Jackson’s MMA Series XXIV Recap & Results

The Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino hosted Jackson’s MMA Series XXIV. A 9 fight card with 7 amateur & 2 professional contests, headlined by a battle between undefeated featherweights Roy “Hot Sauce” Saucedo of Force of One from Clovis, NM, & Jess “Vanilla Gorilla” Martinez of Superior Fitness from Santa Fe, NM.

The night got started with Ashmamaz Dugulubgov and CJ Boston engaging  in a slugfest, until Dugulubgov found his take down advanced to the mount and secured a head an arm choke for the 2nd round finish. Jesse Moorhouse score 4 takedowns, got the back finishing flattenedvout Alex Baumgartner An go the finish by rear naked choke. Andre Mitchell left his neck open and Joseph Tapia took it and the first round victory by ninja choke/power guillotine. David Archuleta engaged in a scramble fest with Josiah Reyes, that saw Reyes get the submission win by armbar.  James Pleasant repeated took down Eric Dodson. Pleasant from mount would transition to an armbar getting the 2nd round submission. Ozzy Chavez put Mark Mathew McDill on the cage worked his dirty boxing  and shirt knee in first round. In the 2nd Chavez kept the pressure on eventually get the Ref to step in as McDill was on all fours getting pound while Chavez was in the side ride position . The co-main event went quickly lasting only 14 seconds as both Enrique Gonzalez & Cody Hoffstatter threw left straight so at the same time, Gonzalez lands first dropping Hoffstatter. Three follow up shot rained down from above forcing the red to jump in. In the main event between Jess Martinez & Roy Saucedo, Martinez quickly took the fight to the ground. Martinez would bust up Saucedo around the right eye in round 1, while Saucedo fought off several rear naked choke attempts and a deep arm bar. Martinez would get Saucedo right back to the ground in round two hunting for submissions while being on the back eventually seizing a spec off opportunity to lock in an armbar, a few adjustments and Saucedo is forced to tap in the 2nd round.

Main Event 145: Jess Martinez def. Roy Saucedo by submission (armbar) 4:25 R2
145: Enrique Gonzalez def. Cody Hoffstatter by KO (punches) 0:14 R1
140: Ozzy Chavez def. Mark Matthew McDill by TKO (punches) 1:41 R2
150: James Pleasant def. Eric Dodson by submission (armbar)  1:46 R2
180: Matt Addington def. Jonathan Macomb by submission (head & arm choke) 1:00 R1
131: Josiah Reyes def. David Archuleta by submission (armbar) 2:10 R1
135: Joseph Tapia def. Andre Mitchell by submission (power guillotine choke) 1:04 R1
155: Jesse Moorhouse def. Alex Baumgartner by submission (rear naked choke) 2:19 R2
185: Ashamaz Dugulubgov def. CJ Boston by submission (head & arm choke) 2:44 R2

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