Bellator 105 Round by Round & Results


We are live at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico; for Bellator 105 featuring the season 9 Lightweight Tournament Semifinals. Round by round and results below. Prelims 7:00 PM ET

Bout number 1: Steve Garcia (1-0) 135.1 lbs. vs. Shawn Bunch (2-0)135.6 lbs. – Bantamweight

Rd1- Garcia opens up fainting the teep kick, Bunch rushes in on Garcia completes the takedown and Garcia bounces back up. Bunch clinches and after working on the cage. Bunch completes 4 more takes downs in the round the only action on the ground is Garcia landing elbows and battling back to his feet. Garcia lands a right body kick that Bunch catches and slams Garcia with as the round ends.

Rd2- Bunch shoots right in on an ankle, Garcia answers with head pressure, elbows, and punches; till Bunch explodes into a scramble and force his way to Garcia’s guard. Garcia gets back to his feet and the action is stopped to cut off a loose peace of tape. Garcia charges in with strikes and Bunch drags Garcia to the ground, with a lack of action the ref stands them back up. Bunch circles while and waits for Garcia to come in, Bunch ducks under and completes another take down as the round ends.

Rd3- Garcia looks to strike, while Bunch shoots for takes downs. Bunch is taking elbows and punches to the side of his head as Garcia defends the takedown. Garcia is pressuring a tired Bunch against the cage landing punches. Bunches eat a left hook while trying to stand back up after a failed takedown. Garcia coming forward with punches drops Bunch and one more shot on the ground; before the ref steps in and stops the fight.

Result-Steve Garcia def. Shawn Bunch by TKO (punches) at 3:29 of round 3


Bout number 2: Eddie Larrea (17-23)180.5 vs. Rocky Ramirez (4-4) 186 – Middleweight

Rd1- Larrea starts off landing a hard leg kick. Ramirez stalks forward. Both fighters exchange leg kick. A Larrea kick is caught by Ramirez, who lands and over hand right while holding the leg. On the ground now in Larrea’s guard, Ramirez lands heavy rights to the body. Larrea sweeps Ramirez. Larrea immediately drops for a leg lock. Ramirez escapes and is in  on top in the guard. The ref stands them back up to end the round.

Rd2-  Larrea starts off throwing a high kick, that Ramirez blocks. Ramires throws the jab and is off target. Larrea  cracks Ramirez and drops him with a right. Larrea walks away but the fight is not over. Larrea gets on top of a dazed, Ramirez and lands ground and pound. Larrea then drops for a heel hook and gets the tap. Ramirez right leg is badly injured1:45 rd 2


Result- Eddie Larrea def. Rocky Ramirez by submission (heel hook) at 1:45 of round 2


Bout number 3: Luis Nogueira (14-3) 135.9 lbs. vs. Frank Baca (16-3) 135.3 lbs. – Bantamweight

Rd1- Baca starts off using a lot of movement, and pumping the jab. Nogeuira is staying in front of Baca slowly closing the distance. Nogueira ducks under a Baca punch and from the body lock scores a takedown. Nogueira in side control against the cage ttries to pin Baca’s arm, but Baca regains half guard.Nogueira passes to side control and land an elbow. Under a minute in the round and Nogueira moves to mount from the mount sinks in an arm-triangle for the tap.

Result- Luis Nogueira def. Frank Baca by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 4:41 of round 1


Bout number 4: Volkan Oezdemir (9-0) 205.3 lbs. vs. Josh Lanier (7-7) 205.4 lbs. – Light Heavyweight

Rd1- Lanier comes out pumping the jab. Oezdemir clinches an forces the action to the cage. After taking a few shots to the body Lanier reveres the position. In a take down attpmt Lanier is forced to his back.  Oezdemir lands heavy ground and pound advancing from guard to mount where Oezdeir ends the fight with elbows and punches.

Result- Volkan Oexdemkir def. Josh Lanier by TKO (elbows & punches) at 3:13 of round 1


Bout number 5: Joseph Bryant (4-2) 263.3 lbs. vs. Raphael Butler (5-0) 259.8 lbs. – Heavyweight

Rd1- Bryaorces Bryant rushes in eats a right hand and clinches looking for a take down. Butler tries to counter the takedown with a kimura but is sent for a ride and slamed to the gorund. A scadmble breaks out and Butler forces Bryant to his back. Butler rains down punches. Bryant gives up his back and a few more punches are landed before the ref stops the fight.

Result- Raphael Butler def. Joseph Bryant by TKO (punches) 1:04 of round 1


Bout number 6: Desmond Green (8-2) 146.2 lbs. vs. Angelo Sanchez (12-3) 145.1 lbs. – Featherweight

Rd1- Green presses forward Sanchez lands with leg kicks. Green closes the distance and from a body lock lands the takedown. Sanchez works back to his feet, eating a knee on the way Both men are landing with single shots. Green shots for a take down Sanchez defends an takes a knee to the chest. Green connects with the jab. Green in for the takedown and is stuffed by Sanchez. Sanchez throws the inside leg kick and green answers with an over hand right. Sanchez continues to chop away with kicks. Green catches a body kick an takes down Sanchez. Green allows Sanchez back to his feet as the round ends.

Rd2- Sanchez comes out aggressive moving forward. Green lands a stepping in elbow, that opens a cut on Sanchez’s head. Greens with punches wobbles Sanchez who to the ground Green. Green lands a few punches on the ground. The fight is stopped to check the cut. The3 doctor stops the fight.

Result- Desmond Green def. Angelo Sanchez by TKO (doctor stoppage due to cut) at 1:04 of round 2


Spike TV Main Card 9:00 PM ET

Bout number 7: Keith Berry (14-10) 185.8 lbs. vs. Eugene Fadiora (12-1) 184.6 – Middleweight

Rd1- Fadiora moves forward right to the clinch, forcing Berry against the fence. With the body lock Fadiora  completes the takedown. Berry cage walks back to the feets. With a trip Fadiora sends Berry right back to the mat. Fadiora holding in the half guard almost falling into a triangle. Berry fights his way bac k to his feet and i can see a cut over Berry’s left eye. Fadiora ends the round doing damage with his left jab.

Rd2-  Fadiora starts off how he ended he 1st round using the jab as his main weapon. berry plotting forward lunges with a right hand and connect forcing Fadiora to the cage. Fadiora clinches and completes the take down. Fadiora move to side control and is dropping elbows to Berry’s already damaged eye. Fadiora moves to the crux fix position and with elbows forces the stoppage.

Result- Eugene Fadiora def. Keith Berry by TKO (elbows) at 4:19 of round 2


Bout number 8: Ron Sparks (8-2) 261.2 lbs. vs. Siala Mou Siliga Mighty Mo (3-2) 263.7 – Heavyweight

Rd1- Sparks shots right in for a takedown, Mo sprawls and spins to the back as Sparks rolls to his back. Mo is on top in half guard landing occasional right hands. MO works to the crux fix position and goes for a keylock and after a 15 second struggle the tap comes.

Result- Mighty Mo def. Ron Sparks by submission (keylock) at 2:52 of round 1


Bout number 9: Alexander Sarnavskiy (24-1) 155.1 lbs. vs. Ricardo Tirloni (16-4) 155.2 – Lightweight Tournament Semifinal

Rd1- Tiger pressures Tirloni against the cage spins and lands a spinning back fist. Tiger lands some ground and pound. In a scramble Tirloni gets to the top position but Tiger locks up a triangle choke for the tap.

Result- Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavskiy def. Ricardo Tirloni by submission (triangle choke) at 1:08 of round 1


Bout number 10: Saad Awad (15-5) 155.2 vs. Will Brooks (11-1) 155.7 lbs. – Lightweight Tournament Semifinal

Rd1- Books takes the center of the cage. Brooks rushes Awad scoring a takedown and moving right inot side control. Broks slides his knee on to Awads belly. Awad scrambles to his knees. Brooks lands a knee to the chest. They keep scrambling and Awad ends up mounting Brooks. Brooks Explodes scrambles and is back on top in Awad’s guard punching to the body. Brooks stands out of the guard, Awad lands an up kick. Brooks dives back on top. Brooks put Awad in the crux fix and Awad is trying to buck out as the round ends.

Rd2- Brooks starts off with a left inside low kick. Awad blocks a head kick. Brooks charges in, Awad looking for the guillotine goes to his back. Brooks defends. Awadd pushes Brooks off and stands up. Brooks closes the distance and scores a take down landing in half guard. Awad retains guard with Brooks landing a few punches. Brooks stands up after getting his with a up-kick falls back in the gurad and into a triangle choke. Brooks is saved by the bell

Rd3- Both men come out of there corners looking sluggish. Brooks lands a low outside leg kick. Awad answers jumping in with a left hook. Brooks clinches scores the takedown and is swept by Awad. Awad stands and Brooks is right back on him clinching and scoring another takedown. Awad cage walks back to his feet. Awad walks forward throwing punches trying to casue a fight put Brooks just shoots for a takedown. The take down is scored and after no action they stand back up. Brooks again shoots and scores the takedown.


Result- Will Brooks def. Saas Awad by (30-27) (30-27) (30-27)   unanimous decision

After Spike TV Bout

Bout number 11 : Jesse Brock (14-7)135.1 lbs. vs. Adrian Cruz (5-0) 135.4 lbs. – Bantamweight

Rd1-Brock wings and over hand right Cruz shhot in and the take down is stuffed. Cruz charges forward with a combination finding a hoe on Brocks face. Cruz gets back off by a Brock takedown attempt that on a second try is successful. Cruz cage walks back to his feet and ends up back on his back. Brock works from side control. After a few elbows Brock Mounts Cruz. With a hip escape Cruz regain half guard. Cruz tries to stand but brock pulls the fight back to the ground. Brock has the back mount. Brock then moves to mount. Cruz hip escapes once again regaining half guard as the round ends.

Rd2- Cruz comes out land a leg kick. As they clinch Cruz looks for a head and arm throw, but Brock takes Cruz’s back. As Cruz rolls Brock ends up in side control. Landing the occasional strike Brock is happy with top control. Cruz rolls and presses forward on his knees looking for the takedown but is stuffed by Brock. Brock locks up a guillotine that Cruz spins to his back to get out of. Cruz again tries to scramble to again just ends up on his back, holding half guard.

Rd3- – After throwing a few kicks Brock plows through Cruz landing a double leg takedown. Cruz locks up an inverted triangle the crowd goes crazy. But Brock pops his head out and is on top in side control. Cruz scrambles back to his feet. Brock forces Cruz to the cage gets in on and completes a double leg. Brock lock up a D’Arce choke but Cruz escapes and is back to his feet; for a second as Brock completes another takedown. Last 20 seconds of the round and Brock has Cruz in the crux fix as the fight ends.

Result- Jesse Brock def. Adrian Cruz by (30-27) (30-27) (30-27) unanimous decision

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