Kyle Estrada on LFA 78, his kicking game, & Maturing as a Martial Artist

LFA 78 headliner Kyle Estrada talks about facing Adrian Yanez in the main event of the promotions first card on UFC Fight Pass, on November 15th in Belton, TX. The Black House fighter talks about his desire to fight for the company and focus on taking advantage of the opportunity. “The Hoosier” also discusses the leg kicks which got him the TKO win at LFA 69 and how his kicks effect the oppositions game-plan. We also get into Estrada looking at MMA as Martial Arts instead of a street fight. Estrada also lets me know where he expects a win to take him and why it’s the right time. Not cutting as much weight any more and being in love with Muay Thai also come up. Plus what videos games are keeping Kyle entertained in his down time.

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