Sparta Combat League AvM NM Results


Live on the scene at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, for  Sparta Combat League Army vs. Marines, New Mexico; headlined by US Army vet Conrad Padilla  against Clayton Wimer.

Bout 1: Alejandro Salazar vs. Jon Duran – 145

Recap: Duran landed hard leg kicks and big right hands causing Salazar to go into clinch mode, and Duran would land a perfect right knee to Salazar’s jaw for a solid knock out.

Result- Jon Duran by KO (knee) 2:46 R1



Bout 2: Julian Terrazas vs Dominic Yara – 140

Recap: Bout starts off with hands flying Yara catches and opens up Terrazas on the bridge of the nose. Yara eats a chin scoring a take-down tries for a north-south choke. Yara scores a 2nd take-down moves to mount and drops booms till the ref jumps in.

Result- Dominic Yara by TKO (punches) 2:18 R1



Bout 3: Chad Chestnutt vs. Elias Proce – 212

Recap:  A measured Proce with left hooks and leg kicks to the front leg of Chessnutt controlled the striking before taking the bout to the ground and having a curfex on Chestnutt’s back landing heavy punches. In the 2nd Chesnutt shot for a take-down only to have his back taken. Chestnutt works back to his feet, shots and is thrown down by Proce. Chestnutt rushes in, Proce gets behind and pulls Chestnutt back down as round ends. Proce in the 3rd drops Chestnutt with a leg kick jumps on the back jumps on a kimura and get the verbal tapout.

Result- Elias Proce by Submission (kimura) 0:28 R3



Bout 4: Aaron Mendenhall vs. Ben Lugo – 155

Recap: Early Lugo got wobbled by a pair of right hands. Lugo composed himself and went on the attack mixing up jabs and hooks with leg kicks, bloodieing the nose of Mendenhall; before ending the fight with 3 straight un-blocked overhand  rights for the TKO win.

Result- Ben Lugo by TKO (punches) 2:14 R1



Bout 5: George Martinez vs. Javier Cepeda – 125 Contender Bout

Recap: Cepeda stalking thowing his jab and leg kicks. Right hand stings Martinez who is in grappling mode. Martinez fights for and scores a single leg, Martinez has the back for a moment Cepeda stands, and Martinez pulls Cepeda back down. Martinez escapes a armbar as the 1st round ends. Cepeda stalking with jabs nd low kicks. Martinez thinking out of the box flying knee, left hand, spinning elbow all missed. Martines with a take-down off the fence, Cepeda back to his feet. Martinez desperately going for take-downs. On the 3rd try Martinez is successful but lets Cepeda right back up. The 3rd again starts off with Cepeda stalking working the leg kicks and his left hand is finding a home to the body and head. Martinez clinches changes level eats 10 elbows and then scores the take-down. Cepeda cage walks back to his feet and is put back on his but in  full guard.  Cepeda locks in a triangle choke. Cepeda with the choke locked in from his back is firing off punches as the final bell sounds.

Result- Javier Cepeda by (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) split decision



Bout 6: Ryan Dieter vs. Jon Sparks – 160

Recap: Sparks lands a straight left then gets on his bike. Both men land big rights. Dieter stuffed on his first take-down lands his 2nd. Sparks wall walks quickly back to his feet. Dieter back in for a take-down, Sparks defends with a guillotine that puts Dieter to sleep.

Result- Jon Sparks by Technical Submission (guillotine choke) 1:30 R1



Bout 7: Clayton Wimer vs. Conrad Padilla – 145

Recap: Padilla swinging in combination. Wimer moving well trying to keep his distance but only firing one strike at a time. Padilla pressing forward finding success to the body. After 3  inside leg kicks Padilla follows up with a overhand right straight left that both land. Wimer clinches tries a throw but Padilla slips out the back. Wimer rolls to his back. They scramble and Wimer ends the round on Padilla’s back searching for the choke. Wimer staying just out of Padilla’s range. Padilla is the one moving forward and throwing more often in the 2nd. Padilla scores a knock down off the leaping in left hook that he’d thrown several times. Padilla follows to the ground and lands in side control. Wimer  with his long legs tries to take the back. Padilla allows Wimer to stand. Padilla scores a 2nd knock down in the 2nd with the same left hook. On the ground this time Wimer retains full guard.  Padilla works some ground and pound and ends the round on top. Padilla charges in with 3 jabs and a right hand. Wimer clinches, puts Padilla on the fence. Padilla switches position putting Wimer on the fence. Padilla with a trip scores the take-down. Wimer sweeps and is in Padilla’s Half guard. Padilla gives up his back and Wimer sinks in the hooks. Padilla trying to get back to his feet as Wimer tries to mount, Wimer then quickly transitions back to back mount sinks in the choke for the win.

Result- Clayton Wimer by Submission (rear naked choke) 3:04 R3


Full fight night photo album can be seen here.

Post Event Awards

Submission of the Night – Jon Sparks
Knock out of the Night – Jon Duran
Fight of the Night – Javier Cepeda vs. George Martinez

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