Bullys Against Bullying Boxing Event, Recap

Written- By Josh Herrera

Boxing has returned to Roswell New Mexico with an USA Boxing amateur event which was held on September 1st 2018 in the heart of the city holding fighters from the smallest to the biggest of contenders. This action packed bout brought teams from Olton, Odessa, Lubbock, Dallas Texas, and reaching up to the north part of New Mexico with Farmington’s own Punch Boxing. The card held 24 bouts in total bringing all weight divisions, males and females from the youngest to the oldest mixing it up.

This card was a special one hitting the roots and community of Roswell in dedication and memory of Gabriel Ambrosio Luiz Florez who was 19 and “was a warrior for God” quoted by Nick, Mike, & Danny Hernandez all brothers and fighters out of Bully Boxing. Gabriel was supposed to fight on the card but due to unfortunate events that happened he lost his life to a bullet making the event into a memorial and annual Fight for the city of Roswell touching many areas of the community. Bully Boxing headed up by Deneisha Gonzalez who is no stranger to boxing fighting pro herself leading this team and town to help the youth to stay off the streets. Her uncle Steve “Champ” Gonzalez Jr. also grandfather ABC Boxing founder having deep roots into the community, she is making a statement and mark in the sport as Coach also fully funding the event of her fallen fighter.

Yoruba Moreu def. Crist Cardiel – 90lb Division
Manuel Marquez def. Eric Hernandez – 50lb
Jesus Almance Jr. def. Gabe Almanzar – 65lb
Alejandro Cigarroa def. Jorge Chavez – 132lb
Macario Esparza def. Anthony Gonzales – 105lb
Eric Valencia def. Rafael Sanchez – 90lb
Mark Aviles def. Wade Lewis – 80lb
Navaeh Martinez def. Romina Ceniceros – 90lb
Filpmeno Pulido def. Damon Sandoval – 101lb
Annalicia Sustaita def. Isabel Garcia – 141lb
Pierce Lewis def. Jimmy Aguilar – 141lb
Angel Sandoval def. Marcos Sanchez – 95lb
Johnny Stewart def. Victor Camacho – 165lb
Alyssa Hernandez def. Candy Aguilar – 75lb
Michael Mendez def. Micah Hernandez – 119lb
Edgar Herrera def. Ezekiel Perez – 65lb
Jose Sandoval def. Roman Almanzar – 75lb
Carlos Moreno def. Michael Contreras – 165lb
Rosendo Martinez def. Daniel Ordunez – 110lb
Michael Sanchez def. Daniel Florez – 90lb
Bo Mandrell def. Roberto Hough – 200+lb
Ismael Ramirez def. Daniel Mendez – 110lb
Jorge Monclova def. Luis Sandoval – 125lb
D’Angelo Sanchez def. Esteban Orozco – 119lb

This card also held Annalicia Sustaita from SFA boxing gym in Dallas Texas who’s story also touches bullying drawing her into the sport now a USA Boxing Team member in 2015 at the time with only 5 fights. She is Golden Glove 10-time national champion working towards 2018 Olympic trials and looking to go pro in 2020. This event was touched many areas and a great cause so keep an eye for Bully Boxing and Roswell to make some noise in the southern part of New Mexico.

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