JacksonWink Fight Night 3 Recap & Results

The showroom at the Isleta Resort & Casino hosts Fresquez Productions, JacksonWink Fight Night 3. The 10 fight card, has a 4 fight amateur card, and 6 bouts on the pro side. The feature contest a rematch 8 years in the making between Abel “the Silent Assassin” Cullum & Joshua “the Destroya: Montoya.


The Card got going with Kayla Yontef of JacksonWink MMA vs Teresa Marquez of Perez Fighting Systems. Yontef quickly scored a body lock takedown advanced to mount pounding out Marquez.

The 2nd fight saw Randy Baker from JacksonWink MMA against Juilian Chavez from Force of 1 engage in a war. Baker scored big with low outside leg kicks and overhand rights. While his defense would slack enabling Chavez to score with counter right hands. Baker would score a knockdown in the first off a right hand an in the 2nd with a low kick. Visably tired Baker would dig deep applying pressure and letting his right hand go. In the end all three judges scored all three rounds for Baker.

Fight 3 at Flyweight between Aaron Taylor from Perez Fighting Systems & Tabari Grubbs from Hobbs. This one was a scramble heavy contest. Taylor held a guillotine for most of rd 1. Taylor had the back of Grubbs the majority of rd 2 but the round ended with Grubbs on top flurrying. We had a long timeout between rd 2 & 3 after Grubbs final landed strike of round 2 was ruled illegal to the back of Taylor’s head.  In round 3 the two got stuck in a pretzel with Grubbs being in position to land shots and win the round. All 3 judges score 29-28 in favor of Taylor.

Fight 4 the final amateur contest saw a rematch between Ambrose Vigil of JacksonWink MMA & Austin Lewis from Elevation Boxing/Fit NHB. Both fighters score well to the body. Lewis worked some hard leg kicks, but in each of the 3 rounds Vigil would score the takedown and score with his ground & pound from full guard. The judges score the split decision for Ambrose Vigil. These two are now 1-1 against each other.

The pro got going with Pengshuai Liu from China, representing JacksonWink MMA meeting Gene Perez from Perez Fighting Systems in a Flyweight bout. Liu quickly took Perez down and first tried to set up a north-south choke and a kinura, perez defended both. Perez then attempted to explode up but Liu jumped on a guillotine choke finishing the fight.

Fight 6 in the Lightweight division with Chris Brown from JacksonWink MMA against Blake Smith from Team Defwar/ATT Tampa. Brown came out chipping away at Smith’s leg with side kicks. Smith then creates the clinch and found himself on bottom. A partially landed axe kick from Brown saw him end the round on top. Brown took Smith down from the double under hook position and didn’t letvAmith up the rest of the round doing damage from half guard and mount. Brown pinned Smith on the cage to begin round three. After softening up Smith with knees, Brown would again put Smith on his back where the fight would stay till the final bell. A dominate performance from Brown.

Fight 7 is the Flyweight division as Ricky Esquible from JacksonWink MMA faced Chris Cortez from Force of 1. Cortez quickly in the first looked for the takedown in round 1. The Esquible guillotine nullified the position. Esquible end the frame on top following a double leg takedown. Cortez got his takedown in round two stayed on top for the whole round. Following round 2 Esquible is cut under one eye and has a welt under the other. Round 3 saw the Cortez power make the difference as he muscled his way out from under Esquibel twice.

Fight 8 a women’s Strawweight bout between Celine Haga from JacksonWink MMA & Hannah Cifers from Elevate MMA Academy in Oxford, North Carolina. Haga pumpingvher jab to close the distance get nailed and dropped by a counter right hand, Cifers flows to the ground unleashing elbows from side control until the red steps in.

Fight 9 Featherweight co-main event. Steve Garcia from JacksonWink MMA against Aalon Cruz from Team Detwar/ ATT Tampa. Garcia early scores a takedown from a outside trip. Cruz back to his feet letting his kick fly. Garcia gets caught by a counter right. Cruz followed to the ground landing another heavy right. Garcia attempted to scramble. Cruz took the back slapping in the rear naked choke for the first round finish.

The main event a rematch 8 years in the making at Bantamweight Abel Cullum from Force of 1 & Joshua Montoya from Elite Fitness/AnK Muay Thia/Luttrell-Yee MMA. Cullum came of striking and applying pressure to get into wrestling distance. Cullum shoots in and Montoya reverses the position get in on and scores a double leg takedown. Cullum attacks an armbar. Montoya defends. Cullum next attacks a guillotine and fakes to stand, Montoya goes with Cullum to stand, Cullum pulls guard with the guillotine forcing the tap.

Pro Card
Main Event 135: Abel Cullum (21-6) def. Joshua Montoya (11-10) by submission (guillotine choke) 2:07 R1
145: Alaon Cruz (6-2) def. Steve Garcia (7-3) by submission (rear naked choke) 1:47 R1
115: Hannah Cifers (9-2) def. Celine Haga (10-15) by TKO (punch & elbows) 1:16 R1
125: Chris Cortez (2-0) def. Ricky Esquibel (3-1) by (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) split decision
155: Chris Brown (2-0) def. Blake Smith (3-2) by (30-26, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision
125: Pengshuai Lui (5-2) def. Gene Perez (7-9) by submission (guillotine choke) 2:15 R1
125: Ambrose Vigil (3-6) def. Austin Lewis (4-3) by (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) split decision
125: Aaron Taylor (3-1) def. Tabari Grubbs (1-1) by (29-28 x3) unanimous decision
145: Randy Baker (3-1) def. Julian Chavez (1-2) by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
140: Kayla Yontef (2-0) def. Tresa A. Marquez (0-1) by TKO (punches) 1:23 R1

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