Aaron Taylor: “I’m taking Cole into deep water’s, Let’s see if he can hang”

Perez Fighting Systems amateur Aaron “Temper” Taylor joins Mika Frankl at the Caged Minds studio to talk about facing Cole Griego at Nov. 30th, at Fight Night 4 at the Isleta Resort & Casio. Taylor a former high school wrestler talks about improving his striking, cornering his coaches at KOTC: Starbound II, and how his daughters are a huge motivation. Plus what a amateur thinks of the UFC planing to get rid of the Flyweight men. Continue reading

Abel Cullum- “I always put Myself through much more in my camps than I ever face in the cage”

Abel Cullum faces Steve Garcia in the main event of Fight Night 4, November 30, at Isleta Resort & Casino. We go all over the place in this conversation, from facing Garcia, to the ability to read people, the current 3 fight win streak, having a old school work ethic, and some reminiscing of his early days of competing . Continue reading

Marquis Smith- My talking got me what I Wanted

Marquis Smith joins Mika Frankl to talk about his long awaited upcoming fight at Fight Night 4 against Ricky Esquibel. Smith gives his side of there “Beef” and shares his excitement about returning home to fight as a professional for the first time. Smith also talks about living in San Antonio, Texas, and who’s he’s training with. Smith also wants to answer some questions he has about Esquibel on fight night.
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Abel Cullum- Jiu Jitsu is my Bread an Butter & Bread an Butter is always good

Caught up with Abel Cullum following his submission victory over Joshua Montoya in the main event of JacksonWink Fight Night 3. Abel talk about how the fight played out and what he’d like next. Continue reading

JacksonWink Fight Night 3 Recap & Results

The showroom at the Isleta Resort & Casino hosts Fresquez Productions, JacksonWink Fight Night 3. The 10 fight card, has a 4 fight amateur card, and 6 bouts on the pro side. The feature contest a rematch 8 years in the making between Abel “the Silent Assassin” Cullum & Joshua “the Destroya: Montoya. Continue reading

Joshua Montoya- Looking Forward to Having Fun & Expressing himself

Days away from facing Abel Cullum in a rematch in the main event of JacksonWink Fight Night 3, Joshua Montoya talks about how camp went for the fight and where his mind is at heading into the fight . We also talk about maturity and motivation. (This conversation gave me chills.)

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