Gerald Lovato is Fighting for Burque

From afar the fighter, and the artist, seem as if they couldn’t be less alike. But is that really true?

The martial artist Journey is harrowing, it’s grueling, and all encompassing. Every individual is different. The reasons for entering the dojo or picking up the brush aren’t made on a whim. Each person is there to challenge, discover, and better themselves. From learning who you are, to how to express yourself, and then to fully be able to put that expression on display.

Gerald Lovato was a MMA fighter for a decade representing Fit NHB & the WildBunch. Lovato used Martial Arts to cope with his trauma over his nearly 30-fight career. Moving on to the next phase of his life the Albuquerque native continues to be a visual artist in a different forum.

October 22 Lovato will host Burque Unit, an exhibition of community healing.  A fighter in the cage who wants to fight for his city. Over the last several years the “Duke City” has been engaged in a battle with Violence, drug addiction, and suicide. Lovato, Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, wants to break down stigmas surrounding behavioral & mental health. While creating conversation and Community unity.

The exhibit will be multi layered all-day event including: a live performance, artist talk, community feast provided free of charge by executive Chef Fernando Ruiz, of Escondido Restaurant, and a “Celebration of Life”. The hands that once performed by punching now do so in the mediums of: painting, photography, sculpture, electronic art, film, and installation.

Burque Unite will be from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm at the Community Art Gallery. Located within the Orpheum Community Hub & Homewise’s Homeownership Center: 500 2nd St. SW, Albuquerque, NM. 

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