Jackson’s MMA Series XI Weigh-in Results & Video


Jackson’s MMA Series XI takes place on August 10th, at the Tingley Colesium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The weigh-ins for tomorrows event were held at the new Downs Race Track and Casino. See how everyone did with their battle with the scale below…

Main Card

Conrad Padilla 4-0 (Jackson/Winklejohn) 143.8 vs. Nick Rhoades (5-2, Apex MMA)145.4

Gabriel Benitez (14-3, Jackson/Winklejohn) 155.4 vs. Richard Villa (7-5, Team Roswell) 157

Salvador Montano (12-1, Jackson/Winklejohn) 183.2 vs. Jason Clayton (7-3,Team Roswell)

Guido Martin Cannetti (3-1, Jackson/Winklejohn) 135.2 vs. Eliazar Rodriguez(4-1, Mohler MMA) 134.6
Daniel Salas (12-3, Jackson/Winklejohn) 145.6 vs. Jason Brenton (9-2, School of Hard Knockouts) 145
Nick Urso (5-1, Jackson/Winklejohn) 125.4 vs. Ronnie White (3-5, Perez Fighting Systems) 126


Amateur Undercard

Edge Fighter Challenge

David Binder 153.8 vs. Henry Barahona 154.8

Andrew Tenneson (5-0, Jackson/Winklejohn) 153.6 vs. Jerry Sano (2-1, Bushido MMA) 153.8
Brandon Jones (1-0, Jackson/Winklejohn) 169.4 vs.
Eddie Gamboa (5-0, Bushido MMA) 170.4
Eric Dodson (2-0, Jackson/Winklejohn) 134.2 vs. Thomas Mills (2-1, Perez Fighting Systems) 133.8
Vince Varela (0-0,Jackson/Winklejohn)145.6 vs. Ray Vaiza (0-1, Damage Inc) 144
Eric Griego (0-0, Jackson/Winklejohn) 125.8 vs. Robert Fratterelli (1-2, Pacific Warrior) 125.8

Pictures from the weigh-ins at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.638205232865518.1073741846.344785238874187&type=1

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