KOTC Attrition, Line up

KOTC Attrition

King of the Cage “Attrition” is taking place on Saturday June 15 at the Ute Mountain Casino in Towoac, Colorado.

 Attrition Fight Card

Grant Hobbs (2-1) Lifer MMA vs. Joe Salazar (1-5) Independent at 125 llbs.

Amateur card

Nikki Lowe (1-1) FIT NHB vs. Amanda Lovato (2-0) Judgement MMA at 107 lbs.

Joey Trevino (2-2) Lifer MMA vs. Joseph Hartell (2-3) Team Vicious at 125 lbs.

David Lyons (3-0) Lifer MMA vs. Bronson Mitchell Team Fierce at 170 lbs.

Zach Larimore (2-2 )8th Street Gym vs. Ozzy Chavez (Debut) Judgement MMA at 135 lbs.

Robert Herrera (2-1) 505 Fight Factory vs. Jesse Sandoval (0-1) Judgement MMA at 140 lbs.

Kern Collymore (1-0) Team Fierce vs. Chantry West (4-4) Crest Combat Team at 175 lbs.

Chris Craig (0-1) Team Fierce vs. Jerald Aldaco (1-1) J5 MMA at 155 lbs.

Sean Begay (Debut) Team Fierce vs. Josh Cantu (1-1) Crest Combat Team at 195 lbs.

Jermaine Tisi (3-5) Prevail MMA vs. Charlie Williams (2-2) FIT NHB at 155 lbs.

Mikey Lobato (3-0) Master Kauvaka’s MMA vs. Mike Silva (Debut) Get Fit Fight Gym at 155 lbs.

Nicco Montano (Debut) Durango Martial Arts vs. Ruby Diaz (Debut) Get Fit Fight Gym at 135 lbs.

For more details on this event visit kingofthecage.com

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