Rumble on Route 66 Press Conference


JacksonWink Academy for April 2nd’s Rumble on Route 66; featuring Conrad Padilla against Chevy Bridges. Also on hand was Holly Holm, Donald Sanchez, Frank Lester, Cody Hattsatter, Russell Wilson, Rafael De Freitas.

Press ConFerence Photos

The open to the public weigh-ins will be Friday at 2 pm MT at the Route 66 Casino’s, Legends Theater. Saturday doors for the event at the same venue open at 5:30 pm MT.


145: Conrad Padilla (5-2) vs Chevy Brdiges (4-1)
155: Donald Sanchez (31-15) vs Omar Avelar (8-10)
185: Frank Lester (11-6) vs. Muhammad Abdullah (7-3)
125: Rafael de Freitas (6-1) vs Gene Perez (4-7)
135: Adrian Cruz (6-2-1) vs Cory Ortiz (2-1)
145: Cody Hoffstatter (0-3) vs Russell Wilson (3-3)
170: Craig Carter (0-0) vs Joseph Chavez (0-0)
145: Nate Armstrong (2-2) vs Julio Zapata (0-0)
*Card Subject to Change

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