Fight World 31 Wildness, Montrel James Exits Early, Arrellano out points Peak

The crowd at the Revel Entertainment Center was sent home early as ring announcer Vernon Koonce informed everyone that Due to unforeseen circumstances, the main event between Ty Miller and  Montrel James was not able to happen.

Sources have told Cagedminds that Montrel James made the decision he was no longer going to fight during the co-main event. Fightworld officials made every possible attempt to keep the fight together but where unable to do so.    

Welterweight: Travis Arrellano (2-0) vs Sterling Peak (1-1)

Travis Arellano knocked Sterling Peak  down early on in round one. Peak then found himself defending a choke most of round one, but was able to reverse  landing some damaging elbows and punches from top position making it a very even round one. A slower round two, Peak made it a dog fight showing grit and toughness controlling the octagon. Round three was no disappointment as Peak almost found a guillotine while Arellano was hanging tough always being a threat. The judges saw it in favor of Travis Arrellano unanimously.

Amateur Card

• Featherweight: Abraham Garcia (2-2) vs. Beau Velasquez (3-1)

A stand up war both fighters refused to go down as they traded kicks and punches all three rounds. Garcia  scored a late take down that was reversed making it a razor thin decision with both fighters having big moments in round three.

Winner Beau Velasquez

• Lightweight: Sterling Woods (2-0) vs. Anthony Perez-Pena (0-2)

Anthony Perez-Pena was very successful early on in round one he was able to come forward landing some powerful shots he went for a take down and Woods landed a hook that dropped Perez-Pena on the initial shot. Woods was very aggressive in finding a finish with some awesome ground and pound as Perez-Pena was hurt from the shot the referee had no choice but to step in. Winner Sterling Woods

• Heavyweight: Dylan Matthews (1-0) vs. Gabe Bencomo (1-2)

Dylan Matthews dictated the distance while being in control of the octagon the whole time he was also the more accurate fighter. In round two he had Gabe Bencomo backed up against the cage he unleashed a fury of punches that were landing clean making the referee step in to call a stop to the fight in round two. 

• Bantamweight: Charles Gillepsie (0-4) vs. Alister MacDonal (1-2)

In round number one Gillespie got caught with a right hand and almost secured an armbar after falling to his back a very exiting even round. In round two it was a lot of kickboxing from both fighters trying to find that one power shot but were unsuccessful. Eventually that led us to the end of round three where it became a battle of knees both fighters we’re tied up landing to the body we eventually saw the scorecards with the judges having it in favor unanimous for Alister MacDonal.

• Bantamweight: Alex Inostroza (0-1) vs. Daniel Vargas (1-0)

Both Fighters were pressing Forward throwing very powerful punches, Vargas was more accurate landing very heavy with punches and kicks Vargas definitely had a reach advantage that was tough for Inostroza to navigate. Vargas found himself on top throwing hammer fists after he chopped down the leg of Inostroza making the referee have no choice but step in calling a stop at 2:17 sec of round number one.

• 140 lb. Catchweight: Irvin Ortiz (1-2) vs Santiago Gonzales (1-1)

Santiago Gonzalez came out working his distance and range well, within the first minute he was able to land with a clean overhand left straight to the chin of Ortiz, a spectacular walk off KO.

• Welterweight: Michael Mikesell (1-0) vs. Anthony Morgan (0-2)

Anthony Morgan started off very dominate winning the wrestling scrambles while also connecting with powerful punches straight to Mikesells face. Michael Mikesell was the fresher fighter in round two finding his takedown and advancing to mount finding a vicious TKO victory in round two. 

• Featherweight: Ismael Acosta (0-1) vs. Marvin Sandoval (1-0)

Marvin Sandoval came out with the pressure landing devastating body shots and finding a home for some low kicks that were very effective. Acosta had no answer and the referee had to step in and stop the fight early on in round one.

• 160 lb. Catchweight: Cayden Powell (0-1) vs. Alex Stclassisbrown (1-0)

Cayden Powell came forward with tons of pressure connecting with some hard punches almost finding a finish by choke in round 2. In round three Stclassisbrown sunk a deep guillotine choke  to find a spectacular comeback win by submission quieting the crowd.

by Gabe Padilla.

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