Southwest MMA Series XXIX recap & results

Live at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino for Southwest MMA XXIX.

Welterweight: Caleb Gunter 1-0 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Daniel Kartushyn 2-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM)

Daniel Kartushyn showed off his Muay Thai in the first round, stunning Gunter with a Teap kick to the face and knee to the body from the clinch. Caleb Gunter would come back in the 2nd, dragging Kartushyn to the ground and nearly securing a rear naked choke before the bell.  Kartushyn would take over the third round with his striking letting his hands go, scoring both upstairs and to the body; successfully defending Gunter’s attempts for the takedown.

Daniel Kartushyn (3-1) def. Caleb Gunter (1-1) by (29-28 x3) unanimous decision

Heavyweight: Padro Ingram 1-0 (City Wolves, El Paso, TX) vs. Mario Moore 1-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA)

Padro Ingram came out charging hard. Moore stuck his jab turn on an angle launching his overhand right like a missile, perfectly connecting with it target, Ingram’s chin. Ingram fell backwards and the ref is diving in to waive off the bout. A one punch knockout for Mario Moore.

Mario Moore (2-1) def. Padro Ingram (1-1) by KO (overhand right) 0:52 R1 

Featherweight: Val Guevara 0-0 (JW, ABQ NM) vs. Richard Jennings 4-2 (Desert Dynasty, Alamogordo, NM)

A wild first thirty seconds saw both parties wing big hooks & high kicks, before settling into a battle in the clinch where Jennings battered Guevara with knees to the body & legs. The second round would start off the same, but Jennings would disengage from the clinch and strike. Jennings would re-enter the clinch taking Guevara down. Guevara would try to scramble, Jennings would jump on a rarely seen Peruvian necktie; forcing the tap. 

Richard Jennings (5-2) def. Val Guevara (0-1) by submission (Peruvian necktie) 1:42 R2

Featherweight: Rakim Thorpe 6-3 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Dakota Munro 5-6 (Gym King Dom BJJ/ Alpha Ape, Carlsbad, NM)

Thorpe came out and put the pressure on, scoring a pair of takedowns in the first and second rounds. In the third Thorpe would keep the fight on their feet, showing off an over hand right & his leg kicks in route to a decision victory.

Rakim Thorpe (7-3) def. Dakota Munro (5-7) by (29-28, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision 

Flyweight: Aaron Taylor 4-1 (Jackson’s Acoma, ABQ, NM) vs. Isiah Torres 7-2 (Steal City Fight Team, Pueblo, CO)

Both fighters come out trying to find their distance. Taylor finds his level changes into a blast double leg. As they hit the mat Torres has a guillotine choke. Taylor scrambles out giving his back. Torres hunts for the rear naked, Taylor spins to being on top in full guard. Round ends with Taylor fighting off a triangle choke. Taylor would put Torres on the ground in the second, fight out of a triangle choke, staying in guard, working his ground & pound the entire round. In the third round Taylor would use his low kicks to set up the takedown. Torres would threaten with an arm bar and a triangle, but the Taylor ground and pound was the story of the final round. A close fight leads to a split decision in favor of Aaron Taylor.

Aaron Taylor (5-1) def. Isiah Torres (7-3) by (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) split decision

Bantamweight: Andre Mitchell 2-5 (Westside Power Gym, Rio Rancho, NM) vs. Anthony Valenzuela (Fitness Elite, Odessa, TX)

Valenzuela leaned on his wrestling taking Mitchell to the ground in the first- round landing enough of a beating to have the ref close to stopping the fight twice. The offense would continue to pour out of Valenzuela as he hit Michell with a kick right on the knee that stopped action as the ref checked on Mitchell. Valenzuela would get the fight back to the ground when the action restarts. Valenzuela would take the back and find the finish by rear naked choke.

Anthony Valenzuela (4-4) def. Andre Mitchell (2-6) by submission (rear naked choke) 1:48 R2

Lightweight: Korey Windham 0-0 (Santa Fe Fitness, NM) vs. Baltazar Austin Loza 2-1 (Standfast Wrestling/MMA, Enid, OK)

Loza would imminently come out looking for the takedown. Windham defending and delivering heavy hammer fists to Loza’s ribs. From one side of the cage to the other Loza is relentless on the takedown. Windham sneaks his hands together sinking in a guillotine choke, turning Loza’s back against the cage, before forcing the tap with 13 seconds left on the clock in round one. 

Korey Windham 1-0 (Santa Fe Fitness, NM) vs. Baltazar Austin Loza 2-2 (Standfast Wrestling/MMA, Enid, OK) by submission (guillotine choke) 2:47 R1

Pro Card

Flyweight: Jesse Tafoya 1-2 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Josiah Reyes 0-0 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts)

A lightning fast game of tag as, Reyes presses forward with his kicks and Tafoya looked to counter with overhands. Tafoya’s right hand draws first blood from Reyes nose. Reyes continued to apply pressure, as the two exchanged kicks. Reyes has a much better round two continuing with his pressure, landing heavy kicks to Tafoya’s body and legs. The third round would see Reyes continue his pressure & adding in a jab to his body attack. Feeling the finish was possible, Reyes kicked up the aggression go throwing body kicks, forcing into the clinch; where he fired off knees. Tafoya would escape to take Reyes back, pulling Reyes to the ground and the bout ends in that position.

Josiah Reyes (1-0) def. Jesse Tafoya (1-3).by (29-28, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision

Lightweight: Ali Omar (1-1) (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Michael Morgan 0-0 (Mongolian BJJ)

Ali Omar Came out letting his kicks fly. Morgan quickly found himself on the ground trying to sweep a leg. Omar backed out of the grappling scenario, deciding to kick Morgan’s legs. Morgan visibly in pain got back to his feet. Omar launches a spinning heel kick that barley misses. Follows it up with a knee to the body then to the head. Sending Morgan to the ground. Omar follows, mounts and pounds to finish.

Ali Omar (2-1) vs. Michael Morgan (0-1) TKO (strikes) 1:00 R1

Welterweight: Jalin Fuller 1-0 (Luttrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM) vs. Kemoy Anderson 0-0 (10th Planet El Paso, TX)

Anderson goes right to his wrestling putting Fuller on the cage. Fuller defends the take down. Anderson on his knees his pushed to his back. From above rapid-fire straights shots reign down from Fuller turn out Anderson’s lights and bust him open around his left eye. The most violent finish I can remember this year. Your winner by first round knockout Jalin Fuller.

Jalin Fuller (2-0) def. Kemoy Anderson (0-1) by KO (punches on the ground) 0:59 R1

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