Cerveny regains LFA 80 Victory

The over-turn has been changed back to the original ruling.

At LFA 80 back in January Sean Cerveny faced Edwin Cooper Jr. The bout hit the ground. Cerveny catching Cooper in an armbar. Referee Joel Ojeda jumped in at 4:25 mark waiving off the contest, ruling a Cerveny the winner by submission. Cooper immediately protested the call, denying that he tapped physically or verbally.

The event is still available to stream on UFC Fight Pass, but the video does not give definitive evidence.

In February, Cooper’s protest lead the New Mexico Athletic Commission changed the result of the bout to a no contest. Cerveny was not at the meeting and later said he was not notified of the meeting. Cerveny appealed and the New Mexico Attorney General’s office has informed the NMAC does not have the rules in place to change the original decision. Sean Cerveny is 5-0 while Edwin Cooper Jr. is 2-1.

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