Route to Glory 2 Bad Blood Recap & Results

Legacy Boxing Promotions presented Route to Glory 2 Bad Blood at the Route 66 Casino’s Legends Theater. The 6 fight card featured two New Mexico State title bouts one long awaited an much anticipated, while the other a final chapter in a trilogy.

Jason Sanchez vs Danny Flores was canceled after it was discovered that Flores was serving a suspension for being knocked out in Florida just a few weeks ago. A fight Flores took after agreeing to face Sanchez.

The in ring action got started quickly as Ernesto Hernandez wouldn’t be able to withstand 90 seconds of Augustine Perez’s vicious body attack. Hernandez would beat the first ten count but was obviously hurt. Perez would go right back to the body with rapid fire rights and a cross to the chin sees the Ref waive off the contest.

Brandon Trujillo vs Issac Luna, who was making his pro debut, went the distance.  Outside of having a point taken for low blows in the 3 round, Luna pushed the pace and the orthodox fighter display a very accurate left hook. In claiming his first professional victory.

As expected Aaron Perez got pushed harder by George Roybal then his first two opponents. Also as expected the “Angel Baby” rose to the occasion. Perez felt out round 1 working the body. Rounds 2 & 3 saw Perez scorching Roybal with an explosive lead straight right. The Perez uppercut was on point and led to the cornering and 3rd round finish of Roybal.

Tavorus Teague vs Matthew Esquible went all 4 rounds. The contest was a bit awkward and heavy in the clinch. Esquible landed the volume and pushed forward early, while Teague found a home for his big right hand as the bout drew on. In the closing moment of the final round Esquible crashed forward hard, ate a right hand and at the bell his knee touched the ground, but it wasn’t called a knockdown. The judges score the bout even 2 rounds a peace.

The co-main event, the trilogy, grudge match bewteen Mike Alderte & Max Hayman end in a 2nd round no contest. Alderte came landing some big right hands. Hayman took over after finding his jab and had Alderte hurt to the body. The no contest happen as Alderte pushed Hayman against and almost over the ropes. As they hit the ground Hayman was in visible pain. The result a back injury and a no contest.

Main event for the New Mexico State Welterweight title between Josh “Pitbull” Torres & Cristian “El Puma” Cabral.  Torres immediately came out and took control of the ring. The 2nd round saw Torres score his first knockdown started by a right hand to the temple and a flurry to get Cabral to the mat. Continually Torres displayed defensive wizardry disappearing from the Cabral counters. Through the contest Torres picked his shots scoring big with his power right. Cabral undaunted had his moments including in the 5th when a brawl broke out, both landing heavy shots, but “El Puma” was unable to sustain offense. In the 7th a left hook to the body hurt Cabral and Pitbull didn’t stop firing till the Ref jumped in waving the bout off with a second left in the 7th. Torres showed great fight IQ & a great diversity of punches  landed.

In all the event was exciting. The atmosphere was electric. The main event had the crowd on there feet cheering loud as can be.  Torres demonstrated a high caliber of skill and with the title has his solidified his status in the state. Even in loss Cabral showed skill, heart, and he still has a ton of potential. Stock up for both. The Alderete-Hayman rivalry really may never end and it could be out of anyone’s control. I’ll await word of the severity of Hayman back injury. Angel Perez is proving himself rapidly and becoming a even more highly touted prospect. Augustine Perez doesn’t waste time and fights with power. Tavorus Teague was robbed, the last second connection of his right hand that made Esquible take a knee should have counted as a knockdown giving him the upset victory. Let’s look forward to the rematch.

10 Rds @ 147 title: Josh Torres (18-6-2) def. Cristian Cabral (8-2-1) by TKO 2:59 R7
10 Rds @ Cruiserweigh title: Max Hayman (25-13-4, 1nc) vs. Mike Alderete (7-7-2, 1 nc) is a no contest at 0:47 R2
4 Rds @ 145: Matthew Esquibel (10-0-1) vs. Tavorus Teague (5-20-4) is scored (38-38 x3) a Draw
4 Rds @ 126: Angel Perez (3-0) def. George Roybal (0-5) by TKO 1:54 R3
4 Rds @ 147: Issac Luna (1-0) def. Brandon Trujillo (0-3) by (39-36 x3) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ 128: Agustin Perez (2-0) def. Ernesto Hernandez (1-9) by TKO 1:24 R1

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