The Hollewood view of Legacy Promotions Aztec Warfare 2

Hispano Cultural Center, October 20th 2018 Legacy boxing held an evenly matched, action pack card.

In the first fight of the night we had 2 middleweight fighters with a combined 6 professional fight, all mainly in defeat. Andre Galarza  0-2 and Daniel Garcia Flores 1-3 both from ABQ. From the beginning Flores started each round flooring and swinging for the fences. Galarza staying more composed tended to stay in the pocket leaning forward with his head, bumping Flores’ back with his shoulder, which he gets warned about in the middle of the fight by legendary Rocky Burke. During the match both fighters stumbled over their incorrect footing, throwing punches, staying in the pocket, giving, and receiving. Flores when using his jab seem to be in control, but we saw him with a lack of consistency behind it, which left him being mulled by the more aggressive Galarza. Therefore I saw Galarza taking most of the rounds giving him the 1st, 3rd and 4th rounds due to the accuracy of the hay makers landing. This gave Galarza his first win.

In the second bout, which I felt was one of the most anticipated fights of the night with 2 undefeated fighters. Ronnie Baca from ABQ with a record of 4-0-1 3 KOs and his opponent from El Paso, Tx Issac Luna with a 2-0 record.The bout starts off with both fighters calmly circling each other around the ring, trying to see who was going to engage first. The shorter fighter of the two, Issac Luna, who was much shorter than Baca, tended to show more aggression from the jump. Ronnie Baca being the taller fighter seems to have trouble keeping Issac at the end of his punches, even though Luna was swinging wildly. Luna was the fighter landing at a different connect rate than Baca.  Surprisingly when Luna was throwing jabs he was connecting them. It was kind of awkward to see my home town fighter not being able to keep the shorter fighter at bay since he had the longer reach. I don’t feel like Luna won all 4 rounds, I honestly scored the fight 2 to 2; round 1 to Luna, 2 and 3 to Ronnie Baca and the last round to Luna. Mostly due to the fact that when Luna swigging and missed, he did so in the pocket and was getting caught fr it.  The judges saw this fight for Luna by a unanimous decision.

In our featured ladies fight, it was a mix of emotions and eagerness from both fighters. Brandi Montoya with a record of 6-2, who we appreciate for serving our country, returning back from a long layoff, and Cecilia Renova who didn’t have a blemish on her record, 1-0, also coming from a long layoff. While this was the easiest fight to score, due to the lack of experience from Renova and the eagerness of Montoya to get back in the ring. A lot of respect and sportsmanship from the ladies was shown but the leather had to be thrown. Brandi, having the better foot work and hand placement, throwing and connecting for her was more like target practice. I guess she was practicing her aim a lot in the marines, ‘cause boy was she on point!; from the body to the head, from the head to the body, great foot work and angles. “Babydoll” Montoya outclasses and outshines her opponent in all rounds. Renova stood strong and never backed away, standing her ground and earning Brandi’s respects as such a tough opponent. The judges called this a unanimous decision in  favor of “Babidoll”.

In the Co-main event we had a veteran of the sport from ABQ,  10-5-2Kos against a Mexican native from Ciudad Juarez, Ricardo Alan Fernandez 3-9. Villanueva started the bout circling Fernandez in the middle of the ring, patiently timing his opponent, trying to lure him in, pumping a crisp jab while Fernandez, with awkward reactions of dipping and swinging wildly on top of an in solid foundation. Fernandez has an awkward style while Willy was breaking off rust from years of lay off, the spontaneous reaction from Fernandez would catch Villanueva off guard. Willy was the more composed fighter, with the more stable foundation, he seem to find openings behind his jab with overhand rights and uppercuts throughout the fight. Both went minimally to the body, with a lot of toe to toe action,  punches being thrown in the flurries of combinations, Villanueva always came off with the cleaner punches, knocking Fernandez’ balance most of the time. This score cards came back in Villanueva’s favor.

In the main event, we had our up and coming prospect Angel Perez 4-0 4 KO’s from ABQ vs a more experienced fighter, Jose Antonio Martinez 11-14-6 from Mexico. At the beginning of this bout, both fighters tended to test their range with a lot of faints but professionally no reactions. For a young fighter with the less experience, Angel tended to control the tempo of the fight, but at the same time, his lack of experience showed at some points compared to Martinez . Every time Angel worked his angles or just knew Martinez was in his range, he landed fiercely and effectively, but when he stood in front of Martinez in range with no head movement, he was getting caught with unnecessarily shots. Martinez was not close to being as effective as Perez, coming up short as “Angel Baby” rose to the challenge picking up his first decision win of his pro career in his first 6-rounder.

6 Rds @130: Aaron Angel Perez def. Jose Antonio Martinez by (60-54 x3) unanimous decision
6 Rds @145: Willy Villanueva def. Ricardo Alan Fernandez by (59-55, 60-54 x2) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ 120: Brandi Montoya def. Cecilia Renova by (39-37, 40-36 x2) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ 147: Issac Luna def. Ronnie Baca by (37-39, 40-36 x2) unanimous decision
4 Rds @ 165: Andre Galarza def. Daniel Garcia-Flores by split decision

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