PSF Fight Night 1, Quick Results


On Saturday September 28, the 1st ever PSF Fight Night took place at Perez Fighting Systems gym at 809 W Bernard in Belen, New Mexico. This event has been put together as a fundraiser for the gym’s little warrior’s program; keeping kids off the streets. This night of amateur boxing consisted of 7 match-up. Results below…

Bout number 1: Emilio Sandoval (PFS) vs. Raymond Lara (Barron’s Boxing)

Result- Raymond Lara def. Emilio Sandoval by unanimous decision


Bout number 2: Damion Montoya (PFS) vs. Marquis Hernandez (Barron’s Boxing)

Result- Damion Montoya def. Marquis Hernandez by unanimous decison


Bout number 3: Derek Perez (PFS) vs. Ronnie White (PFS)

Result- Exhibition Draw


Bout number 4: Joseph Santillanes (PFS) vs. Eric Duggins (PFS)

Result- Exhibition Draw


Bout number 5: Brittany Horton (PFS) vs. Melanie Casaus (Yguaudo’s)

Result- Exhibition Draw


Bout number 6: Gene Perez (PFS) vs. Mike Benavidez (Independent)

Results- Exhibition Draw


Bout number 7: Miguel Dozel (PFS) vs. Jordan Martinez (Independent)

Result- Miguel Dozel (PFS) def. Jordan Martinez by unanimous decision

Little Warriors Program members


The freshman event presented by Perez Fighting Systems ending up being a complete success, from knockdowns to blood and back forth exchanges; the night was full of action just like the gym was full of loud excited supports. Be on the look out for the announcement of PFS Fight Night 2.

More photos from the night at

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