Whitney Tobin on Muay Thai “the people & the moments are Just something you can’t pay for”

At Lion Fight 54 Whitney Tobin faces Candice Michell with the Lion Fight North American Super Bantamweight title on the line. I caught up with Tobin at Luttrell/Yee MMA to talk about how she got into Muay Thai, what’s her thoughts on the upcoming fight, & what Muay Thai has done for Whitney.

Main Card
Main Event 5 Rds for Lion Fight World Super Flyweight Title (113 lbs.): Amy Pirnie (21-3-1) vs. Sandra Godvik (9-1)
Co-main Event 5 Rds for Lion Fight North American Cruiserweight Title (185 lbs.): Brett Hlavacek (18-5) vs. Ardany Mora (4-1)
5 Rds for Lion Fight North American Super Bantamweight Title (120 lbs.): Candice Mitchell (12-1) vs. Whitney Tobin (32-13)
5 Rds @ Heavyweight (265 lbs. limit): Joe Stripling (4-0) vs. Cody East (1-0)
Pro Swing Bouts
5 Rds @ Super Welterweight (150 lbs.): Marc Entenberg (2-1) vs. Sean Baca (0-0)
5 Rds @ Lightweight (135 lbs.): John Seagle (0-0) vs. Gene Perez (0-0)
3 Rds @ Super Flyweight Title (115 lbs.): Nate Cullison vs. Quinton DeLeon
3 Rds @ Middleweight (155 lbs.): Swagath Pillai vs. Samuel Martin
3 Rds @ Welterweight (145 lbs.): Andre Mtichell vs. Matthew Cordona
3 Rds @ Light Heavyweight (170 lbs.): Sterling Peak vs. Bobby Boden
3 Rds @ Featherweight (125 lbs.): Derrick Morale vs. Jonathon Trujillo
3 Rds @ Welterweight (140 lbs.): Moses Fletcher vs. Thomas Horton
3 Rds @ Crusierweight (185 lbs.): Cameron Wesley vs. Shawn Alexander

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