Marquis Smith- My talking got me what I Wanted

Marquis Smith joins Mika Frankl to talk about his long awaited upcoming fight at Fight Night 4 against Ricky Esquibel. Smith gives his side of there “Beef” and shares his excitement about returning home to fight as a professional for the first time. Smith also talks about living in San Antonio, Texas, and who’s he’s training with. Smith also wants to answer some questions he has about Esquibel on fight night.

Fight Night 4 Card
Pro Main Card
Main Event-135: Steve Garcia (7-3) vs Able Cullum (21-6)
125: Ricky Esquible (3-1) vs Marquis Smith (2-3)
155:  Chris Brown (2-1) vs Ray Banda (6-2)
115: Celine Haga (10-13) vs Kali Robbins (5-1)
155: Henry Barahona (2-3) vs Roy Saucedo (2-1)
125: Cole Griego (4-3) vs Aaron Taylor (4-1)
125: Malcom Mitchell () vs TBA
145: Alex Cardenas (1-0) vs Matthew Corebero (2-3)
135: Luis Rivera (0-0)vs Julio Zapata-Marquez (2-1)
125: Lydia Warren (0-1) vs Alexandra Castillo (0-0)
* Card is subject to change

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