Kingdom of Heroes Recap & Results

Impact Arena, in Bangkok, Thailand, One Championship 81:  Kingdom of Heroes. This event features MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, & Boxing. The main event  Mexico’s, Iran Diaz challenging Thialand’s Srisaket Sor Rungvisai for the WBC Super Flyweight world championship.

The night kicked off with MMA action in the Flyweight division between Dodi Mardian & Ramon Gonzales. Gonzales came out throwing kicks to all three levels, while Mardian searched for is counter punch. Gonzales took the fight to the ground, took Mardian’s back, flattened his opponent. From there Gonzales found the space to sink in a rear naked choke to finish the fight at 3:33 of round 1.

Sticking with MMA for fight number 2 as Fu Chang Xin took on Rin Saroth in the a Men’s Bantamweight contest. They come out test rang by exchanging kicks. Xin scoring big with a spinning backfist and a takedown in the first.  When Saroth got back to his feet he found his right hand and crossing elbow strikes. Xin took the fight back to the ground in round 2, flattening Saroth, and sinking in the rear naked choke finish at 3:04 of round 2.

Next we headed to One Super Series Muay Thia as  Petchdam Kaiyanghadao faced Kenny Tse in a Men’s Flyweight contest. Tse  went to immediately to apply pressure, walking right into  Kaiyanghadao’s left high kick. On the third attempt at the high kick for Kaiyanghadao is would connect solidly knocking Tse out on his feet, Kaiyanghadao would land a follow up step in knee and left elbow strike beofre Tse body crashed to the canvas. Petchdam Kaiyanghadao your winner by knockout at 1:36 of  round 1.

For fight 4, we’re in the women’s atomweight division for a MMA bout, Rika Ishige vs. Bozhena Antoniyar. Antoniyar utilizes her striking early landing big punches. Ishige answered back with her takedown, securing back mount and forcing the ref to jump in after powerful elbows & punches. Rika Ishige is your winner by TKO at 2:48 of round 1.

Fight 5 a One Super Series Kickboxing bout in the Men’s Flyweight division, Singtongnoi Por Telakun vs. Masahide Kudo. Singtongnoi choose to move forward early using his left kick & knee to score. Kudo doing his work with punches, being very effective with his over hands from the outside and his uppercuts while in close. Kudo never let up on his pressure having Singtongnoi stuck on the ropes in the later stages on the contest, but Singtongnoi was able to continue to chop away  at Kudo’s leg. The judges returned a unanimous decision in favor of Singtongnoi Por Telakun.

Fight 6 MMA action in the Men’s Strawwweight division, Hayato Suzuki vs. Robin Catalan. Suzuki  went right to taking this fight to the ground scoring 3 takedowns in the first round. Suzuki would scored one takedown in round 2. Keeping it on the ground, taking Catalan’s back and securing a rear naked choke for the 2nd round finish.

Fight 7 One Super Series Muay Thai action in the Men’s Bantamweight division, Thailand’s Petchmorrakot Wor. Sangprapai vs. Russian Alverdi Ramazanov. Petchmorrakot  took the early advantage with pressure and big left body kicks. Ramazanov showed off his boxing skill in round 2 scoring with sharp strikes, but getting cut open on the right side of his head from powerful Petchmorrakot  elbows. Petchmorrakot dangerously walked forward the entire 3rd frame. Ramazanov landed his cross & uppercut consistently in the thrid round. A controversial moment occurred as the ref missed a knock down from a spinning back elbow and calling it a slip. But the call wouldn” matter as the judges scored the unanimous decision in favor of  Alverdi Ramazanov.

Fight 8 the final prelim a Heavyweight Kickboxing match, Hong Kong’s Alain Ngalani vs. Australia’s Andre Meunier. Ngalani used his side kick to keep distance in the first round keeping the larger Austalia away. Meunier took flight in the 2nd connecting with a flying knee, but the follow up knee strayed low landing for a fight ending low blow. The fight  is called a no contest.

Fight 9 got the main card going, an MMA bout in the men’s Bantamweight division, Leandro Issa vs. Muin Gafurov. Issa got Gafurov to the ground early but the Russian escaped from the Brazilian’s clutches. Back on his feet Gafurov landing with a sting left hook, followed up by an overhand right that’s puts down Issa, giving Gafurov the 1st round knock out victory.

Fight 10 a One Super Series Kickboxing match in the Lightweight division. Andy Souwer from the Netherlands vs. Anthony Njokuani from Nigeria. Souwer was the party moving forward, cutting off the ring, but the Njokuani length and low kicks proved hard to get by. Souwer found great success pushing forward with big hooks and short  knees in the clinch. The Dutch fighter continued to pressure Njokuani in the third round, Keeping the Nigerian on the ropes with his left hook, but Njokuani answered back with his right hand and step in knees. A close fight returned a close decision with Anthony Njokuani taking a split decision victory.

Fight 11 a One Super Series Muay Thai contest in the Men’s Bantamweight division, Nong-o Gaiyanghdao of Thailand  vs. Mehdi Zatout of France. Nong-o went right on the offensive using jab-cross combination to set his hammer-ing left kick. Zatot countered with flurries of punches hooks an crosses. Nong-o with a pair of consecutive right elbows strikes sent the Frenchmen to the canvas for a knock down in the 2nd. Zatout beat the count and was met with a relentless attack of left kicks and knees to close out the 2nd frame. Keeping up the high paced onslaught in the 3rd round as Zatout evaded to survive to the final bell. The judges returned a unanimous decision for Nong-o Gaivanghdao.

Fight 12 is a number 1 contender bout in the One Men’s MMA Lightweight division,Japan’s Shinya Aoki vs. Malaysia/ New Zealand’s Ev Ting. Aoki right to a double leg takedown, advanced to mount locks in the arm-triangle choke putting Ev Ting to sleep.

Fight 13 is the co-main event as Thailand’s Stamp Fairtex challenges Taipei/China’s Kai Ting Chuang for the One Super Series Women’s Atomweight Kickboxing World Championship. The challenger came out with composure way beyond her years, utilizing her reach advantage continually scoring with her right roundhouse kick at long range, while firing the right cross and right knee in close. It took more then two rounds before Chuang would find any success with her punching on the inside. The success was limited as Stamp was quick to clinch. Chuang rushing in too chaotically would get caught in the clinch absorbing knees from Stamp. The champion pushed forward hard, bringing the action to Stamp in the final round delivering  excitement but failing to land a significant strike. The knees & kicks would lead to a title change with Stamp Fairtex he win by unanimous decision.

Fight 14 the first ever Boxing match in a One Arena. Thailand’s Srisaket Sor Rungvisai defending the WBC Super Flyweight World Championship against Mexico’s Iran Diaz. Rungvisai off the energy of a crazed crowd had major success early cornering Diaz and blasting away with his left to the body. What looked like it was going to be an early night ended up going the distance with Diaz showing championship level heart and grit. The champion would pressure forward controlling the action, continually putting his left first on Diaz’s liver throughout the 12 rounds. As the fight went on Rungvisai started going up-stairs with his straight left while and right hook. Diaz early worked behind his jab but found much more success with stinging power shots in the later rounds, twice seeing Rungvisai hit the mat but both being called slips. Diaz had a tenacious performance, but the power difference was too much to overcome.  Srisaket Sor Rungvisai retained his WBC title by unanimous decision.

One Super App Main Card
Box-WBC Super Fly:  (retaining champion) Srisaket Sor Rungvisai def. Iran Diaz (119-109, 120-108, 113-109) unanimous decision
SSKB-WAW: (new champion) Stamp Fairtex def. Kai Ting Chuang by unanimous decision
MMA-LW: Shinya Aoki def. Ev Ting by technical submission (arm-triangle choke) 0:57 R1
SSMT-BW: Nong-o Gaiyanghdao def. Mehdi Zatout by unanimous decision
SSKB-LW: Anthony Njokuani def. Andy Souwer by split decision
MMA-BW:  Muin Gafurov def. Leandro Issa by KO (overhand right) 2:24 R1
Facebook & Twitter prelims
SSKB-HW: Andre Meunier vs. Alain Ngalani (Ngalani couldn’t continue after low blow) No Contest
SSMT-BW: Alverdi Ramazanov def. Petchmorrakot Wor. Sangprapai by unanimous decision
MMA-SW: Hayato Suzuki def. Robin Catalan by submission (rear naked choke) 3:42 R2
SSKB-FlyW: Singtongnoi Por Telakun def. Masahide Kudo by unanimous decision
MMA-WAW: Rika Ishige def. Bozhena Antoniyar by TKO (ground & pound) 2:48 R1
SSMT-FlyW: Petchdam Kaiyanghadao def. Kenny Tse by KO (strikes) 1:36 R1
MMA-BW: Fu Chang Xin def. Rin Saroth by submission (rear naked choke) 3:04 R2
MMA-FlyW: Ramon Gonzales def. Dodi Mardian by submission (rear naked choke) 3:33 R1

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