Jackson’s MMA Series XXVI Recap & Results

Saturday October 27, The Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino hosted Jackson’s MMA Series XXVI, headlined by Santa Fe’s own Jess “Vanilla Gorilla” Martinez against Denver, Colorado’s, Jordan Titoni.

Fight 1 at 125 lbs. Charles Gellipsee vs. Richard  Villegas. Villegas not liking the Gellipsee knees and kicks scores two takedowns in round 1, even surviving being momentarily swept to his back. Round 2 Villegas found his range tagging Gellipsee with a jab cross combination.  Villegas hunting for the kill connects with a right uppercut, following Gellipsee to the mat ground and pounding to the finish 31 seconds into the 2nd round.

Fight 2  at 180lbs. Keith Dawson 1-0 (Judgement) vs. Jason Gonzales 0-0 (BMF/Jackson’s MMA Pueblo). Gonzales successfully gets the fight to the mat on his third attempt, advancing to mount. Dawson sweeps, Gonzales pushes off feet to hips causing a scramble and gets stuck on all fours. Dawson locks in a half choke half crank and Gonzales is forced to tap.

Fight 3 at 135lbs. Mark Matthew McDill 3-3 (JW) vs. Michael Beals 3-6 (Team Wildman). The first round saw both men landing big hooks. In the 2nd it continued as McDill would bust Beals nose open, cause a cut above the left eye, and even knock Beals mouth peace out and across the cage. The third round Beals drops McDill with a body kick. McDill recovers, surviving an onslaught of knees changing the tide. McDill back to his feet pressures Beals to the cage, seeing his opportunity and opening up with his punches while mixing in knees dropping Beals and forcing the ref to jump in for the third round TKO.

Fight 4 155lbs. Jesse Moorhouse 3-2 (JW) vs. Marquel Mederos 3-0 (Factory X). Mederos landed hard kicks to the body and legs in round 1 fighting off the Moorhouse takedowns. In the 2nd frame the Mederos precision striking wore down Moorhouse dropping the JacksonWink Fighter twice, the 2nd time following to the ground and finishing the fight with punches.

Fight 5 at 125lbs. Is the featured amateur contest. Ambrose Vigil 3-6 (JW) vs. Josiah Reyes 2-1 (Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts). The first round was spent of the feet as Reyes used his jabs and leg kicks, Vigil looked to counter with a overhand right.  Reyes took the fight to the floor in the 2nd almost securing a rear naked choke & scoring with elbows. Reyes again took the action the ground in the 3rd, Ambrose would escape and score his own take before the final bell. All three judges saw all three rounds for Reyes.

Fight 6 at 135lbs. with Clay Matza 0-0 (JW) vs. Jorrel Sparenberg 1-0 (Rueben Llamas Hobbs The Works Freestyle Fighting). Matza is cut under his right eye from an early eye poke.  Sparenberg did solid work early in the first with his leg kicks, but as the frame went on Matza found his flow and was scoring with stinging left hooks. Matza feeling his flow in round 2, was pot shooting with snapping rights. Sparenberg got back in the fight scoring a takedown with a belly to back suplex.  Matza would survive deep rear naked and triangle choke attempts. Back on the feet a well timed Matza knee reacting to the Sparenberg takedown attempt is called illegal. The action started back up after about 5-minutes for the called foul an Matza went for the kill. Smelling blood in the water Matza backed Sparenberg right down opening  open up with a 15 strike combination. A final left hook sends Sparenberg to the mat and forcing ref Joe Coca to waive off the bout.

Fight 7 at 125lbs. Rodney Kealohi 2-1 (JW) vs. Chris Cortez 2-0 (Force of One). A Kealohi body kick has Cortez looking to wrestle. Cortez scores two takedowns and takes Kealohi’s  back hunting for the choke. Kealohi has no quite, forcing a scramble and getting back to his feet. A spinning back fist out of nowhere drops Cortez, Kealohi charges in with a flying knee partially landing, Cortez is looking to grapple, they scramble, and Kealohi advances to mount the finish comes after 26 straight strikes rain down.

Fight 8 at 145lbs. is the main event Jess Martinez 4-0 (Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts) vs. Jordan Titoni 5-3 (Factory X). In the first Titoni ate two low blows and scored a knockdown from an overhand right, while Martinez countered back with kicks to the body and legs. The later end of round one and into round two Martinez showed off his hands scoring with small combinations and a sneaky left hand. Titoni Focused on his movement and hammering leg kicks. The allusive Titoni movement frustrating Martinez throughout the 2nd & 3rd rounds. The Titoni leg kicks would pay off hampering  Martinez’s movement. The Santa Fe native answered back by pushing forward and scoring a pair of takedowns. The judges return a razor thin split decision in favor of Martinez.

Pro Card

145lbs. Jess Martinez (5-0) def. Jordan Titoni (6-4) by (30-27, 28-29, 29-29) split decision

125lbs. Rodney Kealohi (3-1) def. Chris Cortez(2-1) by TKO (ground & pound) 4:29 R1

135lbs. Clay Matza (1-0) def. Jorrel Sparenberg 1-1 by KO (punches & kick) 0:10 R3

Amateur Card:

125lbs. Josiah Reyes (3-1) def. Ambrose Vigil (3-7) by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision

155lbs. Marquel Mederos (4-0) def. Jesse Moorhouse (3-3) by TKO (punches) 2:50 R2

135lbs. Mark Matthew McDill (4-3) def.Michael Beals (3-7) by TKO (punches & knees) 2:15 R3

180lbs. Keith Dawson (2-0) def. Jason Gonzales (0-1) by submission (rear naked choke) 1:29 R1

125lbs. Richard Villegas (1-1) def. Charles Gellipsee (0-1) by KO (right uppercut + ground & pound) 0:31 R2

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