“Cold War” Results


Last night at the packed Buffalo Thunder resort & Casino, “Cold War” a Holmes Boxing & Orthrus Promotions joint production took place; and was full of hard hits.

The card had changed a little since earlier in the week when I wrote http://cagedminds.com/2015/01/cold-war-line-weigh-info. At yesterdays weigh-ins, Jose Mariscal was a no show, leaving Damacio Page without an opponent; and off the card.

Omar Quevedo (0-8-1) vs Alonso Flores (0-1)

Overview-  This fight can be summed up as the bull versus the matador.  Flores took control of the fight in the first round repeatedly landing a 1-2 combination, sliding out of the way of a response, and also adding a left hook being thrown with his hands down.  In the second round Flores considerably slowed down getting into several brawling exchanges against the ropes. Flores speed advantage and head movement would win the round. In the 3rd Quevedo started to make his comeback as Flores slowed more. In the 3rd and 4th rounds Quevedo landed hooks on 3 separate occasion that snapped Flores head back. Flores Barley able to stand in the 4th took several heavy hooks from Quevedo, but survived to the final bell; of a highly contested fight.


Result- Fought to a (39-37 Flores, 38-38, 38-38) draw


Jose Osorio (2-2) vs. Bryan Garcia ()

Overview- Osorio went with a heavy body attack and was relentless with left hooks to the liver. Osorio did a great job of mixing up the speed of his jab and keeping leather in Garcia’s face, and following up with either the overhand or uppercut with the right hand. Osorio off a combination of punches scored his 1st knock down in the 2nd round.As Garcia stood the blood started to follow from his nose, mouth opened and breathing was starting to become an issue. Garcia did connect in the fight catching Osorio with a pair off left hooks on the break of a few exchanges. In the 3rd Osorio connected in the middle of the ring staggered Garcia to the ropes, Osorio turned up the pace and didn’t stop firing till the ref stepped in.


Result- Jose Osorio by TKO (punches) 2:22, R3


Manuel Eastman (1-3)vs Cody East  (2-0, 2 ko’s)

Overview- Eastman came out with a straight left to the body. East answered back with with a jab, straight right. Eastman double jabs follows with a huge overhand right that land to the temple of East, who is staggered. Eastman tries to corner East who  moved along the ropes to get stuck in another corner. Eastman open up firing rapidly, a uppercut lands, East’s mouth peace comes out. A few punches more and east drops to knees the ref jumps in. We have a candidate for upset of the year.


Result- Manuel Eastman by KO (punches) 1: 07, R1


Co-Main Event -Antonio Martinez vs Henry Barahona

Overview- Barahona a tough amateur MMA fighter stepped into the ring and came out using movement and pumping his jab. Martinez would take over the ring generalship and pressure Barahona to the ropes a few times. Barahona would make a early costly mistake with a low front hand. Martinez would land flush with a over hand right that send Barahona right to the canvas. Barahona would get back up, to eat a short right and a left before the fight was stopped as the towel was being thrown in.


Result- Antonio Martinez by TKO (ref stoppage/towel thrown in) 1:33, R1


Main Event -Patrick Holmes Jr. (2-1, 1 KO) vs Andrew Almijer (0-0)

Overview-  Patrick Holmes Jr. came out and used his god given advantage, his length. Holmes showed off tremendous foot work in dancing around Almijer and kept the jab in Almijer’s face. Off the  jab Holmes would land a solid straight right. Almijer would recover enough to put Holmes on the ropes once. When they got off the ropes Holmes backs Almijer towards a corner, triples up on the jab, and then the overhand right would crumble Almijer to the canvas. The right hand landed behind the ear and looked very close to being  the back of the head.


Result- Patrick Holmes Jr. by KO (punch) 2:27, R1

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