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Havoc a Fresquez Productions MMA Event is taking place today (Friday, December 6) at the Legends Theater inside the Route 66 Cainso; headlined by multiple time World Boxing Champion Holly “The Preachers Daughter” Holm looking to stay undefeated in the cage against Colorado combat sports veteran Angela Hayes.

Amateur Card

Mike Benefiel (0-0) vs. Jerry Sano – Welterweight



Bout number 1: Jerome Rivera (3-0) vs. Ricky Esquibel (3-0) – Flyweight  

R1- After a quick striking exchange the fighters engage in the clinch and Riveria takes down Esquible who quickly looks for a guillotine. From the top position River lands big some big punches before turning giving his back and being trapped by a rear naked choke.

Winner- Jerome Rivera by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:21 of round 1


Bout number 2: Anthony Morales (0-0) vs. Nate Armstrong (0-0) – Featherweight

R1- Armstrong rushes Morales and clinches for the slam. Armstrong transitions to the mount and starts dropping bombs. Morales submits to strikes from the mount just prior to the end of the round

Winner- Nate Armstrong TKO (punches) at 2:50 of round 1


Bout number 3: Steve Baca (3-3) vs. Kelly Westby (2-3) – Lightweight

R1- Westby lands a big over hand right and Baca drops for the takedown. Baca falls to his back. Westby follows to the ground. Baca works his way back up, grabs and complete a takedown. After no action the ref stands the fighters and resets the action. Baca dives for another take down. Westby sprawls and rolls Baca to his back. The round ends there with Westby landing from the top position.

R2- Westby drops Baca with an over hand right. Westby mounts and is striking form the top. Baca is able to recover full guard and keep it as a closed guard till the ref resets the fight. Westby lunges in with a right elbow. Baca clinches and is looking for a takedown against the fence. Westby turns the position forcing Baca to the ground where the round ends.

R3- Baca lands with the jab tries a spinning back fist. Westby sprawls and is landing heavy punches to the body. Baca looks to move on the ground and Westby controls the round the pressure and punches.

Winner- Kelly Westby by (30-27) (30-27) (30-27) unanimous decision



Pro Main Card

Bout number 4: Clint Roberts (3-1) vs. Eddie Gamboa (1-0) – Welterweight

R1- Roberts starts off with a flurry of strikes backing Gamboa to the cage, when Roberts fully connects and busts Gamboa open with a flying knee. The ref stops the action for the doctor to look at the cut and the fight is called

Winner- Clint Roberts by TKO (nose cut from flying knee) at 0:38 of round 1


Bout number 5: Nick Urso (6-1) vs. Jesus Urbina (2-1) – Flyweight

R1- Urso stuns Urbina with a jab and then drops Urbina with a right cross. Urso follows Urbina to the ground and landing from on top with Urbina against the cage. The bout is stopped.

Winner- Nick Urso by TKO (punches) 0:19 of round 1


Bout number 7: Gabriel Benitez (14-4) vs. Rey Turjillo (14-11) – Featherweight

R1- Benitez with a right hook cathes Turjillo near the temple and follows with a flying knee. Turjillo clinches as the break Benitez lands with a right to the body. Benitez is aggressive with the striking as Turjilllo looks to clinch Turjillo throws and over hand looping right. Benitez doges a stings Turjillo with a right hand to the body. Turjillo clinches pressures Benitez to the cage but gets turn and is hit with an elbow. Both men land knees in the clinch before the round ends.

R2- Benitez opens with a kick to the body that Turjillo catches and drags Benitez to the ground with. Benitez scrambles back to his feet. They’re back in the clinch and Benitez unleashes a flurry of knee and punches. Turjillo is continually head hunting looking for the knock out blow while Benitez is working away at the body. Benitez drops Turjillo with a knee and finishes the fight with a couple more punches.

Winner- Gabriel Benitez by TKO (punches) 3:25 of round 2


Bout number 8: Cris Leyva (9-6) vs. Chuck Piedritz (3-0) – Welterweight

R1- After some time on the feet with Leyva landing legs kicks. Piedritz shots in and scores the take down. Leuva fights his way back to his feet but can’t escape the clinch and his back to the mat. Both fighters are landing while standing with Leyva having the higher out point and varied attack. Piedritz lands a 2nd takedown just before the round ends.

R2- Leyva is throwing single jabs as Piedritz presses forward. Piedritz scores a takedown but Leyva pops right back up to his feet. Piedritz gets in deep locks his hands and sends Leyva for a ride with the big slam. Leyva gets back to his feet but eats a left and knee to the gut while on the way.  Piedritz scores his 3rd takedown and remains on top till the bell.

R3- Quickly into the round Piedritz scores his 6th takedown of the bout. Piedritz works his way to mount but with the cage Leyva is able to buck and Piedritz is in side control. While looking to gain cruse fix position Leyva scrambles to his feet and is taken right back to the ground. Leyva gets back to his feet and backs up taking deep breaths. We go to the judges.

Winner- Chuck Piedritz  (29-28) (30-27) (30-27) by unanimous decision


Bout number 9: Cody East (7-1) vs. Esteves Jones (8-6-1) – Heavyweight

R1- Both men come out throwing. East lands with a jab Jones throws a wild overhand that east duck under and clinches. East take jones down and land knees to the body. Jones gets up and is pressured to the cage. East opens up with knee and punches one get through and drops Jones. The ref steps in and stops the bout.

Winner- Cody East by TKO (knees and punches) 1:51 of round 1


Bout number 10: Holly Holm (5-0) vs. Angela Hayes (6-6) – Women’s bantamweight

R1- Holm and Hayes start off exchanging leg kicks. Holm rushes in finishing a 3 punch combo with a knee to the gut. The two clinch and Holm muscles Hayes around the cage. Holm tries for a takedown but Hayes defends. It’s a battle in the clinch as Hayes tries to stays close. With double under hooks Holm throws Hayes to the ground. Hayes on here back is defending strikes. Hayes gets back to here feet and ends the round with her back against the cage.

R2- Combinations, changing levels and mixing up the attack Holm kept Hayes on the defensive most of the round. Holm’s most effective stroke was the left body kick. Half way through the round Hayes is breathing heavy. Round ends with Hayes covering up.

R3- From side kicks to leg kicks, head kick, Holm comes out looking for the finish. Holm doubles up on the high kick connecting with the 2nd. Hayes clinches and tries for a judo toss. Holm takes the back and forces Hayes to the ground. Hayes scrambles and Holm mounts. Scrambling Hayes gets back to her feet and with a double leg from Holm, Hayes is back on the ground as the fight ends 

Winner- Holly Holm by (30-27) (30-27) (30-27) unanimous decision

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