Holmes Boxing: Sound of Thunder Recap & Results

Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino hosted Holmes Boxing: Sound of Thunder a 7 fight boxing card headlined by Antonio “Tone” Martinez against Luis Getardo Avila.

The night started with Mark Jimenez against Daniel Flores. Flores was the aggressor the first two rounds putting Jimenez on the ropes scoring with his right hook. Flores landed several stinging shots in the third, but Jimenez was the fighter advancing. The forth round saw Jimenez come out hard utilizing body work. Flores dug deep and finishing with a strong flurry. The judges return a split decision in favor of Daniel Flores.

Fight 2 saw Ronnie Baca against Jimmy Archuleta. Baca wasted no time putting leather on Archuleta and unleashing a nasty 4-peace combination, featuring a slick left uppercut, that sends Archuleta to a face plant. Baca your winner by first round TKO.

Fight number 3 pitted Ernesto Salvidrez against Loreto Olivas. Olivas came out getting right in the face of Salvidrez. Salvidez landed some great long range shots, but was getting caught by the Olivas overhand on the break. In the third round the Olivas left hook started to become a big factor in the bout. The first jab of round 4th had Salvidrez leaking blood from his nose. Olivas took his  aggression up a notch keeping Salvidrez against the ropes scoring with big hooks. After 4 rounds the judges return a unanimous decision in favor of Loreto Olivas.

Fight 4 at Heavy between Lorenzo Benavidez & Jesus Sanchez who are both making their professional debut. Sanchez found his range first peppering Benavidez with straights. Benaviedz would start to read the Sanchez attacks slipping the punch, getting on the inside scoring with big overhands. The 3rd round was a brawl with heavy shots landed from both fighters. Sanchez early in the 4th successfully played the long game as Benavidez slowed. Benavidez would find that extra push to give all he had in the last minute. The judges give back a unanimous decision in favor of Jesus Sanchez.

Fight 5 the lone female fight on the card as Leanna Martinez faces fellow undefeated Danielle Saldanha . Consistently Martinez would move forward with multiple jabs and flurry with short tight combinations. Saldanha would find success with her had giving Martinez a bloody nose. After 4 round the judges scored a unanimous decision in favor of Leanna Martinez.

Fight 6 the co-main event between Matthew Griego against Rondarius Hunter. Griego felt out the first round, noticing Hunter was just looking to counter. In the 2nd just missed a right hook, came back with his left hook landing clean sending Hunter to a face plant. Ref Rocket Burke waives off the fight looking in to Hunters eyes as he stood.

Fight number 7, the main event  with Antonio “Tone” Martinez against Luis Gerardo Avila. Martinez found success with his overhand right, but Avila was game to answer  with left hooks to the liver. Both men proved to have strong chins holding up to the others best shot. Close early, Martinez took control in the middle rounds to see, Avila find his 2nd win in the last two rounds. The last minute of the fight saw Martinez battling forward as they exchanged till the bell. The judges return a split decision, declaring the winner Luis Gerardo Avila.

4 Rds @ 158: Daniel Flores (1-2) def. Mark Jimenez (0-2) by (39-36, 37-39, 40-36) split decision
4 Rds @ 147: Ronnie Baca (4-0-1) vs. Jimmy Archuleta (0-1) by TKO 0:36 R1
4 Rds @ 153: Loreto Olivas (2-0) def. Ernesto Salvidrez (1-1) by (40-36 x2, 39-37) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ HW: Jesus Sanchez (1-0) def. Lorenzo Benaviedz (0-1) by (39-37 x3) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ 112: Leanna Martinez (4-0) def. Danielle Saldanha (2-1) by (39-37×3) unanimous decision
6 Rds @ 112: Mathew Griego (9-0) def. Rondarius Hunter (2-4-1) by TKO 1:17 R2
6 Rds @ 135: Luis Gerardo Avila (7-11) def. Antonio Martinez (9-5-4) by (58-56, 56-58, 58-56) split decision

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