Quentin Deleon: “There will be no giving Up”

Photo by Backyard Films LLC

Quentin Deleon talks about facing Nate Cullison for an amateur Muay Thai title, at Lion Fight 54. We also talk about what Quinton learned from his first loss in the Muay Thai ring, this past December, and how he moved forward.

Main Card
Main Event 5 Rds for Lion Fight World Super Flyweight Title (113 lbs.): Amy Pirnie (21-3-1) vs. Sandra Godvik (9-1)
Co-main Event 5 Rds for Lion Fight North American Cruiserweight Title (185 lbs.): Brett Hlavacek (18-5) vs. Ardany Mora (4-1)
5 Rds for Lion Fight North American Super Bantamweight Title (120 lbs.): Candice Mitchell (12-1) vs. Whitney Tobin (32-13)
5 Rds @ Heavyweight (265 lbs. limit): Joe Stripling (4-0) vs. Cody East (1-0)
Pro Swing Bouts
5 Rds @ Super Welterweight (150 lbs.): Marc Entenberg (2-1) vs. Sean Baca (0-0)
5 Rds @ Lightweight (135 lbs.): John Seagle (0-0) vs. Gene Perez (0-0)
3 Rds @ Super Flyweight Title (115 lbs.): Nate Cullison vs. Quinton DeLeon
3 Rds @ Middleweight (155 lbs.): Swagath Pillai vs. Samuel Martin
3 Rds @ Welterweight (145 lbs.): Andre Mtichell vs. Matthew Cordona
3 Rds @ Light Heavyweight (170 lbs.): Sterling Peak vs. Bobby Boden
3 Rds @ Featherweight (125 lbs.): Derrick Morale vs. Jonathon Trujillo
3 Rds @ Welterweight (140 lbs.): Moses Fletcher vs. Thomas Horton
3 Rds @ Crusierweight (185 lbs.): Cameron Wesley vs. Shawn Alexander

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