The Takeover Recap & Results


Saturday May 9th, Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, Holmes Boxing present “The Takover”; headlined by Jackson/Wink fighter Jodie Esquibel taking on  Mayela Perez of Mexico City, for a NABF title.


The card also features undefeated fighters Antonio Martinez, Brian Mendoza, and Brandon Holmes. Brandon is joined on the card by his brother Patrick Jr. who comes in with only a single loss on his record. The event will also be seeing the pro boxing debut’s of MMA vet Conrad Padilla and Nick Gonzalez; who all fight out of the Jackson/Wink camp. Manuel Eastman coming off a huge upset of Cody East drops down from Heavyweight.

Results and Recap written by Austin Lewis

PC: Bryan Gachuz

175: Manuel Eastmen (Isleta Pueblo) vs. Lucas Galle (Alb, NM)

Recap- Fighting out of the blue corner Lucas Gagley. Fighting out of the red corner Manuel Eastman. Eastman and Gagley both were going back and fourth in the first round. The second round Gagley connects with a solid straight left to the chin of Eastman. galley is doing a great job using his jab to keep distance. the third round Eastman got dropped for the a count. Eastman got back up and both fighters were trading back and fourth landing solid straight punches. the fourth round Eastman lands a solid right hand that stunned Gagley.Eastman is landing good body shots. both fighters trade hard shot until the bell ended.

Result- the judges score this fight. 39 36 lucas 38 38 draw 38 38 draw this fight is a majority draw.
PC: Bryan Gachuz

146: Brian Mendoza (Alb, NM) vs. Ivan Lucero (El Paso, TX)

Recap- Fighting out of the blue corner Ivan Luccero. Fighting out of the red corner Brian Mendoza. Luccero gets dropped with a left hook to the liver. Mendoza was looking for the body shot.  Mendoza is still undefeated (5-0).

Result- Mendoza wins by Knockout 1:57 in the first round


Gomez Photo Works album Brian Mendoza vs. Ivan Lucero


PC: Bryan Gachuz

168: Frankie Quintana (Alb, NM) vs. Omar Barefield (Paloma, CA)

Recap- Fighting out of the blue corner Omar Barefield (0-9) . fighting out of the blue corner Frankie Quintana (1-0).The first round.  Quintana lands more solid strikes. The second round BareField try to put pressure on Quintana but it does not stop Quintana from landing punches. Barreled tries to hold Quintana on the ropes and work inside strikes. Quintana is land more solid power punches. Barreled is keeping pressure on Quintana. the fourth and final round both fighters trade back and fourth both landing powerful shots. Quintana landed more power punches. Barreled had little bits of head movements to get out of the way.

Result-The judges score this bout. 38-38 draw 39-37 Quintana 38-38 draw.
This fight is a majority draw.

Gomez Photo Works album Frankie Quintana vs. Omar Barefield

PC: Bryan Gachuz

135: Pat Holmes Jr (Santa Fe/Alb, NM) vs. Nick Gonzales (Alb, NM)

Recap-Fighting out of the blue corner Nick Gonzales  Fighting out of the red corner Patrick Holmes jr. Holmes Jr. using jabs to keep his range. Holmes Jr. is staying on the out side of Gonzales’s reach. the second round Holmes catch Gonzales with a back uppercut and dropped Gonzales to his knees. Gonzales gets put to his knees once again by the back upper cut. Gonzales gets dropped for the third and final time in the second round.

Result-  Holmes wins by  TKO  2:44 round 2


Gomez Photo Works album Pat Holmes Jr (Santa Fe/Alb, NM) vs. Nick Gonzales (Alb, NM)


PC: Bryan Gachuz

140: Antonio “Tone” Martinez (Espanola, NM) vs. Conrad Padilla (Alb, NM)

Recap- Fighting out of the blue corner Conrad Padilla. Fighting out of the red corner Antonio Martinez. Round 1 both fighters are going back and fourth. landing hard head and body shots. Martinez is landing the harder more powerful shots.the second round both fighters are still trading shots. Martinez is landing a lot of body shots and back uppercuts.the third round is going back and fourth Martinez landing hard punches. Padilla is throwing longer combs with little power behind them.Padilla is landing solid over hand rights. fighters are moving their heads and throwing hard punches trying to keep the pace up both fighters go to the bell swinging.

Result-the judges score this bout 39 37 padilla 39 38 martinez 39 37 martinez 
Martinez wins a split decision
Gomez Photo Works album Antonio Martinez vs. Conrad Padilla
PC: Bryan Gachuz

Co-Main Event-127: Brandon Holmes (Santa Fe, NM) vs. Dimitre Loya (Arizona)

Recap-Fighting out of the blue corner Dimitre Loya Fighting out of the red corner Brandon Holmes.

Result-Holmes by TKO (give up) at 2:25 of the 1st round Loya could not go on.



Gomez Photo Works album Brandon Holmes vs. Dimitre Loya


PC: Bryan Gachuz

Main Event-106: Jodie Esquibel (Alb, NM) vs. Mayela Perez (Mexico City) – NABF Title

Recap-Fighting out of the blue corner Mayla Perez  fighting out of the red corner Jodie Esquibel. Round 1both fighters are trading back and fourth. Perez putting pressure on Esquibel making her work moving backwards.2nd round Esquibel has Perez on the ropes working the inside boxing. 3rd round both fighters start off striking in the center of the ring. Perez and esquibel trade shots for the round. round 4 Perez tries to keep up the pressure. Round 5 Esquibel is working the right side of the body. And works on her upper cut to straight right a lot.perez lands a over hand right on the chin of esquibel.esquibel tries to cross face Perez. Round 6 esquibel circles around the ring making Perez chase her. Perez is landing solid right hands. Round 7 Perez is landing left hooks to the liver of esquibel trying to slow her down. Round 8 esquibel tries to pin Perez up against the ropes. Both fighters slug it out this round.

Result- The judges score this bout 77 75 esquibel 77 75 Perez 77 75 esquibel
Esquibel wins a split decision



Gomez Photo Works album Jodie Esquibel vs. Mayela Perez – NABF Title



More great fight night photos from Gomez Photoworks to come!!!!


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