King of the Cage: Rumble Results


It’s fight night at the Crowne Plaza, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as King of the is set to present “Rumble” a 17 fight card with 15 amateur bouts and topped off by 2 bouts featuring 3 fighters making their pro debuts.

Amateur Card

Bout number 1: Bruce Romero (ABQ BJJ) vs. Jeremy Alba (Get Fit Fight Gym) – Featherweight

Rd1- Alba bloodies the nose of Romero with straight punches. Romero controls the majority of the round with a double underhook clinch against the cage.

Rd2-Alba opens up with strikes back Romero up to the cage and staying long while striking.After having one take-down defended Romero with consistent pursuit finishes the last 10 seconds of the round on top.

Rd3- Romero comes out throwing punches and is knocked to his butt by a teep kick. Romero closes the distance and is back to a double underhook clinch. Dropping for a take-down Alba mount Romero in the attempted toss. After some ground and pound the fight is stopped

Winner- Jeremy Alba by TKO (punches & Elbows) at 1:26 of round 3 by TKO


Bout number 2: Carlo Rodriguez (Judgement MMA) vs. Gary Taylor (Independent) – Featherweight

Rd1- Rodriguez come out winging big hooks with his punches having a snipers precision; a right hook leads to the KO

Winner- Carlo Rodriguez by KO (punch) at  0:56 of round 1


Bout number 3: Patrick Salazar (Independent) vs. Andy Salas (Get Fit Fight Gym) – Flyweight

Rd1- After a sprawl  and an wild exchange Salazar scores a take down but on the ground had to work his way out of a Triangle choke and armbar. Salas ends the round landing punches while Salazar  is searching for the take down.

Rd2- Salas back Salazar up with right uppercuts as they are striking back in forth in close quarters and after a trip they are on the ground and Salas sinks in the choke.

Winner- Andy Salas by Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:20 of round 2


Bout number 4: Victor Masayesva (Independent) vs. Ggerald Aldaco (J5 MMA) – Lightweight

Rd1- Aldaco throws kicks right off the back gets pulled down by a caught kick. Once on the ground Masayesva fights off an armbar which is transitioned to a triangle and leads to a sweep with Aldaco getting on top moving to mount and finishing the bout with second left in the rd. TKO due to ground and pound.

Winner- Ggerald Aldaco by TKO (punches) at 2:58 of round 1


Bout number 5: Nate Armstrong (ABQ BJJ) vs. Jose Cardoza (Extreme Jiu Jitsu) 150 lbs. Catchweight

Rd1- Armstrong forces Caroda to the ground with a wizard off a failed take-down from Cardoza. While trying to Shrimp Cardoza gives up his back. Armstrong end the fight with thunderous punches from the back mount.

The tud Armstrong’s punches made was a loud one threat showed power in small spaces that not many people have.

Winner- Nate Armstrong by TKO (punches) at 1:33 of round 1


Bout number 6: Melodie Nanez (Fit NHB) vs. Briana Padilla (Judgement MMA) – Flyweight.

Rd1- They meet in the middle of the ring cracking chins as both ladies looked to open with a low leg kicks.Nanez with a flury force Padilla to the cage. PAdilla is able to switch and change position. Nanez pushes Padilla away and the fight resets in the center cage. The rd end with a crazy exchange of  hooks and knees.

Rd2- The kicking game of Padilla is keeping Nanez from moving in to close the distance. Nanez is coming up short on her punches. Padilaa with a low kick sweeps Nanez just pior to the bell ring.

Rd3-  Nanez comes out addgessive moving forward. Nanez catches a teep kick from padilla and sweep Pailla to the ground. Padilla fights back to her feet and into the clinch. Nanez is starting to land with punches and PAdilla closes the distance into the clinch both women are exchanging close range knees and punches as the final bell sounds

Winner- Briana Padilla by unanimous decision


Bout number 7: Ronald Smith (Fit NHB) vs. Lamar Seabrooks (Extreme Jiu Jitsu) – Bantamweight

Rd1- Smith lands two big right right out the gate and then with a double leg puts Seabrooks on his back. While trying to scramble back to his feet Seabrooks gives up his back and is quickly submitted.

Winner- Ronald Smith by Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:06 of round 1


Bout number 8: Elias Proce (ABQ BJJ) vs. Eric Kapp (Altitude MMA) – Light Heavyweight

Rd1- Proce lands a pair of lefts clinches and throws Kapp down. From half guard to the mount Proce rains down strike till the bout is stopped

Winner-Elias Proce by TKO (punches) at 0:28 of round 1


Bout number 9: Seath Leake (J5 MMA) vs. Richard Gonzalez – Middleweight

Rd1-   Leake fully connects with a right hand that knocks out Sanchez who is waken back up by his head hitting the mount. After brutal ground and pound the fight is stopped.

Winner- Seath Leake by TKO (punches) at 0 :29 of round 1


Bout number 10: Joseph Veloz (Get Fit Fight Gym) vs. Joel Whitney (Santa Fe BJJ) – Bantamweight

Rd1- Whittney comes out throwing a punching comb, follows it up with a body kick, and then changes levels for a take down. On the ground Whitney in a scramble takes to the side riding Veloz and finishing the fight with hammer fists.

Winner- Joel Whitney by TKO (hammer fists) at 1:20 of round 1


Bout number 11: Marcos Mendoza (Durango MMA) vs. Mike Taff (Child’s Play MMA) – Welterweight

Rd1-  Taff opens up throwing long punches trying to keep Medoza at distance. edoza rushes in clinching looking for a take-down on the 2nd attmpt the take-down is  completed. Mendoza moves to mount landing big punches and elbows. Taff gives his back and fights on the choke as the round ends.

Rd2- A thunderous leg kick buckles Mendoza with a leg kick and follows it with a knee to the head. Mendoza gets in on a double but is stuffed. Taff with a big right hook drops Mendoza a few more punches follow as the ref steps in and stops the bout.

Huge comeback after a horrible first rd.

Winner- Mike Taff by TKO (punches) at 1:17 of round 2


Bout number 12: Isaac Barnes (Fight Fit Ready) vs. Andy Varela (10th Plane BJJ) – Lightweight

Rd1-  Barnes slips coming out the corner. Varela  is in Banes face as they hit the ground and in a scramble Barnes gets back to his feet eating knees. Varela again take the bout to the ground and from the mount goes for an armbar. Barnes escapes and is on top stuck in a triangle choke and is forced to tap with his foot.

Winner- Andy Varela by submission (triangle choke) at 1:54 get of round 1


Bout number 13: Thomas Mills (Perez Fighting Systems) vs. Cristobal Chavez (10th Planes BJJ) – Bantamweight

Rd1- Mills over extends and get taken down. Mills tries for a guillotine. Chavez escapes the submission and unleashing with punches and elbows till the bout is stopped.

Winner- Cristobal Chavez by TKO (punches & elbows) at 0:36 of round 1


Bout number 14: Charles Williams (Fit NHB) vs. Andrew Vargas (Bonecrusher/Torres) – 150 lbs. Catchweight

Rd1- Williams opens up with low kicks. Vargas charges in looking to get to the ground. Williams hits the ground for a second but leans on a hip side riding  Vargas. Vargas gets back to his feet and again clinches. Vargas trip Williams who sweeps and the rest of the round Williams is on top landing punches and elbows.

Rd2- Off a failed spining kick. Willams punches the with the Thia clinch lands a pair of knees. In the clinch Williams while pressing forward connects with a elbow that sends Vargas to the mat. Williams lands punches from over top then follows Vargas to the ground Vargas sweeps. Williams cage walks back to standing and takes Vargas down landing in mount work his striking top game as the round ends.

Rd3- Vargas rushes in looking for a take down. Williams gets his arms under Vargas and land several knees backing Vargas to the cage. Williams trips Vargas and is punishing him with elbows from side control

Winner- Charlie Williams by (30-27) (30-26) (30-27) unanimous decision


Bout number 15: Robert Herrera (505 Fight Factory) vs. Mark McGlasson (Child’s Play MMA) – 130 lbs. Catchweight

Rd1-  McGlasson  first off throws a standing knee up the middle that lands on Herrera’s face. Herrera grabs a leg and dumps McGlasson. Herrera transitions straight to the mount and uses a crossface to create pace to land strikes. McGlasson pressing off the cage almost sweeps Herrera who end the round still in mount.

Rd2- McGlasson charges out at Herrera who side steps clinches and lift up McGlasson to slam him back to the ground. Herrera transitions to mount. McGlasson scrambles to the cage and using his feet to press off the cage and create a scramble that leads to Herrera taking the back and sinking in the choke for the tap

Winner- Robert Herrera by Submission (rear naked choke) at 2:21 of round 2


Pro Card

Bout number 16: Dorian Dixon (0-0) (ABQ BJJ/ Rosales) vs. Aaron Perls (0-0) (Santa Fe BJJ) – Featherweight – Co-main Event

Rd1- Pearl charges right out at Dixion who grabs the clinch lands consecutive knees and drops Pearls to a knee with a left elbow to the jaw. Pearls recovers clinches and takes Dixion to the ground landing in guard. Dixon is throwing elbows off his back while Pearls is working body punches. Lack of action casues a stand up. Pearl trying to clinch is tossed to the ground by a thia clinch. Dixon while clinch along the cage is going old school with foot stomps. Pearls looks to be hurt from Dixon’s crisp striking. Pearl clinches and is forced to the ground. Parls battles his way back to his feet. Dixon scores a take down from a headlock throw as the round ends.

Rd2- Dixon lands for with a straight left then steps off to the side. Pearls rushes in gaining the clinch and peels Dixon off the cage landing the take-down in the middle of the cage. Pearls on top transitions to the mount and locks up an arm-triangle choke forcing the tap.

Pearls showed heart and toughness off of a hard first round.

Winner- Aaron Pearls by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 2:42 of round 2


Bout number 17: John Rozema (0-0) (Judgement MMA) vs. David Payne (1-0) (Altitude MMA) – Featherweight -Main Event

Rd1-Rozema  is first to land with slapping leg kicks. Payne catches Rozema’s attention with a straight right. They break after a battle for position in the thia clinch. Payne is in on a take-down. The action is stopped as Rozema is warned for grabbing the cage. They’re restarted in the clinch along the cage and Rozema lands a cracking left. Payne scores the take-down but Rozema pops right back up. Payne’s biggest connection of the round is a standing elbow on the cage. The round ends with a position battle in the clinch.

Rd2- A left jab from Rozema is answered by powerful leg kicks from Payne. Roxema grabs the thia clinch and eats back to back big hooks from Payne. They batle in the clinch till a lack of action casues a restart. After a combination of Rozema’s press Payne against the cage the , Rozema opens with knees to the chest from the clinch. Payne is dropped by a knee from the clinch. Rozema is raining down punches from the top and out of no where the ref stops the fight  and Payne is baffled.

Winner- John Rozema by TKO (punches) at 4:32 of round 2


Top performers of the night included Cristobal Chavez, John Rozema, Carlo Rodriguez, Nate Armstrong Elias Proce, Seath Leake, Joel Whitney, Ronald Smith, and Robert Herrera

Every other card that takes place in 2014 will have high expectations to live up too.

Photos from the event will be posted on the Caged Minds Facebook at

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