Chaos in Clovis 2 Recap & Results

Written by Josh Herrera 

Opening up the show for Isidro’s Chaos in Clovis 2 was Rudy Montenegro Vs Derek Perez at 145 lbs in a four rounder bout. The 1st round started off with Perez applying the pressure and throwing small combinations keeping Rudy busy and on his heels but Montenegro found himself landing the right hand effectively. With the start of the 2nd round both fighters came out swinging while Perez continued pushing forward with that warrior instinct he always shows us while Rudy still kept landing that right hand. Going into the 3rd and 4th rounds the action stayed the same while Perez kept going to the body and Rudy going up top keeping both rounds a classic action packed bout which ended in a Draw!

Onto the 2nd bout of the night Albuquerque’s own Angel Perez now 2-0 took on this fight in weeks’ notice to match up against Clovis Michael Peterson in a 4 round bout at 127 lbs. Angle getting a stoppage in the 1st round with combinations and a big shot landed early only showing that at this early stage of his career he is more than comfortable in the ring and takes his time. Perez having a fight now June 23rd Route to Glory II at Route 66 casino told me that staying active, keeping weight, and being in the gym to work towards the next opportunity is his only concern right now.

Clovis Andrew Tapia 0-0 squared off against Michael Sanchez now 1-1 at 180Lbs in a four rounder that started off with Sanchez coming out confidante walking Tapia down and working that Jab early on. Tapia having the length but swinging a little wide but still being affective made a good 1st round that could have gone either way. In the 2nd both came out aggressive but Sanchez landing that straight right which knocked Tapia down early in the round then to happen again shortly after. The fight was stopped by TK0 in the 2nd winner going to Michael Sanchez but I’m sure these two will be back at it in no time.

With the fourth match up being two fighters out of the same gym in Clovis Rico Urquizo now 3-4-2 Vs. Omar Acosta 1-1 at the 200lb weight class both came to throw a show. In the 1st round Rico being the first to land and showing he’s been in the ring before but Acosta got his feel out process down making a close round. The 2nd Rico came out with pressure and giving flurries that got the crowd going all the while Acosta showing more confidence and making his presence known in there. Keeping the crowd going this fight held a significance to the locals with both fighters getting equal support. In the final rounds both fighters continued working with Urquizo having more the movement while Omar was figuring out his range and accuracy that made it a close fight with the unanimous decision going to Rico.

A highly anticipated Heavyweight main event against Elijio Sena from Clovis who’s 2-0-1 Vs. Eduado Silva from Belen now 1-1 had fans ready and was clearly the fight everyone was waiting for. In the 1st coming out the red corner Sena standing tall and heavier was moving around like lightweight and met to start exchanging and feel each other out. Stepping into the Blue corner Sena had his back to the Blue corner and what seemed to be a back step on Elijio part he falls to the canvas then immediately reaching for his right knee. In 58 seconds of the 1st round the fight was stopped due to the incident and winner was Eduado Silva. With that happening im sure we’re going to be seeing a rematch or comeback here soon.

A great night of action brought to you by Isidro Castillo’s School of Hard Knocks Promotions and which I’m sure more to come. Isidro referred to himself as the poor man’s promoter giving and making that opportunity happen for those that can’t get the right connections. Being a match maker for many promoters here in New Mexico then all he does for the youth and community Isidro is making his mark in the southern part of the state. Keep an eye out for another event from School of Hard Knocks.

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