XFC Deepens Women’s Strawweight Division with Signing of Andy Nguyen


Xtreme Fighting Championships is excited to announce the addition of Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen, to its growing roster of female fighters. The South Carolina Ring Card Girl turned fighter debuted in May of 2010 and has stepped into the cage an impressive fourteen times; honing her craft and earning her stripes in route to a professional career. The XFC will afford Nguyen the opportunity to finally settle into her natural 115 pound weight class, as the striking beauty has bounced around divisions in order to stay active; competing as high as Bantamweight on a few occasions. Nguyen trains out of Fitness Edge in Myrtle Beach and under Hafez Hakim in Greenville, South Carolina.

Like many of her colleagues, Andy Nguyen is forced to balance her massive sex appeal and media attention, with her unquestionable desire to succeed inside the cage. Nguyen doesn’t let the fact that she is one of the most searched and viewed figures in Women’s MMA come between her and her goals. “Obviously, I can’t deny the attention I’ve gotten because of my looks or because of some photoshoots, but don’t think for a minute that my looks have helped me once inside the cage. It surely hasn’t stopped anyone from punching me in the face or trying to choke me unconscious. I put in the work, and I have never walked away from a challenge”, said the 31 year-old fighter. “I’m working hard to make sure that one day soon, when you Google my name, a picture of me fighting will be the first photo that pops up.”

XFC President John Prisco had this to say about his latest signing: “Andy Nguyen has been on my radar for a while now. We have been keeping an eye on her and I truly feel that she has the tools and work ethic to be successful in this sport. She, like a lot of girls, has unfortunately been stuck in the situation where the competition pool isn’t deep in her area, so she has been forced to take fights that she shouldn’t have had to, just to stay busy. Andy viewed her amateur career the way it should be; as a learning experience. She didn’t take a bunch of easy fights just to pad an ammy record that looks good on paper. She took every fight she could, from 115 to 135 pounds and learned from them all, whether she won or lost. That philosophy is going to pay off huge now, when they count the most.”



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