Aaron Reese- The Answer is Work Hard

Aaron “jiggy” Reese is my guest. The JacksonWink Fighter made his pro debut nine months ago at CES 58. The fight did not go his way, but Reese did learn a lot that night and shares some of his knowledge; and talks about what the experience was like. July 31 at RUF 39, Reese will be back in the cage facing Enzo Perez. We talk about the upcoming fight and what Aaron has done to improve. Aaron also shares his excitement for having and eight-week camp for RUF 39 and what training was like during the pandemic.  Also. what the atmosphere is like as the gyms are opening more. Plus, it’s summertime and for Aaron it brings up the toughness he picked up during summers of wrestling camps. Reese also talks about changes he’s made with his mentality and becoming a better teammate.

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