Lion Fight 13 Main Card Results


It’s a striking kind of night and we have a stacked Muay Thia card with Lion Fights 13, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bout number 1: Daniel Kim (3-1-1) vs. Josh Shepard (2-0)

Overview- Shepard won the fight with a boxing based attack and being more active in the early rounds. Kim did make a huge come back in the later round, first with his fists in the 4th. In the 5th Kim got his kick game going with teep kicks.

Winner- Josh Shepard by (48-47) (48-47) (49-46) unanimous decision


Bout number 2: Jonathan Del Rosario (0-0) vs. Nick Chasteen (1-0)

Overview- The 1st round was won by the length and combinations of Chasteen. In the 2nd and 3rd Del Rosario turned the bout into a brawl giving no space to Chasteen and landing the bigger strikes on the inside. Round 4 Chasteen find pay dirt  with hooks and knee to the body. In the 5th rd Del Rosario was head hunting with over hands and high kicks, Chasteen answered with low kick and did land a step knee to the body. Del Rosario ends the bout landing 3 left over hands, eating a spinning back elbow and just before the bell sneaked in an uppercut from the clinch.

Winner- Nick Chassteen by (48-47) (48-47) (48-47) unanimous decision


Bout number 3: Jason Andrada (4-0) vs. Andy Singh (3-0)

Overview- A highly contested 1st round saw Andrada landing with combinations and changing levels, but Singh did land more elbows, a fancy spinning elbow, and scored a dump. Andrada kept Singh’s back against the ropes for the final two minutes of the rd. Andrada in the 3rd went liver hunting with a left hook and front leg body kick. With a high pace and varying  his attacks rd 4 is won by Andrada, but Singh did land 2 hard straight right that made Andrada step back. In the 5th Singh did land a huge straight left that jerked Andrada’s head back, but again the high out put belonged to Andrada; who best punch of the night was a left hook to the body.

Winner- Jason Andrada by (49-46) (49-46) (50-45) unanimous decision


Bout number 4: Rami Ibrahim (34-11-3) vs. Coke Chunhawat (148-29-1)

Overview-   Chunhawat in rd one landed with nice low kicks and knees to the body. Ibrahim was effective with a left right comb in rd 1.  Chunhawat with kicks dominates the rd, even landing a quick front kick to the face. The 3rd round saw Chunhawat go with pressure  3 punches and a kick to the body in a continual loop. Chunhawat through the bout dumped Ibrahim 3 times. Big legs kicks and spectacular defensive movement  was the story of the bout for Chunhawat.

Winner- Coke Chunhawat by (50-45) (50-45) (50-45) unanimous decision


Bout number 5: Kevin Ross (26-10 ) vs. Matt Embree (29-5)

Overview- Ross came right out of the corner in round one wanting to set the pace and did so with a left jab and viscous right thigh kick. The 2nd rd saw Ross landed two sweet lefts to the liver and hit 2 huge dumps. Embree in the 2nd did have 1 dump and got off left elbow in close. Ross controlled the striking at range, but Embree won a clinch heavy rd with elbows an knees. The 4th rd was a close one with Ross winning the fight at distance and Embree controlling the clinch game. 5th rd saw Ross throwing punches while Embree chased Ross down for the clinch throwing a knee or an elbow every once in a while

Winner- Kevin Ross (48-47) (47-48) (48-47) split decision


Bout number 6: Tiffany Van Soest (8-0-1) vs. Caley Reece (18-0)- Women’s Title Bout

Overview-  The 1st rd the fight stayed at distance and Van Soest was the more active aggressive party. The 2nd rd saw Reece get the clinch and work inside knees. 3rd rd again saw Reece with the clinch advantage and Van Soest won the at range striking. The 4th rd went through a long period of clinch and then referee restarting the action.  2 dumps to 1 and knee shots in the final rd for Reece.

Winner- Caley Reece by (49-46) (47-48) (48-47) split decision

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