Jackson’s MMA Series XI Results


Jackson’s MMA Series XI took place on Saturday August 10th, at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerqeu, New Mexico. The main event was announced as being a Featherweight battle between Nick Rhoads and Cnrad Padilla, but at the last moment the main and co-main event bouts switched places . The new main event saw Richard Vill facing Gabriel Benitez at Lightweight ; with Rhoads and Padilla serving as the co-main attraction.

Amateur Undercard

Bout number 1 at 125 lbs:  Robert Fratterelli 1-2 Pacific Warrior vs. Eric Greigo 0-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1: Greigo comes out as the aggressor moving forward with punches. Fratterelli slightly turns his back and Greigo jumps to attack. Greigo takes the back forces Fratterelli to the ground and lock in a rear naked choke for the win.

Result- Eric Greigo def. Robert Fratterelli by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:04 of round 1


Bout number 2 at 145 lbs: Ray Vaiza 0-1 Damage Inc. vs. Vince Varela 0-0, Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd1- VV charges in with a big over hand right, transitions to a takedown after landing some ground and pound RV gives up his back for the rear naked choke and the finish.

Result- Vince Varela def. Ray Vaiza by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:19 of round 1


 Bout number 3 at 135 lbs: Thomas Mills 2-1 Perez Fighting Systems vs. Eric Dodson 2-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Mill comes out looking to utilize his kicking game. Dodson is able to force Mills against the cage. Dodson lands a big right dropping Mills to his knees and with a rapid fire assault of right hands the ref stops the fight.

Result- Eric Dodson def. Thomas Mills by TKO (punches) at 0:39 of round 1


Bout number 4 at 170 lbs: Eddie Gamboa 5-0 Bushido MMA vs. Brandon Jones 1-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Gamboa pressured Jones to the cage. Gamboa in the clinch is able to work his way to the back. Pulling Jones to the ground Gamboa finishes the fight on the ground with a rear naked choke.

Result- Eddie Gamboa def. Brandon Jones by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:19 of round 1


Bout number 5 at 155: Jerry Sano 2-1 Bushido MMA vs. Andrew Tenneson 5-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Tennesson takes Sano to the ground Sano battles back to his feet. Adjusting position Sano has tennesson along the fence. Tennesson pulls guard looking for a guillotine. Sano avoids submission and tennesson gets back to his feet as the round ends.

Rd 2- Tennesson changes levels and competes a takedown dropping under a Sano punch. Scramblingon the ground Tennesson lock up an arm-in guillotine and after a moment of readjust the tap comes.

Result- Andrew Tennesson def. Jerry Sano by submission (guillotine) at 2:00 of round 2


104.1 Edge Fighter Challenge

Bout number 6 at 155 lbs: David Binder vs. Henry Barahona

Rd 1- Binder imminently closes the distance grabs double under hooks and completes the take down. Binder lands big ground and pound from the top. Getting over aggressive looking for the submission Barahona is able to get back to his feet for a moment before being put back on the ground on Binder. The round ends with Binder on top landing punches.

Rd 2- Barahona starts off landing a few leg kicks. After landing a left on the jaw Binder changes levels and completes a take down. Binder gets of some ground and pound from inside the ground. Barahona works his way back to standing with 30 seconds left in the round. Round ends with Barahona landing rabbit punches to the side of Binder’s head, who was in on a double leg.

Rd 3- After an exchange of strikes Binder pressures Barahona to the cage and takes him down. Binder commits to a rear naked choke but Barahona fights out of it. Barahona spins ending up with Binder in full mount. Barahona sweeps takes the top position. The round ends with Barahona on top.

Result- David Binder def. Henry Barahona by (29-28) (29-28) (29-28) unanimous decision


Main Card

Bout number 7 at 125 lbs: Ronnie White 5-5 Perez Fighting Systems vs. Eric Dodson 2-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Both men come out swinging in a all out crazy brawl. White is showing reddening. In the clinch Urso and a knee dropping White to his back side and the ref stops the fight. White protests the stoppage that looked to be early, but White was in bad spot.

Result- Nick Urso def. Ronnie Whuite by TKO (knee) at 1:53 of round 1


Bout number 8 at 145 lbs: Jason Brenton 9-2 School of Hard Knockouts vs. Daniel Salas 12-1 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Salas comes out firing thunderous grabs double underhooks blasting away with knees. Brenton is able to get some distance and lands a big right that drops Salas and one more right fight say goodnight.

Result– Jason Brenton def.  Daniel Salas by TKO (punches) at 1:01 of round 1


Bout number 9 at 135 lbs: Eliazar Rodriguez 4-1 Mohler MMA vs. Guido Cannetti 3-1 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- The round starts off as a tentative feeling out process. Cannetti is looking for and loading up on the left body kick. Rodriguez catches a kick and takes the action to the ground. Rodriguez works his way to taking Cannetti’s back.  Rodriguez going for broke transitions to an armbar attempt. Cannetti slams his way out of the submission. Cannetti after the slam Cannetti jumps on Rodriguez, who gives up his back and is submitted by rear naked choke.

Result- Guido Cannetti def. Eliazar Rodriguez by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:29 of round 1


Bout number 10 at 185 lbs: Jason Clayton 7-3 8th Street MMA vs. Salvador Montano 12-1 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Starting off slow both fighters miss there first striking attempts. Montano lands first with consecutive leg kicks. Clayton with a stiff straight leaves a mark under Montano’s left eye. A collision along the cage knocks Montano to his back. Clayton trys to take Montano back but Montano stands up. Montano unloads with punches and knees knocking Clayton down to a 4 points position. Montano would land right hands until Clayton taps out.

Result- Salvador Montano def. Jason Clayton by submission (punches) at 4:24 of round 1


Bout number 11 at 145 lbs: Nick Rhoads 5-2 Apex MMA vs. Conrad Padilla 4-0 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Rhoads starts off with a high kick that misses, follows that up with landing a jab. Rhoads lands a low leg kick that sweeps the ground out from under Padilla. Padilla charges in with punches but is getting countered on the exit. Round ends with back and forth striking.

Rd 2- Rhoads is making a point to work leg kicks. Rhoads is consistently landing jabs. Padilla is having problems getting to the inside trying to work past the reach advantage of Rhoads. The work of Rhoads jabs is being shown by the cuts on Padilla’s cheeks. Rhoads drops Padilla with a left as the round ends.

Rd 3- Rhoads is moving in and out working the jab. Rhoads is light on his feet landing and exiting from Padilla, keeping the fight technical; instead of the brawl Padilla is looking for. In a scramble both men collide and pop back to their feet. Rhoads drags Padilla to the ground. Little happens as Padilla makes it back to his feet with the round ending.

Result- Nick Rhoads def. Conrad Padilla by (30-27) (29-28) (29-28) unanimous decision


Bout number 12 at 155: Richard Villa 7-5 Team Rosewell vs. Gabriel Benitez 14-3 Jackson’s/Winkeljohns MMA

Rd 1- Benitez fires a leg kick and a few short punches that all land. In the clinch Benitez lands a judo throw and is in mount. Villa rolls as they scramble and Villa locks in a heel hook for the tap.

Results- Richard Villa def. Gabriel Benitez by submission (heel hook) at 0:52 of round 1

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