, 38-38)

Fight 8) 6 Rd 139: Antonio Martinez (8-2-4) vs. Gabriel Gutierrez (4-6)
Recap: Gutierrez got right in the pocket unleashing a nasty flurry cutting Martinez open under the left eye and causing a cut on the bridge of the nose. Curiously Gutierrez walks himself to the ropes giving martinez the opportunity to work his body shots. Martinez in close is being susceptible to the uppercut.
Result: Gabriel Gutierrez by (58-56 56-58 59-55) split decision

Quick Results
6 Rd 140: Gabriel Gutierrez (5-6) def. Antonio Martinez (8-3-4) by (58-56 56-58 59-55) split decision
4 Rd 160: Bryant McClain (4-0-1) vs. Jordan Gregory (1-2-1) is scored (39-37, 37-39, 38-38) a draw
10 Rd WBC Latino Title 140: Juan Jose Velasco (17-0) def. Juan Garcia Mendez (19-3) by TKO (ref stoppage) 0:54 R9
8 Rd 124: Jose Osorio (9-3-1) def. Ramon Raynoso (20-2) by (76-74, 79-78, 73-77) split decision
4 Rd 110: Leanna Martinez (1-0) def. Brittney Horton (0-1) by TKO (ref stoppage) 1:28 R1
4 Rd 124: Aaron Martinez (4-1) def. Richard Reyes (0-2) by TKO (ref stoppage) 2:07 R4
4 Rd 137: Derek Perez (1-6) def. George Roybal (0-4) by TKO (Dr. stoppage) 2:20 R3
4 Rd 147: Kevin Johnson (4- 0) vs. Shem Prieto (0-3) by TKO (ref stoppage) 1:59 R1

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