Mika Frankl’s Caged Mind Ep. 21

This past weekend was a wild one in combat sports. We quite possibly saw the knockouts out the year in Boxing & MMA. And as Migel Berchelt laid there I asked myself how did the fight not get stopped in the fourth round and who was looking out Berchaelt’s safety. out of that fourth round. As Curtis Blaydes fell back unconscious from a Derrick Lewis uppercut I was sure the fight was over. I then found myself uncomfortable watching as Lewis dropped two more right hands on Blaydes unconscious body. The same uncomfortable I felt earlier in the night as Jared Vanderaa covered in blood took countless unnecessary strikes on the ground and the as when Chris Daukas picked apart Alexey Oleninik against the cage. What is fighter safety? Who is looking out for the fighter? Who’s accountable to stop a one-sided beating?

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